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First Carp Hunt of the Year

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Well aren't you just a wonder. Why do you bother posting this crap. Just to get a rise out of people? Looking back through your posts is depressing. You add nothing positive to this forum. Why don't you troll somewhere else?


wow my bad what state u get those carp ne ways

 good job rg, i'm 3 and 0 for carp so far this yr. but been busy and fishing the wrong times. this week i'll get my golden remedy i hope!

They're not really up in the creeks I fish just yet. The water temp is getting there. I'd say another couple of weeks and I'll be up to my elbows in feeding pods.
The hunt will be on!

Nice fish RG.  Hope to get onto them soon myself.  Gotta find some streams, I've only gotten them out of lakes and I havent seen many yet.


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