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AND  the grandkids loved it. they got the fever now!!!!!

hit the river for my 1st carp run  ,,,,, water still cool but the quaker oats worked great again.. stopped got small box at store , a small scoop in your hand dunked in the river and squeeze up a small ball.... ended up with 6 in a hr... only had 1 vicious bite  ,, 29 inch 11 lbs...   nice beginning to my carpin season.. now its time to get the grandkids back down and see how many poles they can loose...   lol

I am going to try Wheaties next time but they cost a bit more....

soak dry un prepped chickpeas in strawberry koolaid for 24hours (they expand to double the size) then boil them for 20 minutes in more koolaid and you are good to go. you can add different flavors as well. I like to sprinkle the peas after boil with koolaid to stain the out sides with a little deeper color. then sometimes I will cake oatmeal/creamcorn mixture onto weight so when I cast out if falls off into particles around chickpeas. chickpeas are also easy to throw out for chum


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