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the cicada bite

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I took the yak over to the river for a couple of hours this afternoon.  I used a black tiny torpedo and had a fair amount of luck.  The
key was to throw the bait beneath large old trees, let it sit for 30 seconds or so and then just give it a twitch.  It didn't work on every
tree but when it did the hits were major blow ups.  Rock bass, crappie, and smallies provided the action.  I wound up with a dozen or
so in total.  None huge, but none small either but the hook ups were a blast.  I probably had at least as many hits that didn't hook up
as well.  The best one was something that hit the lure so hard that it knocked it a good two feet. I twitched again and it blew up a 2nd
and a third time before it spooked wthout ever getting hooked.  Riprap, grassy banks, and logs in the water brought no hits.  I'm sure the fish were keying on the cicadas.  What a a blast

fish on,


Sounds like a BLAST! Tiny Torpedo still one of my go to surface baits for both large and smallmouths. Sounds like perhaps the three strikes without a hook up could have been a spawner just trying to get the disturber away from nest??? Or maybe not? Anyway, good you had some action.

fun times!!!

I went over again a couple of hours ago.  The "cicada chorus" is getting louder and the Tiny torpedo got
quite a workout.  I fished for a little less than an hour and had about a dozen hits - landed 7, 4 smallies
3 rock bass.  Comfortable temps, no bugs. crazy fish.  Gotta love it

fish on,


I have not seen or heard one yet.


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