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Title: Back in the High Life
Post by: bogtrotter on Jun 14, 2021, 10:26 AM
Last week, I fished the North Hoosic in North Adams twice after work, and got skunked both times.

To add insult to injury, both times I had (1) a rainbow follow my line as I reeled it in but then turn up its nose at the last moment and then (2) hook up with another rainbow  which jumped two times before shaking the hook.

After a better experience in VT on Saturday (see my "Free Fishing Day" post on the VT board of this forum), I decided to try, try again yesterday.

I fished from the roll dam down past Old Glory Rock and then below the Eclipse Mill dam.

Partly to mostly sunny, with temps around 76 degrees.

This time, I had much better luck. 

I caught a 10" rainbow just below the roll dam, a 12" rainbow at the upper end of the sand bar, another 12" rainbow a little past Old Glory Rock, a 13" rainbow a little ways below the Eclipse Mill dam, an 11" rainbow a bit further downstream, and a 12" brown at the end of the run a bit beyond that.

Then I headed to Fish Pond (Windsor Lake) and played tug-o-war with six good-sized sunfish and a 13" largemouth bass.