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Title: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 12, 2010, 02:09 AM
Hi everyone,

On May 9th I went shore fishing for an hour and a half just to say I went on opening weekend,  it sure felt good. 8)

My mom and a friend came with me just to see how the fishing was like.
I was the only one fishing, but my friend helped me net the fish and mom took the photos.

It was a dark and windy day, but the fish were still cooperative.

On my very first cast I had a tap so I pitched the lure to the same spot, gave the reel a turn, BANG, fish on! :)

A fair fight ensued despite the water being quite cold and I land my first fish of the open water season, a long and lean 6.5lb pike.
As I was removing the fish from the net, it grabbed my pointer finger and slashed the top of it from the nail to the knuckle. :unsure:
It is still stiff and sore today.
I have heard if you are not bleeding, you are not pike fishing, I guess I proved that theory,lol ::)

Here is the rest of the action.




This was the last fish I caught before we left, and the big fish of the day at 7lbs. :)

I think their aggression was due to the approaching storm plus they looked to be very hungry from the spawn.

Most of the fish were really gaunt and sunken in around the stomach area and everyone of them had cuts, holes and scratches all up and down their bodies plus split fins.
The spawn must have been a rough one for them.

Out of the 3 fish I kept one was totally empty, one had a minnow and a few leeches in it and the third had mostly digested pike that would have been 9" long.

All in all it was a fun hour and a half for me, with lots of action and I am happy with my results this early in the season.

I hope everyone also had a good start to their season. :)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: maw31 on May 12, 2010, 11:08 AM
nice fish WW ;D
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: engineman on May 12, 2010, 02:15 PM
Nice start to the season Wolfie!!! :D
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: mongosmash on May 12, 2010, 02:23 PM
that look's like it was an awesome day. nice job fishing, it also looked like it was cold?
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 14, 2010, 03:44 PM
Thanks maw31, engineman and mongosmash. :)

Yeah, it was a bit chilly that day with a strong wind and below seasonal temps.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 25, 2010, 01:50 AM
On this May long weekend my uncle and I were able to do some fishing on Victoria Day for a few hours in the afternoon.

We fished from 5:00pm - until 7:15 pm.

It was a cool and windy afternoon with a mostly cloudy sky and brisk North wind, not the best of fishing conditions but, we tried it

The action was fairly slow up until the last hour, then we both got a few nibbles and finally we found a few fish.

The end result, 3 pike.

They were 2, 3 and 3.5 lbs.

They were caught with Len Thompson spoons.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 28, 2010, 07:19 PM
Hi all,

On May 26th my uncle and I returned to Stony Lake for an evening of fish from 6:15pm - 9:00pm.

The evening started off really windy and cool, but got a bit better as the evening worn on.

The fish still seem to be a bit negative, but in the end we got the same results as last time 3 pike, 1 for my uncle and 2 for me. :)

The fish were very full of scuds / freshwater shrimp.

I now see why they were slow to bite and not very hungry.

Spoons are a proven shorefishing lure for us and again that what the pike hit on.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: dkruks on May 29, 2010, 10:13 AM
based on the postion of your zipper, it looks like you were trolling... :o
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 29, 2010, 07:16 PM
Oops,lol, that's not good, thanks dkruks. ;)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 05, 2010, 02:37 AM
Hi all,

After a week and a half of rain my uncle and I decided to try our luck on one of the only clear days we have had so far  - June 2nd.

We went fishing that evening from 5:30pm to 9:00pm.

It was a mostly sunny evening with calm waters.

We decided to try Stony lake again but found our usual spot had a number of anglers already fishing off shore and a few boats out too.

We tried for an hour in that area but, no one was catching anything so we moved on.

The mosquitoes were getting pretty bad, but we wanted some fish, so out came the bug spray and we stuck with it.

It was another hour before I got the first fish of the evening, a feisty pike.  My uncle landed one a few minutes later.

The action then slowed for about an hour before we left and then the fish start to turn on.

In the end we managed 6 not bad pike, 3 for me and 3 for my uncle. :)

I caught the big one of the night, a chunky 8.8 lb. pike.

The pike hit on spoons, double tail grubs and Storm Wildeye swimbaits.

All in all it was a good evening of fishing. 8)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Skidda on Jun 05, 2010, 06:08 AM
Nice pics of some nice fish!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: engineman on Jun 05, 2010, 10:56 AM
WTG Wolfie!!!Nice lizards!! :laugh: :laugh:
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Jun 08, 2010, 08:19 AM
Hi, WW.

you look just like Pike very much, don't you?
or you are very good at fishing north pike .
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Jun 16, 2010, 11:32 AM
Hi Dear Water Wolf,

Did you go fishing recently?
How about your results?
In my opinion, fishing is no much fun, Because most of times I catch onthing.
Maybe I am young, there is a lot to learn, and patience is most important, right?
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 16, 2010, 10:53 PM
Thanks Skidda, engineman and Young Catcher. :)

Hi Young Catcher and welcome to the Sask. portion of my fishfinder.

I like to catch any fish that's biting that day but, yeah I do enjoy fishing for pike.

No, I haven't been fishing since early June but hope to sometime soon.

In fishing patience is quite important, but there are also things you can do to up your chances of connecting
with the fish, like choosing the right lure or bait for the right time, the right rod and reel, the right line, location and even the weather affect the fish.

Feel free to ask questions here on my fishfinder, that's how we all learn.

Don't feel bad about the fishless days, we all have them, sometimes more than we would like,lol. ::)
The days that you really get into them will make up for those poor days.

So, good luck on your next fishing adventure, stick with it, and most of all have fun.
To me that's what fishing is all about. 8)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Jun 17, 2010, 08:02 PM
Hi Mr. Water Wolf,

 So nice talk with you.
 I have a question here. What species bit earth worm? 
I got many worms, just put a jar in garage, they can live for a long time.
when I use it,  it seems not working.  A lot people say almost every species like worms.
In your experience, which species like worm best? walleye, whitefish,or perch,trout(rainbow),even pike?
Thanks, WW. ( I believe you will become my older brother and friend)
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: engineman on Jun 20, 2010, 09:58 AM
There ya go Wolfie, the absolute responsibility of fisherman!! To pass on our knowledge and expertise to the next generation. To have someone want us to share our knowledge with them is a great honour. You have a young fellow that looks to you to giude him and help him learn the fantistic sport of fishing!!! Good luck and good fishing!!!! Just remember "the worst day fishing is still better than the best day working"!! Keep your line tight and your worm wigglin!!!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 22, 2010, 10:39 PM
Thanks engineman,
yeah, if I can help anyone even a little with their fishing I am happy to help. :)

I got my uncle started in the sport just a few years ago and now he to is hooked on the great sport.

Hi Young Catcher,
You are correct most fish species like earthworms / nightcrawlers and feed on them from time to time when they get washed into the water.

I have mainly caught perch, walleye and trout on them but they also make good bait for carp, catfish, goldeye, rockbass, whitefish and tullibees/ciscos.

It might be just me, but I haven't had much luck for pike with worms.

I have found for real bait, pike seem to prefer a live leech, frozen minnow or frozen smelt.
I also have good luck with spoons and rubber lures like for pike.


