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How many of you here are fans of this greatest of all floats? I think it's the best d**n bobber I have ever used. You can rig it as a fixed float by twisting the internal tube, or a slipfloat with a bobber stop. I use it when casting dry flies on the surface for mountain lake trout, as a fixed or slipfloat for presenting bait or jigs to crappie or bluegill, or a slipfloat for walleyes. Heck, you can even put on a small glowstick and you have a night float. Best float ever bar none in my mind. Can even use it as a sinker.


Lets see a pic of this float Tyler . Not quite sure whether I know it or not .

ice dude:
He is talking about a casting bubble, you know those clear tear drop shaped floats with the rubber tube thru the middle.

I just picked up my first casting bubble. I had heard about them awhile back and scaled the BassProShop for one with no luck. My buddies thought I had made it up. I finally found one at Canadian Tire....I cant wait to test her out.

I have always been wanting to cast flys on my spinning rod and this should do the trick

trout sen-sei:
Also, try the jigging bobbers which are made from styrofoam, hollowed out from top to bottom to slide your line through. then you peg it tight with a lead pin on the bottom at your desired depth. When you want to change the depth, pull the lead peg out, re-adjust the depth and put the peg back in. It casts well and are popular here in P.A. for trout and panfish.


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