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Corn on a hair rig.


Just a quick tip for you guys. You might already use it....
I have trouble keeping corn on a hair rig when river fishing in current. So I went out and got some gulp alive corn and use that as the piece that the hair rig stop is laying against. I only use one piece and the rest is standard can corn.

The gulp alive corn is alot harder that corn and it keeps the rest of the corn from slipping off of the rig.

LOL's I use to keep that Exude Corn for that too, but I never got around to using it.  It was really marketed for trout fishing.  I carried it around for years and then finally tossed it out. 

I won a selection of plastic carp baits last year in a comp. on a carp fishing forum.  It includes fake floating and sinking corn but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.  Apparently pairing it with real sweetcorn or cooked whole corn is the way to go.   What I have done in the past to deal with canned corn slipping off the hair is use  1/3 of a yellow foam earplug against the stop.  It's easy to trim into a kernel shape, won't come off and it's easy to glug ahead of time in a pill bottle so you can use whatever attractant you want.  Getting the earplugs free at work doesn't hurt either.   ;)


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