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Jun 28, 2010, 06:11 PM
Thanks Water wolf and Engineman.
I agree with you, Engineman, "The worst day fishing is still better than the best day working"
Here I would like to say;" The worst  fishing day is still better than the best school day."
I know that study in school and/or work in a company(or other place) are main part of our life.
But I like fishing much better, I have to study, but the fishing is more interesting.  even though
leaning fishing is not easy either.
Last time I asked about worm as bait to WW.  I have already tested in Saskatoon trout fishing pond.
The rainbow trout hit on worm, and I cought one. Next step I will go to lake Defienbake. See if rainbow trout hit on worm there. and Then check whether it is good for Walleye and Whitefish.....
This year there is so much rain.
I have a question here.   while it is raininig it is possble to catch fish.
other word, the following which one is good, which one is bad.
(1) sunny day for fishing
(2) a few hours before raining for fishing
(3) while it is raining for fishing
(4) a few hours later after raining for fishing.
What is your experience, Thank you so mch.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: engineman on Jun 29, 2010, 10:33 AM
The only thing I ever caught while fishing in the rain was pneumonia!!! Just after the rain is good, as the rain tends to wash food into the water and  the fish will respond to the increase in food. Having said that, I catch fish in the sun as well, but you have to fish deep for them, and usually a boat is needed, but not always. If possible find a shady area, like on the dark side of a ledge or shoal, or under a bridge, and you should have some success. As for Diefenbaker Lake, don't be too disappointed if you don't do well there, as that is one tough lake to fish!! I hope this helps you. Good Luck!!!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Jul 05, 2010, 09:57 PM
Hi Engineman and Water wolf,

This long weekend I went to Lake Defienbaker for fishing,
Engineman is right, That lake is hard to get fish, I spent 4 and half hours, didn't catch any rainbow trout,
instead of that, I just landed one sucker and one small goldeye. so bad. Would you please help me?  Give me some information which lake is easy for fishing. I just know Black strap and lake defienbaker.
I don't care which specy,  pike, walleye,perch,whatever. just easy for fishing. Thank you so much.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 06, 2010, 10:34 PM
Hi Young Angler,
I have have had good fishing before the rain or thunderstorms have moved in. For me I have had the odd bit of luck in the rain but it has mostly been from the boat. It seems during the rain fish drop a bit deeper and feed less.

I have also found it takes a day or two of stable weather before the fishing will turn on again after a storm.

I have had luck on sunny days, but have had just a good if not better luck on cloudy days.

The moon can also affect the fish, I have had better luck for day feeders like pike and perch during the new moon, and better luck
for the night feeder like walleye and burbot during the full moon.

Good to hear that you caught a few at Lake Diefenbaker, the goldeye and sucker is better then a skunk. ;)

I have had my best luck at Cowan Lake, near the town of Big River Sask. It's a few hours North and a bit East of Saskatoon.

My best luck there was 100 fish between the 2 of us on a weekend. You can shorefish but it's much easier with a boat.
This lake has pike, perch and the odd walleye. Pike are the most common catch.


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 12, 2010, 06:19 PM
Hi all,

On July 10th my uncle and I decided to try some afternoon shore fishing.
 It's been a while since we have been out and were surprised on how high the lakes were in the Foam Lake area. :o
We tried to get to a few of our usual spots but found that most of them are now totally flooded. ::)
We eventually found a spot right along the road on the bushline of Whitesand Lake and fished in that area from 2:30pm -9:00pm.

We had a mixed bag of weather. It started off cool and windy with high waves and and rain and ended the evening with calm waters and clear skies.
They say if you don't like the weather in Sask. wait 10 min and it will change. That saying held true for us that afternoon.

A shot of the lake when calmed down.

The area we fished was way too weeds for most of my lures, but I had a few that I rigged weedless and they worked for us.
My uncle used a money minnow and I used a lure called a tiki-toad.

The fishing was not too bad, on my very first cast of the day I feel a tap, set the hook and land the first one of the day, an hour later after the storm had passed I land another one and then the last 2 of the day go to my uncle. In the end we land 4 pike in the 2 - 2.5 lb range.

The results. ;)

We would have probably would have fished a bit longer but those darn mosquetoes were really nasty towards sunset, even with the bug spray they kept on biting and we eventually had enough and left, but we were happy with our results.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Jul 16, 2010, 03:29 PM
Hi Dear Water Wolf,
  Good result for you. nice pike.

  I hate mosquetoe too.  I don't have a boat yet, it is impossible to get one this year. I will plan to buy one in three years.
for now, I just shoreline fishing, so most of summer time I will be suffering  mosquetoe biting. So I know what your feeling when so many mosquetoes around you.  by the way, I can see the cowan lake is a good place for fishing from GoogleMap.  I will go there someday.   Thank you so much, WaterWolf, myborother.


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 10, 2010, 07:25 PM
Hi all,

On my latest set of fishing trips I went shore fishing to Fishing Lake for 4 days on Aug.1st, 2nd, 3rd and 8th.

Most of those days were nice, with sunny skies, fairly calm waters and hot temps.
The exception was on Aug 8th when a storm rolled in around 6:30pm cutting my fishing time a bit short.
The storm was a nasty one with intense fork and sheet lightning, very high NW winds and 6 - 7 foot waves.
I haven't seen a storm like that on Fishing Lake, but some of the others around that area have said it's been like that alot this year. :o

I usually fished from 2 - 4 hours each time, either in the early afternoon, or late evening and I found the shore fishing to be pretty good during my time there.

My final results for the 4 days were, 4 pike and 16 walleye. :)
The pike were in the 2-3 lb range and the walleye were 1-2 lb range.

This is the only group that stayed for supper, everyone else went back. 
My uncle fished with me for an hour on the first day and landed a pike.

This walleye was the largest of the group at. 2.3lbs.

A few others.


At one point in the fishing I felt that I was being watched, I turn around and these yellow eyes
were watching me from the willows. :blink:

The bite most of the time was quite lite and all I felt was a little bit more weight on the end my line. The exception was the very first and very last day when they were hitting hard, just before the storms moved in. The lake had some algal bloom which darkend the water a bit more.

Most of the other shore and boat anglers I chatted with also reported good to OK fishing.
I also heard of some nice 6 - 8 lb walleye and 10 - 15 lb pike being caught as well.

For me the fish were hitting on storm wildeyes, single and double curly tail grubs, weight forward spinners and tube jigs.

I hope the fish there stay active. 
It was a treat for me to fish for them when they were that aggressive. :w00t:

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 01, 2010, 02:07 PM
Hi all,

I only got away fishing 3 times during this past month.
Sept. 4th was the start of my fall fishing.  My destination, Fishing Lake, for 3 hours of shore fishing in the afternoon.
It was cool, with a fair SE wind, but at least the fish were biting.
During my time I caught 4 walleye and 1 pike.

This was the biggest walleye at 2.1 lbs, the rest were around the 1 - 1.5 lb mark.

The only pike.
The pike and one walleye stayed, but the rest went back.

On Sept. 17th,I was passing through the Greenwater Lake area and decided to try a little lake just off the beaten track called Round Lake.
It was a bit of a breezy evening, but I though I would try it for an hour before it got too dark.
In that time I had a nibble and landed one 1.6 lb walleye.

Round lake is a quiet, neat little lake.  I would like to try it again when I can fish it a bit longer.

The third trip was on Sept. 26th where the family and I went to Fishing Lake for a few hours in the afternoon.
While we were there my uncle and I did some shore fishing in the great late Sept. temps, however the fish were few and far between.
In the end I lost one nice pike at the shore and my uncle landed a long and lean 4.3 lb pike.

All those little white specks around us are mosquitoes.
They were darn nasty during the last 20 min of fishing. :P

Due to some surgery my uncle has been away from the fishing scene for some time, but now he is ready to give it a try again.
I am glad he at least landed one that evening. :)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 01, 2010, 04:24 PM
Hi all,
Here is my fishing results for Oct.

My Oct. fishing started with 3 fishing trips in a row on the 9th, 10th and 11th.

My first trip was to Whitesand lake. I fished for roughly 4 hours, and on my very 1st cast I get a hit just a few feet from shore and land a chunky 4.5lb pike.

I fish for a bit and then have one bite me off, followed by 2 more who throw the hook, finally I land another half an hour before I leave.

Day 2 found me in the same general area as day 1.
In the 3 hours of fishing I land 6 pike, 3 of which are over 5.5 lbs. :)

On day 3 I only fish for an hour or so, but in that time I land a 1.5 and a 6.5 lb pike.

