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First Carp Hunt of the Year

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 I'm half cheating thats why i'm hauling!

 The spot i have been fishing is a canal leading into a huge marsh area at the back end of Hamilton harbour. Theres a barrier to stop carp from getting in there and 'ruining' an important area. Thus the carp are sat just outside the barrier wishing they could swim up, if you couldn't catch one here you wouldn't catch one anywhere!!  shooting fish in a barrel is an apropriate term!

 My regular early spots are real slow starting this yr too, oh and i ment where in the country are you rg? ;D

I live in upstate NY about 15 miles east of Rochester. I'm really anxious for those warm summer mornings, stalking the pools for feeding pods. I've been working on some crayfish patterns. They're coming....slowly. First couple looked rather crude.

One of the problems with fly fishing for them in clear pools is that they spook so easily. I'm trying to build a fly that will sink but not hit the water like a rock.

Hey guys I've been rigging up for a try at carp fishing. Working on the hair rig and soaked some field corn in strawberry jelly water. I have a 50lb bag left over from my corn stove ;D

I see some huge carp everytime I go out on the canal either cruising the bank line or making tons of noise jumping and splashing further out.

I see you all mentioned early morning as a good time to go out. How early and what kind of time frame is there this time of year? Will they only feed in the mornings?

I read the NY regs and I couldn't find any regs against chumming with corn, is it ok to do this?

I'd love to hook up with one of these monsters.


I fish carp in streams. Early morning is when they're still feeding actively and it's light enough to see.  :-\ Stream fishing is a hunt.

I guess that's my criteria.


 Carp are pigs and will feed 24/7 if conditions are right. Fish whenever you can and you will catch all day. I do find i catch the larger fish at sunset. If i chum and fish all day it seems the bigger fish move in later...


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