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First Carp Hunt of the Year

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I hit the stream for a carp hunt on Sunday last. The wind was up to 30+ and it was hard sight fish them. I got out late...too late in the morning....missed the feed. So, no luck on the first trip. I saw some monsters. 20lbs and up. Water was cold from the recent front...only 58 degrees.

On the bright side, I saw several deer cross the stream about 20 yards from me, had a muskrat swim by within a rod length and watched a pair of mink working the bank.

I'll be back out this weekend ;D

Did a bit better this morning. Managed to score on 2 nice fish, after losing 2 others. Both were in the 15-20lb range and were caught on crawlers and 4 lb test Blue Stren. I got out early and found a nice feeding pod, working the edge of the stream. It was a 4 hour hunt...but, well worth it.

Sorry about the picture quality, used my phone.

Water Wolf:
Nice carp rgfixit. :)


You're right...any moron can shoot a carp. You seem to fit the bill.


nope i have also caugt 12 in 2 hours on rod and reel :'(


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