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My rant for a topic I know several people have lots of different opinions on. The forest service closing down roads sucks. I have a road, well several, that has been there since my grandfather hunted the area and my father and I have been hunting in this area. We have had several of these roads closed as to protect the area but the area still has the road going through it and the area is worse now as when I could drive there and cut firewood and hunt. Lots of down trees and the wildlife does not even use part of the area anymore as it is impassable. Some of the areas have had forest fires go through the area and if the roads were still available and passable then the fire fighters could have made a good fire line instead they had to wait for another road or meadow area to try and slow it down. The road that made me mad is one that they closed on me this week even though it is posted on a tree showing the road they came down closed it tore up the country side placing boulders on the road way. I think if the road has been there for thirty years or more that it should be accessable to all of us. We have lots of area that is roadless and the new roads created by the people to lazy to get off the wheeler or side by side should be closed down. This public land getting shut down sucks and when the logging and oil and gas exploration was going on the wildlife seemed to be doing better than they are now. Granted we have more elk in places than in the past but our mule deer population has gone down with the overabundance of wolves and grizzly bears around I think we need to control all of our wildlife populations. I think all the gates and crap that stop us from using the old roads should be open and access granted to us. I think in new Mexico they have a deal where if you buy a permit for like 50 bucks you can use any old logging road for game retrieval I think this would be a fantastic way to get the game out of the grizzly bears area and not have meat wasted when the temps are high. In and out of the area fast. But for those who try and hunt off the wheeler or such should face a stiff penalty. Maybe even allow our older less able folks and disabled folks to use this as a means to get away from the crowd. I would not mind one bit for someone who is not able to walk as far as I can drive through and hunt. Sorry about the long rant just all this politics and crap going around is getting out of control. I know posting the road sign some will know where I hunt but just seems like I should show what I am talking about. Have a good one.

so what's the picture of?

Your right about those roads should be open. I know it would be easier for people like me who are disabled and canít walk very far to a lake to go fishing.

The picture is of the hillside that they used an excavator to pull boulders out and place in the road. Tearing up the little creek that ran there. Just sucks they close the road and they have no reason for closing it.

It is supposed to be illegal for them to close a road on the forest with out public comment bug they do everything they can to hide the fact they are closing these roads


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