I would have had more fish photos, but my camera's batteries went dead on day 1.

In the end the weather was great for the 3 days I was fishing with temps in the mid 20's {just like summer again} and the fish were cooperating.  I hope they are in that mood  for some time to come.

The pike hit on soft plastic minnows, spoons and crankbaits.

Sunday, Oct. 23rd.
The family and I set off for an afternoon drive, our destination was to explore the area and lakes in and around McBride Lake.

It was a cloudy and cool afternoon but it was still neat to see new the sights.

We checked out Parr Hill Lake, Pepaw Lake and McBride Lake.

We have been to McBride Lake and Saginas Lake before but the other spots were new to us.
They all looked like they should provide some fishing opportunities.

I also found some new bodies of water I will have to explore in the future.
Around Preecevile area Ketchen Lake, Annie Larier Lake, Nelson Lake and the Assiniboine River looked interesting in the Porcupine Forest area, Cutarm Lake, Tennant Lake, White Lake and the Swan River.

The only animals we saw in that area were ravens, blue jays and a large black wolf.
The wolf was very neat to see. 8) 
It crossed the road ahead of us in just a few strides and dissapeared into the forest like a ghost.

There were also alot of big game hunters about.

It was late in the afternoon when we stopped to fish.
We only fished for about 45 min, but by the time we finished it was dark.

In that time my uncle lost a lure on a snag and then caugh it and got it back 10 min later.

I had a 2-3 lb pike follow me in and take a swipe at the lure at my rod tip.

A few min later I made a cast and just as I got to the edge of the reed bed near shore the lure stopped dead. Thinking I snagged on the reeds I gently applied a bit of pressure, it then began to slowy move away from me, it was a fish. I set the hook harder this time and the fish exploded in one long run, almost spooling me.
The fish did this 3 more times, before the line went slack. I thought for sure I lost it but, no, it was racing towards me, I quickly picked up the slack and the fish went for the reeds, I got it out of there and my uncle netted it, a dandy McBride Lake Pike. :)

She was 37 inches long and 12 inches around.
I never weighed her as I wanted to get her back for release, but from the few calculations I got online she is between 15 - 18 lbs. :o

I got her on a swimbait without a steel leader.  Luckily she was hooked just in the corner of the mouth.
She posed for the picts, and was released.
With a flick of her tail she rocked off, sending a great bulge of water ahead of her and a good shower in the face and chest for me,lol. :laugh:

She is my biggest Pike of the open water season. ;D

This may have been my last trip of the open water season but at least I was not skunked.

I will definitely be back to the McBride Lake area, hopefully some time this winter. ;)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: engineman on Nov 05, 2010, 03:17 PM
Nice big snake to end the season wolfie!!!! WTG ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 09, 2010, 11:19 PM
Thanks enginman,
I was very happy to find that big one. ;D

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 23, 2011, 06:34 PM
Hi all,

On Sat. May 21st I started my first day of fishing for the new 2011 open water season. ;D

I was unsure where to start my adventure but though I would try around the Fishing Lake area. That area was a bit difficult to access, all the good fishing areas, and the ones that were open, had a good number of anglers present.  I opted to try Stony or Whitesand / Pelican Lake, to the E, only to discover a sign across the road saying road out, now what. :P

I decided to try furter E and see what I could find.
I finally came to Theodore Reservoir and thought I would start my season there.

Most of the day was cool and windy, but in that area I was sheltered from the strong winds and with the cloud cover it was just a nice temp and no biting insects.

I fished from 4:00pm - 8:30pm.

It was quite peacful with lots of bird life and sound of nature all around. 
I was happy to be out again and I was hoping the fish would cooperate.

As I started fishing, a boat anchored  just beyond my casting distance and found the fish. The 3 guys caught 2 smaller pike, 3 perch sized walleye and 5-6 medium perch.  The other boats that trolled by also landed a fish here and there, again mostly small walleye and perch.

The fish were jumping from time to time all evening.

I had decent acton from shore as well.  About 20 min into the fishing I land my first fish of the new open water season. :)

Man, that felt good to feel the tug again, but I also land another 4 pike and a bonus walleye that evening.
Like always, only a few pike stayed, most went back including the walleye.

This is the big fish of the evening at 3.1lbs.

The rest were 2 - 2.5 lbs except for the smallest pike and walleye which would be around 1.5 lbs., maybe.



The pike hit spoons, smelts on a jig and swimbaits and the walleye hit a spoon.

Two of the pike hit just a few feet from shore and with only 4-5 feet of line made for a close quarter battle. I was able to watch both of them streek in and slam the lure before it left the water. :o

I also had one more grab the lure right in front of me, but unfortunatly it grabbed the lure and not the hook. I wrestled it right to my feet before it just opened it's mouth and swam off,lol. :laugh:

In the end I was happy with my first trip of the season, and hope the fish keep on biting. 8)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: chelsea on May 23, 2011, 08:02 PM
hi waterwolf,
looks like you had a good result from your 1st fishing trip,good pictures.
l myself enjoy fishing cowan lake at big river a nice part of saskatchewan.
we go to poplar point resort we catch some pike but not as much as you do.
but all good fun nice to be out in the boat,been out 4 times so far this season
yet to catch a fish it seems a bit slow at the moment,
[perchman on f s .ca] ;D
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: eyecatcher00 on May 24, 2011, 04:43 PM
buddy just went camping at poplar point this last weekend and he isnt much of a fisherman but they rented a boat and went out there and hammered the pike. So it looks like they are gonna pick up for you
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 24, 2011, 05:04 PM
Thanks chelsea,
I was happy just to get away for a few hours, and get in on some action on my first day out. :)

I also really like fishing up at Big River / Cowan Lake, but have not been there for a few years now.

I am not sure how the fishing is now, but I must say that Cowan Lake was the best fishing action I have when I was there.

I remember one weekend in paticular in July when my fishing partner and I caught 100 pike in one weekend
near popular point area and just across the lake from it, nothing huge, but it was awsome fishing none the less.
They were biting every thing we threw at them it didn't really seem to matter what it was as long as it was in the water.
I even had 2 come a foot out of the water to grab my hanging lure,lol. :laugh:

Keep working at those Cowan Lake fish and you should hit some mighty fine days in some might fine county.

Good fishing. ;)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 30, 2011, 06:03 PM
Hi all,

On Sunday, May 29th my uncle, and I went fishing to the Fishing Lake area for a few hours, my aunt was there to, but didn't fish.
This is my uncles first time fishing since last fall, so he was eager to get back at it.

We fished from 3:00pm until 8:20pm.

It was a windy and cloudy afternoon with cool temps.

We found a spot we hoped would have some fish in it and fished until evening.

In that time we caught 8 pike, 5 for me 3 for my uncle. 8)

The pike were averaging 3 -3.5 lbs.

I caught the big pike of the trip. :)
It was 6.7 lbs and 30.1"long.

Most of the pike had small nicks, scrapes and scratches on them as well as split fins.
A couple had large bite marks on them from a much bigger pike.

The pike hit swimbaits, soft plastic lizards and I also caught a few on a new soft plastic I picked up called a Rage Tail "Space Monkey",lol, where do they come up with these names.  ::)
The big pike of the day hit the new Rapala Clackin' Crank.

One of the fish we kept had shrimp, tiny perch and good sized smooth stone in it's stomach and one angler I chatted with said he caught a 8.5 lb pike in that area that had a 12" fresh garter snake in it's stomach. :w00t:
It don't seem to matter what the prey is for pike, as long as it just a bit smaller than them it's lunch,lol. :P

Over all it was another good trip with a fair amount of action and aggressive fish. ;D

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 06, 2011, 05:17 PM
Hi all,
Here is a fishing report for Sunday, June 5th.

My destination was Theodore Reservoir and with my previous luck there I was hopeful.

