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a couple for ya!

hah my friend john proud of his personal best koi capture, and yes KOI and CARP are the same species just different colors

common koi and common carp are the same.. cant generalize and say all carp are the same as all koi. The first two pics are the only common carp I see.

Yea excluding your other carp like grass carp...etc., I meant to say COMMON carp and COMMON koi are the same species, as for the other carp those are just another variation of commons called mirror carp, bred over time for a long period to produce the fish with only a few scales making them easier to clean and eat.

Nice pics sunfish!  Mirrors are rare where I fish and we don't have any exotics (with the exception of some koi in a power plant resevoir).  My boss had 3 fish in a tank and said they were koi but 1 was a perfect common (though 3" long).  How does the recessive gene get buried?  Is it that koi, (or mirrors or leathers) breed with commons and if both don't have that gene the fry are all commons so they lose the colors and those fry will only spawn some more koi when bred with other gene carriers?  I've been carping for about 10 years on a huge lake and still haven't seen a mirror in person. 

Geat pictures SunFish...   Way to go... :thumbup_smilie: :clapping:


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