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does anyone float fish for cats?

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Trophy Hunter639:
Does any one have any tips as to what kind of floats to use for big channel cats?

Trophy Hunter639:
I typically use a three way rig but the cats are breaking surface right now and i have heard of lots of guys using floats(big ones) i'm after 20+lb cats so i guess i was wondering if anyone new of any big floats that would hold up a big bait.Catfish feed in all depths and eat almost constantly.

Thill makes some nice slip floats called Big Fish Sliders. I have the smallest one # BFS-1 that I use a 1/2 oz. weight below and I drilled a hole in the top to slide a glow stick into it to keep track of it at night.

Here's the site:

Trophy Hunter639:
Hey thanks alot webguy those look cool i think i am going to get one and try it out.

I have been wanting to try this myself as I have witnessed MANY channels feeding along with carp on the surface lately.  Let me know how you make out and I'll do the same.


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