I fished from 3:00pm until 6:30pm and during that time it was a nice afternoon with light winds, warm temps and sunny skies.

There were many angler out enjoying the day.
At any one time there were 20 boats on the water and 12 -15 shore anglers.

From what I heard fishing seemed to be better from shore than from the boats coming in.
Most shore anglers had a few fish, mostly not bad perch and small pike while a good number of the boat anglers were coming in skunked. tongue

I set up on the edge of the group of shore anglers and on my 3 cast I had 2 taps followed by a strike and
the familiar head shakes of fighting a pike.
First fish of the day. :)

An hour or so later I had another strike and fish #2 is netted.

I cast a for a while longer but the action slowed so I switch to a pickerel rig for perch and cast it out.
10 min later the rod bows and the line pulls, I set the hook a hard pulling fish, this is no perch, lol.  :laugh:
Fish #3 and the big one of the afternoon at 3.7 lbs.
This would be the last fish before I leave.

I was again happy with how the afternoon went, and look forward to the next fishing adventure. 8)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 16, 2011, 04:20 PM
Hi guys,

My latest fishing adventure was a 2 day deal.

Day1. Pike Patrol.

The first day of shore fishing was June 10th. and I was exploring a few fishing spots, in around the Fishing Lake area.

Spot 1 was at Fishing Lake and the temps were perfect for fishing.

This spot gave up 2 pike.

This one hit on the 2nd cast. :)

This one 10min later.

After half an hour with no action I moved to spot 2 where is yielded a strike and another pike.

That was it for that area and after another 20 min and I stopped for something to eat.

By the time I hit the water it was getting a bit later so I though I would try another lake close by.

I started fishing by 8:17pm and went to 9:30pm.

In that time the fishing was good and five more pike were caught.





I quit when I could not see my lure hit the water.

Day2. Walleye whackin'

The second day was an late afternoon early evening trip for walleye to Round Lake.

A fishing buddy and I fished from roughly 6:15pm until the mosquitoes got really bad at 9:00pm. :P

It was a cloudy, cool and windy with the shore fishing was off for most of the trip.

There were a good number of shore and boat anglers out ,but most had no luck what so-ever. :-\

Our luck began to change around 8:30pm, and I net the first walleye of the day.
In the end we netted 7 walleye, 3 for me and 4 for my buddy who went fishing for the first time this season.

My 2 other fish.


My buddies double header on back to back casts.
I didn't even get the 1st one out of the net when he had another one on,lol. :laugh:

The pike from the first day averaged from 1.5 - 3.5 lbs and the walleye looked like clones of each other at a 1.5 -1.7 lb.
All in all I was happy to be able to get out for 2 days and the good fishing made it even better. ;)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 20, 2011, 05:09 PM
Hi All,

June 18th was my latest fishing adventure and today destination was Kipabiskau Lake.

My fishing partners and I left in a rain storm and it continued to rain and lighting most of the way there. :wacko:
We though we may be rained out but as we got to the lake the the sky cleared a bit and the rain stopped. It was still a bit windy but that was fine.

The lake had a fair wave action with some algae bloom starting and thick weed growth near shore.

One partner opted to fish with a pickerel rig while the other partner and my self went to a more active approach and cast.

This area was had good pike action and over the cores of the afternoon and evening we caught 14 pike, 8 for me and 6 for my other partner. :)
The fish defiantly wanted a moving target and my partner with the pickerel rig only had a few light nibbles and stolen bait.

The fish that day were not large, averaging 1lb - 1.5 with a bigger 3 lber that was lost at shore.

Four of the pike caught had Black Spot Disease over their entire body. I have not seen this very often and this is the first lake this year that I saw fish with it.

Here is a few photos of the days action.





I have never really had much action at Kip in the past, but I was happy with these results and will be trying it again some time.

All the fish went back to fight another day. :flex:

P.S - here is a web page that tells what black spot disease is as well as other parasites in fish, nasty stuff. :P  -----> (

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Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 27, 2011, 05:33 PM
Hi guys,

Here is my fishing report for June 25th.

My partners and I were mostly exploring the Mc.Bride Lake area seeing the sights, but in the later afternoon we stopped to fish at 3 of the lakes for a short time at each one.

It was a cool and windy afternoon / evening with some rain storms moving through the area from time to time.

Our first stop was Parr Hill Lake.

This merganser mom had quite the little flock. :w00t:
She hurried them along and was out of sight quickly.

I was fishing Parr Hill Lake about 10 min before the first good rain storm moved in, but before I had to call it quits, I net this feisty little pike.


On our next stop we tried to locate the Little Swan River to fish at, but to no avail. :P

We then checked out Pepaw Lake, complete with several pairs of loons.

Close up of one of the pair.

As we arrived it started to rain again, but one fishing buddy and I decided to fish anyways, while the other watched in the truck.

As we were fishing we saw neat sight, this doe whitetail deer swam across the lake not one, twice or even three but four times.
She must have been bothered by either by biting insects or she is training to compete in a marathon swim race, :laugh:
After the 4th trip back she gathered her young one and disappeared into the forest not far from us.

While I was fishing I have a tap and hook another fish, a Pepaw Pike.

My buddy follows suit a short time later.

We then move onto the next spot, Mc.Bride Lake.
I was surprised to see how much water was in the lake. :o
It is nothing like it was last fall, the water was right up to the trees and there is hardly any shoreline left.
One angler said it had risen 2 feet in the last 4 days.

This small flock of mergansers enjoyed the main dock to rest and relax on.

I fish in that area until dark, but can't even get a nibble, most anglers report poor fishing for some time now. :-\

In conclusion it was another neat trip, the fishing may have been a bit slower for me, but the scenery made up for it, and at least I was not skunked. ;)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 04, 2011, 04:53 PM
Hi guys,

I hope everyone had a good Canada Day or 4 of July long weekend and were able to get some fishing done.  :)

I was able to go on July 2nd and my destination was Fishing Lake for a bit of shore fishin'.

I fished from 3:40pm until 9:10pm.

It was a nice afternoon with blue bird skies and hot temps, but that didn't discourage the fish at all. (

Not even 5 min into the fishing and I hook the first fish of the day. ;D

Through out the day the fishing where hitting off and on the whole time keeping things intersting with a real peak near sunset.

A fishing buddy joined my for the last hour and a half, and they did well also.

The final tally was 6 pike and 9 walleye for me and for my buddy 5 pike and 6 walleye for a total of 26 fish for only a few hours and my buddy and I probably lost 6 - 7 more. :azn:

My partner and I only kept a few for the table, the rest went back to fight another day, including the biggest walleye of the day at roughly  2.3 - 2.5 lbs.
The biggest pike {not pictured} would be around the 4 - 4.5 lb mark.

Here are a few photos of the afternoon's catch.







In conclusion, it was another great fishing trip, and one I hope I can repeat next time out. (

P.S - I would like to say Hi to walleyeslayer1978, nice meeting you on Canada Day and good to put a face to the name. ;)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 11, 2011, 05:34 PM
Hi all,

On Thursday July 7th I had my best day fishing this year. :flex:

My destination was Fishing Lake I was hoping that the fish were still active.

I started at 2:15pm and fished until 9:10pm only stopping for an hour around 5 for a bite to eat.

It was another hot and sunny day and with the temps and humid ex together it was +32 deg C / 89.6 F.

The water was quite algae filled and very smelly in the hot weather. :P
Half way through the day the wind changed and blew all the algae away and I again had fairly clear water.

The fishing was great even in the algae and I had fish on my 3rd cast and it continued off and on all afternoon with the walleye bite {as usual} peaking near sunset.

In the end I netted 16 pike & 11 walleye. ;D
I also lost 8 more and had a few short strikes and missed boil ups.

