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Has anyone ever caught one of those monsters that you see swimming around in the bay at Fair Haven all summer. I've sat there all day bass fishing and watched them swim around and tried everything and cannot catch them.

where they spawning, if they were they are very hard to catch. Ive caught them on rapalas and jigs very rarely though. Sweet corn works best for me.

When I seen them they werent spawning... Ill see them off the piers in Fair Haven while Smallie fishing... they'll be swimming around in the deeper water.

If you wanna try and catch them take sweet corn with you. when you get there chum the area some, then cast and wait. If the waters clear they may spoke and be uncatchable.

I've caught them while bullhead fishing in  the channel going into Sterling pond.  I was getting courious of what was bitting and snapping my 12 lb. test like it was nothing.  So I brought an ole flipping stick with 25 lb. line, landed my biggest carp ever, it was around 30 lb.  I didn't have a scale, but that was the concensus of the other fisherman around me.  :) :)



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