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First Carp Hunt of the Year

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Just got back from my stream. I went to take a look see for carp. None just yet, but I whacked a nice smallmouth ;D

I'm sure there's a few pods that moved up and with tomorrow's warmth there will be more. Rain this weekend will bring the stream up and it'll be go time!

I've been haulin here in ontario!!!! 

 It started sloooooow this yr. i tried first in mid april, it took me 4 sessions to get a fish. Its been a slow warm up (its still kinda crappy weather now) but in the last couple weeks i've really started landing some fish. The biggest so far is 26lbs. Last time out i landed 17 carp and lost 3, i was out for about 5 hrs. I'ts so nice go home with a stinky net and sore arms!

 where are you rg?

 I'm here. I've been chasing the walleye. I've been in the stream a few times but the carp aren't up as yet. The water temps are still pretty low. I expect that this will change in the next couple of weeks.

I've been working on a crayfish fly pattern I'm hoping will work on the stream carp. I have to get back to the fly shop and get some other materials.

I'm happy to see that someone is having some success.


in rochester i have seen around 50 or so in the past week


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