Here are the photos of the day but, there are many photos in this list.
None of them are of the same fish and I didn't get a photo of all the fish as my
camera ran out of power at the end, but warning it is very photo extensive as it is.


First big pike of the day.



For a while I saw pike busting small fish on the surface, so I though I would try a surface lure where the action was taking place.
After one missed boil up I hook into a pike, and I land my first fish on surface lures in quite some time. 8)
I get 3 more boil up on the lure but they do not connect with the lure, just behind it.






This is the second big pike of the afternoon, both were the same length and close to the same weight.




Slippery little walleye,lol, luckily I had the net to catch it. ::)


In the end I am very happy with my afternoon results and was glad to be able to land the 27 fish all by myself, with only 3 pike and a walleye staying with me.
All the rest went back to grow even bigger. ;)

The Pike were bit on the larger side than last time with an average weight of 2.5 - 4 lbs with the 2 big pike at 32" and around the 9-10 lb mark.
The walleye were averaging 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. I can see the walleye fish stockings are working well.

The other shore anglers report good fishing also all over the lake, it don't seem to matter where you fish, they are there.
I think they were feeding so hard in preparation for the upcoming storm that hit on July 8th.

I hope I can repeat or at least come close to these results next time I am there. :whistling:

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Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 19, 2011, 01:03 AM
Hi guys,

Here is the fishing report for my 3 day trip to Fishing Lake.

Day 1.

The first day was a quick fishing trip with only an hour and a half of shore fishing.

For some reason the fish were quite negative, but I managed 3 walleye for my efforts.

Day 2.

I had a bit of a late start due to some vehicle trouble. :-\
I got there a bit later than expected only to find the wind was blowing strong with large waves.

I did a bit of shore fishing for the late afternoon and evening despite the large waves and found the fishing had picked up from the day before and I landed 9 walleye and 6 pike.

Day 3. Walleye whackin'

I got to the lake earlier and this time with a boat.

It was great weather for the boat with calm waters and hot temps, the humidex was a toasty + 35 deg C / 95 F. :blink:

On day 3 all the fish caught were walleye - 17 of them.

I didn't take many photos of the action over the 3 days, but I did snap a few.





For me the shore fishing was good but, the boat fishing was even better.
Most folks were having good luck.

The pike were a bit smaller averaging 1 - 3 lbers.  The walleye averaged 1.5 lbs.
All the fish went back to fight another day.

The fish hit on Pelican spoons, in-line spinners, clackin' raps, Northland mimic minnows, single tail & double tail grubs in various bright colors.

During one of my breaks from fishing I was amused by the antics of the local sea gulls.

I would give them bits of my lunch and that's when competition really started,lol. ::)

The one gull tried to swallow the whole chunk of bread in one shot.

All in all it was a great 3 days of fishing for me with a total of 35 fish caught.
I hope to be out there again as soon as possible. ;D

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Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 26, 2011, 02:20 PM
Hi all,

Here is my latest fishing report.

July 22nd  was dark and windy.  I launched the boat on the sheltered side of the lake.
I fished for a bit in the morning with 2 hours off at noon and then continued until 7:00pm.

The fishing was good, and I landed 2 pike and 26 walleye, by either anchoring on them or drifting with the wind through the schools.



The 2nd day - July 24th, was also cloudy and very windy.
I waited for an hour and a half for the lake to calm down but, it didn't so I though I would try my luck and see what bit in the pounding surf.

A few fish were biting despite the large waves and in the end I land 2 pike and 7 more walleye. 

One walleye was a good chunky fish.
It was 21.5" long and by the on-line calculations looks to be in the 3.5 - 3.9 lb range.
My largest walleye so far this season. :)

Over the 2 days I kept one walleye and 2 pike - all the rest went back to grow (even the larger walleye - to get bigger).

The 2 pike who stayed.

Most shore and boat anglers seem to have some luck.

I have been impressed with the fishing action of late and hope it continues. 8)

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Post by: anglerbrian on Jul 26, 2011, 06:21 PM
I agree W.W. the fishing in Sask has been awesome this summer and I have yet to hit a couple of my regular lakes.
I always enjoy your posts on Ice Shanty and am glad you carry it over to my fishfinder in the summer. I esp enjoy the pictures.
Makes a guy wish he didnt have to work for a living. Oh well  retirement is just a few years off for me., and by then my grandson will be ready
to take up this wonderful sport. 
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Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 02, 2011, 09:07 PM
Hi all,

Here is my fishing report for this past 3 day long weekend.

Day 1, found my family and I headed down to Last Mountain Lake to try our luck at carp fishing for the 1st time ever.
I had all the rigs prepared ahead of time.  Now I just had to latch into one of the bruisers that the lake is known for.

We arrive at our destination to find most of the area flooded.  Not knowing where to look for carp, we just followed the paths that led us to where there were other anglers.
As we walk along a well beaten trail, we pass anglers with fish, some have pike, some have walleye and some have carp, so we must be in the right area.

We fish amongst the other anglers for most of the afternoon and into the evening with pike and walleye being caught all around us but not one person lands a
carp, although we could see a few big carp rolling in the water.

At the end of the day I do finally land my first carp, but its not quite what I was expecting.
A " microfiche", lol. w00t

I think all the splashing of lures from the other anglers fishing for pike and walleye may have put the carp off their feed. :P

Day 2 and another lake for my group to explore, this time the Barrier Lake area.

On the way there we spot the cow moose grazing in a canola field.

We also see a dead tree with these adult turkey vultures sitting in it.
I think the garbage dump was not too far from them.

We find that Barrier Lake is a bit too weed chocked around the shore line for proper shore fishing, so we opt to try the Barrier River for a short time until dark.
In that time my uncle got one nibble. I got 4 nibbles and finally land one smaller pike a short time before we leave.

Day 3 and I go back to my usual lake.
I fish from 3:45pm - 8:00pm.
In that time I land 6 of these guys.

And 5 of these guys.

This is the big fish of the 3 days and big pike so-far this summer. 8)
It was 12.13 lbs.

I only kept one pike during the 3 days.  Everyone else went back, including the big one, who will keep getting bigger. ;)

All in all it was a good 3 days, with lots of scenery and some willing fish. :)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 09, 2011, 12:31 AM
Hi all,

Here is my latest fishing report.

I though I would try shore fishing for the evening of Aug. 7th.  The weather was cool and very windy with a NW wind and large crashing waves.

Despite the nasty weather I fished from 6:30pm until 8:40pm.

Not surprisingly I saw no other anglers out on the water or off shore. :wacko:

The fishing has slowed alot from the last time I was there but I still did manage a few fish.

It took an hour before the first fish hit, followed by a brief flurry of activity and then total shutdown again.

In the end I did net 5 fish, 2 pike and 3 walleye. :)


The fish were hitting very light.  All I would feel is the lure get slightly heavier, or the opposite as the lure suddenly got a bit lighter as the fish swam towards me.

The big fish was a 4lb pike. I was going to take a photo of it but it flipped out of net before I could do so.

They all went back to swim another day.

All in all I was happy with my results despite the poor weather and shorter time to fish. :azn:

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Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 18, 2011, 03:17 PM
Hi guys,

Here is my fishing report for Aug. 14th.

I had a boat with me on this fishing trip and I started fishing from 10: 30am until :12:10pm.
I ate dinner and started fishing from 1:30pm until 6:15pm.

The day was a real mixed bag when it came to weather. One minute it was calm and sunny the next it was cloudy and windy.
When it was windy I anchored myself to keep from beings swept down the lake. I even had some rain mixed with it.

The water had a really thick algal bloom, one of the worst I have seen for this lake.
There were large blobs of it right on the surface and it had a thick green shag carpet look in the water.
I was constantly cleaning my line and lures, and being sprayed by gobs of algae as it entered the reel. :P

Despite the water conditions the fish were on the feed in a big way.
In the mornings fishing I caught 7 walleye and lost 2 pike.

