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Spent the weekend with stepson and stepdaughter and families at the cottage on Bruce Lake this past weekend. Grandsons, 9 and 12 years old. BLAZING HOT and HUMID!!!! Had a thunderstorm roll in around 5:00 pm Saturday totally unannounced, lasted about 45 minutes. Was a dandy! A couple of inches of rain and super wind out of the north! Those folks around the lake on east side that are powered by REMC lost all power and number of big trees down.
Lake as usual choked with weeds. The DNR sprayed 30 acres a week ago. Really tough running motor still. Water temp was 60 two weeks ago, this past weekend surface temp was 80!!!!!
Gills are just bedding. Little buggers, 6"-7". You'd think with all those muskies they'd knock the population down but I guess they prefer the shad. DNR planted several thousand channel catfish last year to help lower the bluegill population.

The kids caught "Tuck 'em" gills off the dock and one nice crappie. Fished off pontoon and took kayaks out. Lots of food! So all in all was a great weekend!!

That was a great time for certain. Memories are precious. I haven't been there for a couple years now. Might have to wait till next spring.


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