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Please help?!?


Ok guys, last year I found a new spot that i fished for gills and crappies and bass. Well come to find out one day while fishing from another angler there who said he's been fishing it for about 12 years for carp. I didnt even know they were in there, but they obviously are b/c he hooked atleast 4 or 5. My question is how should i approach them? I have never fished for them and would like to give it a try. It is kinda an inlet from a lake, that flows through a drain tube...almost like a pond, it is VERY weedy and is not that deep, any tips???Bait? ways to fish?? Anything is very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I use corn or nightwalkers with a small slidingsinker.I chum the spot I'm fishing with a small handful of corn first.I like DelMonte(don't get creamed corn) with the pull top lid so I don't need a canopener.They're very spooky so I try not to make a big splash when I cast.Check out or for all kinds of tips, baits, rigs and techniques.They are a lot of fun to catch on light tackle.My friend uses 4 lb test and an ultralight, but I use 10 lb test and a medium action. Good luck!

I chum with my bait recipe then use a couple of kernals of corn or a bait sac.

When fishing an outflow like this , I would fish it with a hair rig and a small slip sinker.

The hair rig will assure a lip hooked fish and easy release.

Use an adequate rod and reel to fight a good sized fish . Stream carp can go 15lbs+, you need  to control the fish without killing it.


I also chum with a small handful of corn I use green giant sweet corn. Good luck


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