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    All of my carp fishing in done in a river that useally has a fast current.  My question is, Most things I read about carp fishing say to allow the carp to take out line so they don't feel resistance or pull you pole in. But I can't freespool of my line will just go downstream.
Do I tight line it or do I try to keep some slack in my line?      RB

I used to deal with this by holding my line with thumb and forefinger so there was 2 or 3 feet of slack they could take out before setting the hook.  If you tie your rod and reel down somehow you could still let off as much drag as the current allows and ir would peel out when the fish takes it.  Even with a sliding sinker rig (especially if it's down in silt or mud or weeds) the fish should know it's connected and bolt within 6 or 7" as it moves.  Where I go current dictates 3 oz to keep my rig static so they know they're hooked up.  Tight lines in heavy current or you might lose what bite indication you do get.  Or, try to find a calm spot right along the near bank - that worked for me once on a flooded river with too much debris in it to fish.

that or you can do what i do and use octopus circle soon as they suck it in and that hook hits the inside of their mouth it turns and hooks them without even yanking on the soon as your rod moves you just pull your rod up and hold on.i leave just a little slack in the line enough for them to suck it.

I usually use a twist tie between two eyelets on the line. With the bail open, this is usually enough resistance to hold the line in place but also allow the carp to take line when it hits the bait.

Have you read this  thread by EAD or my post on Carp Angling Southern Style. Both may help you out.


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