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Mac Attack:


Mac Attack:
tic tock

We leave one month from today.

Like a kid at xmas.

can't wait.

I'm sure I'll go thru my gear 20-30X more between now and when we leave.


23 days for my vacation to start as well. plus a nice long weekend coming up to hit the salt and fresh.

Mac Attack:
Spent the day pulling out all the Lake Erie trolling rods and equipment.  Also any equipment that won’t be needed for sure.  Then put in 2 jigging rods and 2 bottom bouncing and pike casting rods.
Spare props for the main, the kicker, and even the Minn Kota.  Worm cooler and beverage cooler with 6 small freezer packs and can koozie.
Bimini installed.
Checked first aid kit and tool kit.
Checked water levels in all 5 batteries.
Installed tow straps and transom saver on main motor.
Spare 6 gallon fuel tank.
Put sea foam in it and main tank.
Will fill it and top off main tank with non-ethanol fuel tomorrow when I take it home for the week.
Will give the bearing buddies a shot of grease when I get home.
Only checked the boat list 3-4X now.
But I thinks she’s ready for the trip.
We leave next Saturday about 4am.

Mac Attack:
The boat is home, filled, and on charge.

tick freekin tock



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