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OIL SPILL Please Help

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I posted this same exact topic on the main discussion also but figured this maine board gets so much activity i could find someone to help here that doesnt read other boards...

I have a 16 ft starcraft center console i use to fish primarily lake trout with a 50hp 2 stroke outboard. The gas tanks are kept under the seat and run under the floor to the back. Well, i went up to the boat the other day and instantly smelled gas. The connection where the hose connects to the tank came loose a bit and spilled about a gallon or two of gas/oil mixture all over the floor and carpet. The gas obviously has evaportated but what's left is the oil on the carpets from the seat back. The carpets all warped up, still smells of gas/oil and leaves a coating of oil all over your shoes and anything that makes contact with the carpet. Any suggestions on how i can clean this up? I am not as worried about getting rid of the smell as i am finding a way to somehow get the oil out of the carpet but the smell does need to go also... thank you so much for any help, the boat is mine and my fathers and i would prefer to get this taken care of before he gets in the boat next time.

dawn dish soap works  so  so will take care of the oil put it in a rug shampooer


--- Quote from: hardwatergrampa on May 18, 2008, 05:14 AM ---dawn dish soap work's so  so will take care of the oil put it in a rug shampooer

--- End quote ---
I've seen heavy restaurant grease removed from carpets by a commercial steam carpet cleaner. It's worth the money to have them come clean it. I couldn't believe the job it did.

You can rent those carpet cleaner machines from most hardware stores, even shaws has them. Get the one with the attachment for car seats (it has a long hose) and you would be good to go.

Buzz Beerz:
Try some borax


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