In the afternoons fishing I caught 2 pike, lost 2 pike and caught 22 walleye and lost 3. ;D

The walleye were a bit larger this trip and the average fish was around the 2 lb mark.
I also managed to land 2 fish that were over 20 inches and were in the 3.5 - 3.9lb and   4 - 4.4 lb mark.

The 2 biggest pike got away, as all big fish seem to do but they looked to be around the 5 lb mark.
The 2 pike I did land were 2 - 2.5 lbs.

Here are a few photos.
First fish of the day.

One of the pike.

The 2 larger walleyes.
Walleye 1 roughly 3.5 - 3.9 lb

The largest of the 2 at 4 - 4.5 lbs
This would be my largest walleye this open water season so far.

In the end I kept one pike and one walleye for variety, all the rest went back including the 2 bigger walleye.

I may have fished a bit longer in the evening but an ominous thunder head appeared in the distance and was moving fast towards my location, with thunder rumbling.
By the time I made it to shore and got every thing packed up, the storm arrived, dumping a good amount of rain with very intense lighting. The sky really darkened and I watched the storm from a safe place before I got "Thunder Struck",lol. ;)
I have not seen too many lighting storms that intense over the water.

Now I think I know why the fish were feeding so hard this day, they could feel the storm approaching long before I did and fed up in preparation of its arrival.

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Post by: Young Catcher on Aug 19, 2011, 02:32 PM
Hi Water Wolf,

You did a great job.
I enjoy your photoes,
So far, I coudn't land many fish, even though I tried hard to fish Walleye and Pike.
This year you cought more Walleye than Pike, We could call this year "walleye year"
Thank you for sharing your trip,  keep on going please.

Young Catcher.
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 22, 2011, 05:16 PM
Hi Young Catcher.
I am glad you are enjoying the photos.
Keep at the fish and you will get into them too, the fall is around the corner, and the fish will start to feed
heavily in preparation for winter.
Good luck with them. :)

Here is another fishing report, this one for Aug. 21st.

I arrived at the lake to find it flat calm, and under a cloudless sky perfect conditions so I got the boat out and hit the water from around 3:45pm until sunset.

The algae was still fairly thick but, not quite as bad as last time.

I started to troll from shore to my spot where I fond them before and as soon as I got there I had a hit, only 3 min into the the day and fish on already. :o
I netted the fish snapped a photo sent it on it's way.
I fired out the lure again and bang another fish on, this went on several more times over the course of 20 min until I had 5 fish netted and released.

By then a fair number of boats for this lake were around the area I was fishing, including other anglers, jet skiers, wake borders and water skiers all in the same area.

I think all the above water action took it's total on the fish and over the afternoon and I began to get less and less fish, and by evening,when walleye are usually the most active
they were totally shut down.
I could see a lot of fish on the screen but no one was buying what I was selling.

In the end I still had a good afternoon with 11 walleye caught and released + a pike and 2 walleye who threw the barbless hooks. :)

The walleye were a bit smaller on average this time with 1.5 - 2 lb fish the norm.

A photo of the first fish of the day.

I hope this action continues into the fall. :w00t:
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Post by: Water Wolf on Sep 06, 2011, 06:21 PM
Hi all,

My latest fishing report is from Labor Day / Sept. 5th.

I fished my usual shoreline spot from 3:35 - sunset.

It was a good  afternoon fish and weather wise, with a lite breeze, sunny skies and temps in the mid + twenties ( sixty eight F).

There is still a fair amount of algae in the water, but, it doesn't seem to bother the fish, in fact, it may help to reduce the the light levels, letting fish like walleye
hunt all day. This appeared to be the case anyway, and on my 2nd cast I net this guy, a healthy little walleye.

Ten or so min later I land 3 fish on 3 back to back casts.  8)




later on  I get 2 fish on 2 back to back casts.

This is the big fish of the afternoon. :)
The pike was roughly 4 lbs.

In the end I have a really good day off shore with 21 fish landed, 9 pike & 12 walleye.
I also had 2 pike bite me off and one fish who some how opened my snap and left with my jig.

All the fish went back to fight another day. :flex:

The fish went for double tale grubs in a few different colors, Mister Twister's Hawg Frog and the Clackin' Rap.

I only saw 2 boats out fishing in my area, but both of them seem to be having good luck as well.

I am really happy with my results and hope as the fall starts the fishing stays strong. :azn:

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Post by: Water Wolf on Sep 26, 2011, 06:48 PM
Hi all,
It's been a few weeks since I have been fishing and this weekend I was hoping to make up for lost time by going both days, {Sat. & Sun.}.
Although it was officially a few days into autumn, you would not know by the temps I experienced, only the changing leaves gave the time of year away, other wise it felt like mid summer again, not that I mind at all.
The temps on both days were into the low + 30 deg C mark when you factor in the humidex.
Day 1 saw the lake like a large pool with only the waves from an occasional boat creating waves on it's surface. I was also suppressed how much the lake had dropped while I was away and how clear the water has become.
There is still a tiny bit of algae in the water but nothing like it use to be.
The fish were still biting thankfully, and on my second cast I net this healthy walleye.
Not long after I land my first pike of the day.
In total net 7 pike and 5 walleye + 2 more pike and a walleye who get off the hook right at the net.
This is the big fish of the 2 days. :)

I leave not long after sunset, but before I go, I snap a photo.

 The end to a good day.
Day 2 finds the same high temps but with a bit of a breeze this time, creating some wave action.
The fishing was a bit slower and it took me a good hour before I saw signs of life and net the first fish of the
I go almost all afternoon with lots of short strikes ripping rubber jigs tails off but no real hook ups finally around 6:00pm I get my first walleye
of the day.
The action picks up a bit from then until dark and then completely shuts off again. :P
In the end I still have some luck and land 4 pike & 3 walleye.

This is the average size of the pike for the 2 days.

There were both shore anglers and boat anglers present the 2 days and it seemed everyone was having some luck.
All the anglers were lucky that we all got some fish given the amount of bait fish and fresh water shrimp / scuds that passed by me both days. :o
All in all it was nice to be out enjoying that great weather and what better way than fishing. ;)
I hope the good fishing continues as fall progresses. ;D

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Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 02, 2011, 10:36 PM
Hi all,
On Oct. 1st I hit my the lake again for a bit of shore fishing.
It was another nice warm day with temps above normal for this time of year.
The sky was a mix of sun and cloud and there was a bit of a wind from the NW.

The water was still fairly clear, but was stirred up a bit from the wind.

It didn't take long for the fish to let me know there were a few in the area and just a few casts in I get the tale of my rubber jig ripped off. smiley
I replace the rubber tail and cast to the same spot I got the strike. The lure goes over the same spot and bang another fish on this time it's hooked and I net it, a small hammer handle pike.

The fish then stop biting for most of the afternoon and only pick up again around 6:00pm.
In the end I land 3 pike and 3 walleye and they all went back to fight another day.
The pike were all small fish, the walleye were larger.

My 2 best fish of the day were walleye.
Walleye #2.

Walleye #1 and the big fish of the day. :)

It was tight as a drum,{ must be feeding well} and had some good girth to it.
By my online calculations it was roughly 4.2 lbs.

I saw no other shore or boat angler all afternoon, but was treated to another nice sunset at the end of the day.

I fished for roughly another hour after sunset, but no other fish bit.
I have never had much luck fishing in the dark, but it was a nice night to try anyways.

I was just packing up to leave when cabin owner to the left of me started setting off fireworks, so I stayed and watched them until they were finished.

