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Slip Floats


How do you go about rigging slip floats?

I'm going to try using the Thill Pro Series weighted floats.  I'm fishing for perch and sunfish.

Pretty simple really.

Start by making up some stop knots using a nail knot (  Nail Knot    )  on a plastic tube. I use the plastic part of a Q-Tip.

Push the line through the tube and slide the stopper knot onto the line, removing the tube. Tighten the knot onto line and clip the tag ends off.

Slide the bobber onto the line, tie on your jig and have at it. I sometimes use a plastic bead between the bobber and stopper knot and a barrel swivel below with a leader to the jig. This give the bobber something to stop against when casting.

Simply move the stopper knot up and down to set the depth. Be sure the jig is heavy enough to pull the line through the slip bobber.

Here's a good Thill video.


i would make sure you have a bead a swivel or even some split shot above the knot of your hook after continuous casting the bobber beating on your knot does it no good,  and if your jigging your looking at lots of casting


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