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A few weeks ago I sent Lindy Little Joe an email
about how a slip bobber of theirs had lost all
of the paint after just a few trips out.  They
replied that if I sent it back and it was bad
like I said it was, they would send me out
a replacement.

I replied that I wasn't going to do that as the
postage would cost more than the cost of the
float.  But I did send them a picture of the
float in question.

They sent me a link to their website and asked
if I would pick out a float they would send it
to me.

I picked out the husky shy bite and they informed
me that it was discontinued and no longer available.
I then picked out the MS4-1 thinking I might be able
to use it suspend minnows for walleye in the spring.

Today I get a package in the mail and there are 3 of
these floats in the box.  Little small for what I had
in mind and a little large for gills on the bed, but
I will find a use for them.

Gotta give Lindy Little Joe a shout out for standing
behind their products like this and going out of
their way to make sure I was taken care of.

Going to have to be the only float company I use from
now on.


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