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took the kids out agn

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i took our friends kid out again.  his brother joined us this time.  i set their sights on bass fillets.  we covered the bases with top middle and bottom.  those bass didnt have a chance. lol  i set the oldest up with a top water frog.  the younger one got the spinner bait.  i figured that would peel the numbers while the frog would yield hogs.  it did too to the tune of 2 -5#ish ones for him.  took about 6 fish before he got the hang of letting them tighten the line up before hitting them with the frog.  i had him setting the hook several hard times too just to make sure. lol  he did good winching them out of the salad. i think his arm was getting sore by the time it was done.  everyone caught fish and several at that.  hit a lake chain and talked with them about why we were going where we were.  it was a serious thing.  we were on a mission and had a few plans to deploy.

 we quit when the cooler was to capacity.  released 3 times that many at least! 2 gallon bags full of fillets was the take.

epic morning bassin even if they had to get up at 430. lmao  we were back home by 10am before the heat. lessons all the way around.  ;)

Dang, what a morning!  That's awesome!

Yea I think the Bass love this hot weather. I made it out at daybreak Sunday for a couple hrs before it got hot and boated 34 in just two hrs. Nothing big but lots of takers on a Texas rigged power worm. Grandkids would love too go but getting them up at 5am would tough.

Great Day ! Kids will have great memories. Good report!

think ill take them night fishing for crappie next time.  75 crappie in the cooler should stick in their memories.  they both love to eat fish too.  and they can put it away ill tell ya. so im teaching them to save lots of money! lol


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