I think the fishing might be slowing a bit on this particular lake, but I am hoping that they keep on biting, only time will tell.
I also hope this great weather continues. :azn:

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Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 13, 2011, 03:42 PM
Hi all,

This year my 2 fishing partners and myself decided go on a vacation on this Thanksgiving long weekend. We decided that we would pick an area new to us and explore it, and along the way, do a bit of fishing.
Our destination for this trip was the Narrow Hills Provincial Park and surrounding area.
This area has an abundance of lakes, 25 bodies of water in the park and another 30 within an hours drive.
Picking where to start is not easy but, we though we would try Piprell Lake first and it 5 species of trout.
I have been to this lake once in the past but never had a chance to fish it.

Day 1.
We arrived at Piprell Lake around 5:30pm, checked into a cabin for the night, got unloaded and then I fished off of the main boat launch until dark.

Fifteen min into the fishing I get a strike and fight a small trout to the dock.  Just as I go to net it , it jumps and throws the hook. It looked like a tiger trout, by it's markings. 
I get a few more fish to follow me right to the dock but no, takers.

Later on that night I chat with a group of anglers who are shore fishing, they tell me that night fishing for trout can be good at times, so I try my luck as well, down the shore from them.
As I fish that night I take in the sights, sounds and smells of the area, from the moon rising up over the trees, the Northern lights dancing in the NE to the sight and sound of the rising trout as they jump forming silver ripples on the dark waters, to the smell of the camp fires drifting through the trees. It was all a calming experience and I didn't mind that the fish were not biting for me. :)

Day 2..
I rise just at sunrise, and again head out to the main dock for another try at the trout. It was a chilly morning and the frost was white on the dock making it a bit slippery. The trout were jumping all around me in the mist coming off the lake but, I fish for an hour and a half without a strike - just a few more that followed the lure.

My 2 partners meet me at the dock with a rental boat and we hit out on the water for an hour and a half before we have to check out.
By this time there is a stiff breeze from the S and the lake is a bit rough and cold. We troll against the wind for a ways down the lake and around the bend and then decide to drift back to camp. All this time we are trolling with tiny spoons, spinners and flies behind the boat but not a take.  The anglers I had met the night before were kind enough to offer their minnows to me as they were leaving. In the minnows there was one night crawler so I wacky rigged it on a tiny yellow jig head and long line drifted with it. Not long into the drift and I see my rod tip jiggle, then bend. I set the hook and I am onto my first Piprell Lake trout. It makes a few jumps before we net it, and low and behold it is tiger trout.

I was very happy as I have not fished for trout in quite a few years, and this one was the first tiger I have ever caught. 8)

It is just over 16" and by my on line calculations would roughly be 2.1 lbs.

I decide to keep this one for a future meal.
It looks like it should be nice tasting, as the meat was a deep pink.

After we check out we decided to explore more lakes in the area and maybe fish a few.
Our first stop was the series of lakes known as The gem lakes.
We don't fish them, but just looked.

This spruce grouse near the lakes posed for a photo.

Our next stop was Sealey Lake.
We had a snack there and I fished it for an hour or so.
This lake also has trout and I did have a few brook trout follow the hook but not strike.

We had alot more action from the resident Grey Jay / Canada Jay / Whisky Jack.
They are such tame little northern birds and we all took turns feeding this one right out of our hands and enjoyed his antics to get the food. :laugh:


Out next stop was Little Bear Lake.
Once we took a good tour of the campground, lodge and area,I shore fish for half an hour without a strike. :-\

Just before dark we check out 3 more lakes{ Upper Fishing Lake, Baldy Lake and Stickely Lake},but did not fish them.

Day 3.
Unfortunately it was time to make the trek home again, but not before we tried fishing 2 more lakes. 

The first lake we tried was Shannon Lake and we fished at the boat launch and the steep shore line for an hour and half.
My partners and I had lots of young trout swarming all around us, but no fish were caught.
I also had a brown trout follow my lure right to my feet touch it and then zip back to the depth. Neat to see in it's self.

This is the entire lake, it's a tiny one at only 10ha in size.

Down from Shannon is Ispuchaw Lake, we had a look at it, but did not stop to fish.
Ispuchaw means "The land is high" in Cree, and this lake did have some steep banks right into it.

Just before we left the park we stopped to fish one last time at Zeden Lake.
It's another small lake at only 29 ha in size.

We fished for an hour and forty minutes there and in that time I was the only one who caught some fish.
I caught what I think was another tiger trout - this one was only 4.3",but very fat,lol. I could see it in the clear water as it swam up to the bait, stopped for a moment and inhaled it.

In the same area I also caught 13 perch, which were 5" - 8".
This is the first group of perch I have caught all open water season.

I could have caught perch all day if I wanted to, but quit at 13, as we had to get on our way.
All the perch and the little trout went back to grow.

All in all, it was a great experience for me, and we were taken back by the beauty in this area of Sask.
I can't think of a better way I could have spent Thanksgiving and I am thankful for my time with my fishing partners, and our shared experiences.

We all hope to try fishing in the area again and exploring some more lakes, maybe sometime this winter. ;)


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Oct 14, 2011, 03:03 PM
Hi Water Wolf.

  Very nice trip,  though not many fish.
The first Tiger and  liitle nice birds give me so deep impression.
Thanks for your sharing the beatiful photos.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 19, 2011, 02:33 PM
Thanks Young Catcher. :)

Yeah,we were exploring as much as we were fishing, but it seemed the bite up that way was a bit off.
A good number of folks had the same luck as me each time out with 1 fish and a few did not have a single bite all day. :-\

That area is very scenic with lots to see and do.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 24, 2011, 03:13 PM
Hi guys,

On Oct.23rd my 2 fishing partners and I went fishing to Fishing Lake for part of the afternoon.
We arrived at the lake to find is cool and a bit windy. One partner decided that they would like to stay on shore while the other partner and I loaded
the boat and tackled the lake.

We were fishing for about 5 min when my partner got into something big, unfortunately it was a large tree, that they hauled up from the depths. It was about 7 feet long, not bad for 10 lb test.
we just released the tree and I started trolling again, I felt a lite tap I though that may be a weed or rock but set the hook anyway and  that weed took off in a mad dash for open water.
Not long after wards we had the first fish of the day in the boat.

the action was on and off the whole time we were in the boat.
We fished from 2:25pm - 4:35pm with my partner landing a nice 5 lb pike and 2 lb walleye.
I caught 3 pike  2 - 3 lbs.

I dropped my partner off on shore with the couple fish we kept and though I would try it again for a while, but the wind had really picked up and my trolling motor was going nowhere in the waves. I tried anchoring, but with the lighter anchor I was being dragged, and almost hit the rocks . :P
Time to pack up the boat for the day.

By the time we had the boat packed up my aunt and uncle joined us at the lake and he deiced he would fish for a while off shore, where I joined him.
on shore we fished from 5:00pm - 5:30pm, by then it was really getting chilly.

In that time we both caught a pike and my uncle caught the big walleye of the day and it's the biggest I have seen come of that area of beach all summer long.
It was 25.1" long with a 14" girth {must have been eating all those shrimp we were seeing} by my on-line estimations it was 5.9 lbs.
I was happy that he got into this nice walleye as this was his 2nd time he has been fishing this whole open water season.

The big walleye went back to grow even more. ;)

One last photo of the lake before we left.

All in all it was a not bad day fishing wise and I am happy that my uncle and fishing partner got the 2 big fish of the day. ;D

I hope to be out again a few more times before freeze up, but with our Sask. weather, you never know. ::)


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 01, 2011, 11:54 PM
Hi all,

I was able to do a bit of shore fishing 2 afternoons in a row.

Day 1. - Oct 30th.
The weather was not too bad for this time of year and time of day, and only a slight wind from the S.

I fished from 4:55pm - 6:00pm.

