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In my state corn is illegal to use as bait.  You can not even have it in your possession.  I would use worms but the lake is full of small bluegill.   Any thoughts on a good bait.  The carp in this lake are LARGE.   Corn meal, flour, or corn juice would not be illegal.
Thanks for any help.

The hottest bait I have ever used is crushed Wheaties cereal mixed with vanilla extract and kneaded up into small dough balls. It seems to stay on the hook good too. Unfortunately its been so long I don't recall if we used any water or how much of the vanilla extract we used. But the carp easily found it on the bottom. As you probably know they have a very keen sense of smell and taste.

Mix the Wheaties with Raspberry soda...

Thanks!  I guess if I think it needs more water, I can add some 8).

I like to use oatmeal or just straight up bread have caught them on both, good luck


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