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Morning Splake


Hi all,

Went out with the pup on Friday morning after getting the kid on the School Bus. Got myself an old Savage Arms .410 and brought it along with me in the hope of shooting a few grouse on the way. No luck on the Grouse. It was kinda cool because the camper you see in the video that is parked upo by the lake was none other than the guy who ran the PAL course, he is a real enthusiast and conservationist and was delighted to see me out enjoying the outdoors with Roloff, we had a good discussion before I headed off.

No birds coming in or out, but landed three nice Splake on a #2 Blue Fox spinner. Tried the slip bobber right off the bat but could not get the hook to stay in. Lost a really nice one and saw quite a few follow the bait in.



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