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Mac Attack:
Not sure where my posts from our trip last year are.


Anyway, I couldn't make this year's trip because I burned up my vacation on the long panama canal cruise with Donna.
This week they guys are up there.
I'm upset for sure.
Next year I will NOT miss this trip.

Hope they are doing well.

Mac Attack:
Leaving on June 23rd this year.
I've been planning $hit for 6 months.  lol
Like a kid looking forward to xmas.

Can't wait.

Good luck and have fun!

Where is Island 10?

Mac Attack:

--- Quote from: SHaRPS on May 17, 2018, 10:14 AM ---Good luck and have fun!

Where is Island 10?

--- End quote ---

Up north in Ontario.

here's a link to their website -

Watch some of the videos and testimonies.
I tell you from personal experience they are NOT exaggerating.
Great place.
I'm taking my Lund this time around.

Looks fantastic!


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