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Title: Coating Flies & Using Trailers
Post by: wolverine on Apr 03, 2010, 01:41 PM
My buddy and I use a lot of ant patterns as trailers behind sponge spiders. My buddy coated his with epoxy and man did that make them tough, the gills cannot tear them up now and the coating gave the appearance of a lot of depth. Also use  to coat our ice jigs to give them depth and to make them chip proof. It really works. I have been using Liquid Fusion which is a water based coating that dries clear and is very tough also. Clean up and thinning is done with water. So far I think I like it better than the 5 min. epoxy that we were using before. Have to see how it holds long term and hope the color doesn't change with time. Using a trailer is great, you never know which one they will take and every once in a while you get a double. You need to experience a double hook up of nice gills to see what kind of a fight that is. The only negative is the occasional cluster ----, but overall it is well worth it. We tie a piece of 2# mono about 18" long to the bend of the hook on the spider and work it in the normal fashion. Your catch ratio will greatly increase once you get used to using them.