In that time I had decent fishing action, with the first fish being hooked 8 min into the fishing.
It was a speedy little 1.5 lb pike.
Good little warm up fish, I hope. :-\

The next pike was a bit larger at 27 x 12 {7.29 lbs}

As it got darker the fish got bigger.
This next one was 32 x 13 {12.1}

As I fished I noticed one really big splash just up the shore from where I was. It was big enough to make the grebes move out of the area so I moved over and cast a few times.  I lost one and had a couple taps.  Just a few min before I called it quits I saw a white flash of a fish just a few feet from the rod tip as I was lifting the lure from the water, and what followed was a lengthy 10 min battle with an angry big pike. She didn't bother with fancy jumps like the smaller fish do, she used her brute strength in an effort to snap my 10 lb line.  I was also quite worried when I saw her go by with no sign of the lure in her mouth and no steel leader on and a barbless hook.
I made sure not to horse the pike and let it take as many runs as it wanted. The last thing I wanted it to do was jump and throw the hook or slide the line across those teeth.
Finally the pike gave in and I attempted to net her, not an easy task by yourself. I held the net in the water with my knees, moved her over the net, and with one hand attempted to lift the net around the fish. It had a hard time folding into my net and  almost jumped out.
I was excited by the size of this pike. I measured her and length and girth, snapped a photo and sent her on her way. She shot out of the area like a rocket and thoroughly soaked me, but at that point I didn't mind a bit as  I just released my new personal best pike. ;D
She was 37"x 16" and by  ice shanty's online calculations she was a 18.7 lb pike.

After inspecting my line I found that it was indeed very shredded and would not have lasted too much longer, pheewww was I lucky that time. :blink:
I am very happy to have had the chance to do battle with a big pike like that.
I am also happy that the weather cooperated for me on this day and hope that I can get a few more fishing trips before the weather gets too nasty.

Day 2. Oct. 31st { Halloween}. :evil:
After hearing of my luck the day before my Uncle decided that he would like to try a bit of fishing for the afternoon so, my uncle, aunt and I arrived at the lake around 2:10pm.

The weather was cloudy and a bit of a wind from the N, but the the temp was not too bad if you were dressed for it.

My uncle hooks the first fish of the day a little hammer handle pike probably around a 1 lb.

His next fish hits hard and makes a screaming run for deep water, this looks familiar to me. It behaves exactly like the my big one the day before, with long powerful runs, and no wasted energy jumping like the little guys do. Thankfully this time we both have a steel leader, but it's still a barbless hook.  My uncle and the fish do the game of give and take for 7 min before she gets close enough to net. I net her and again I am shocked at her size. :o
She is 39.5" x 15.5" and is 22.8 lbs by Ice Shantys online calculator.
This is my uncles biggest fish by far, and the largest one I have seen live.
She poses for a quick picture and tape length and is quickly released.
She darts away and again gives me a large splash in the face for good measure.

Around 4:30pm we meet up with TyreeUm and all 3 of us fish together.  We move a bit down from my uncle, but I have the only net and my uncle keeps me running with the
fish he was catching. At one point he catches 3 fish on 3 back to back casts. I just get to my spot or half way to it and another fish is on, not that I mind a bit. laugh

In the end we leave TyreeUm at 6:00pm and head for home, with a couple pike to clean that were hooked too deep to let go.

In the end my uncle had a great 3rd trip of his open water season, he caught the most and biggest fish.
He had 14 pike including the biggest fish of the 2 days.
I caught 6 pike.

I lost a good sized pike just before I left.  It made a good run and wrapped the line around some sharp underwater structure, oh well thats fishing for you.

This is the average size of the fish that day. :)

In the end it was another great shore fishing adventure and I am glad I was able get my uncle into fishing a few years ago and now be able to net the largest fish he has ever caught.
I was also happy to meet TyreeUm and have a chance to fish and chat with him. It was nice meeting you and we will have to fish again sometime. ;)

In the end Halloween was a not a trick but a treat. :w00t:

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 04, 2011, 02:05 AM
Hi everyone, here is another fishing report.

My uncle and I gave the shore fishing another try on Nov.3rd.

We got there at 2:15pm and fished until dark.

The weather was mostly cloudy, with not bad temps, but with the strong wind from the SE it was still a bit cool.

On my very 1st cast I hooked into a hammer handle pike. 8)
I was hoping that this action would continue and it did.
What the fish lacked in size they made up for in numbers, and over the afternoon we both had consistent action.
In the end I caught 10 pike and my uncle caught 10 pike. :)

There were 3 anglers that were fishing together when we got there. They also caught a fair number of fish, all pike.

The fish were hitting hard and there were no mistaking the strikes.

Most of the fish were 1 - 2 lbs with a few over 3lbs.

Here is an example of the larger pike.
These 2 stayed with us.

In the end it was another good afternoon and we were again happy with the action.
I think my open water season is coming to an end, not sure how many fit fishing days are left, but maybe I can slip out again
for a few more, only time, and the weather will tell. :P

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 14, 2011, 02:27 PM
Hi ll, well it looks like my softwater season has come to an end, but it was a good one with a few accomplishments like new PB pike and first ever tiger trout caught.
Although I primarily shore fished, I had the best season I have ever had for numbers of fish. I caught 297 fish to be exact, never had a skunk all season long {although it was close a few times}. On my best trip produced 37 fish. I also was able to make it out a bit more this season than I have in the past.

I hope everyone here had a good fishing season as well and I thank you all for tuning into my fishing reports, much appreciated. :)

My new hard water reports will start on iceshanty sometime in Dec.
Until then, be safe and have fun. :whistling:

Water Wolf out.

Title: Re: Fishing fun- The 2012 season.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 08, 2012, 06:19 PM
Hi guy,

Here is my fishing repot for opening day in SK's South fishing zone {May 5th}.

I considered myself lucky to be able to get out as it had been raining all week long in my area and this was the first day that the rain had let up, but yet it was still a mostly cloudy day.
The lake was ice free and had cool SE wind blowing across it creating some waves, but yet the water looked quite clear.

I decided to try some shore fishing at the same lake where I fished most of the winter and see if anything would bite.

I started my afternoon fishing at 4:10 pm and quite at 6:00pm.

The action started 10 min into the fishing and I hook my first fish of the new open water season a slightly beat up 2 lb pike. :)

Half an hour later I hook into another pike, just as I am about to net the fish it jumps and throws the barbless lure.

The action then stops to about 5:30 pm when another pike hits.
This one is the same size as the other.

Five min before I pack up I get a tap and set the hook this fish had alot more power than the 2 previous pike and starts to pull a bit of drag. I get the line back and it takes off again.
It feels like a nice walleye, and I am convinced it is when a see a dark gold fish go by. When I go to net it I get a surprise, it's not a nice walleye but  a good sized white sucker, wow, those guys are sure strong.  
I feel just as happy to hook this guy as any other fish as this is only the 3rd white sucker I have ever caught. The others were not this big. This one was 21"long x 10" thick, and would have been around the 3.6 - 4 lb range.  
Now I am not sure if this is a large white sucker, but I do know for sure that it my new personal best for this species. 8)  

What a face eh? :w00t:

Pike 1 and the one who got away went for a double tail grub and jig, pike 2 for a rattlin' rap and the sucker liked a mr. twister exude grub and jig.

All the fish went back to fight another day.

In the end I was happy with the results from the first day of the new open water season.
I am not sure if the Super Moon this weekend helped or not, but it didn't hurt the results either.

I hope everyone else also had a good opening weekend. ;D

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 22, 2012, 06:32 PM
Hi guys,

Here is my Report for Victoria Day {May.21st}.

I started fishing in the afternoon and fished from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at my usual spot on my usual lake.

The weather was a mix of sun and cloud with a bit of a breeze from the SE.

Although there was some wind the water was still quite clear.

Fishing was not bad and I have my first strike 10 -12 min into the day.
It's a beat up looking pike. :)
This fish had quite a few nicks and scratches all over it's body, must have been a
rough spawn. ::)

The next fish throws the lure just at my feet. :P

The 3rd pike is netted and is also a bit beat up.

Pike #4 gets off just as I touch it with the net, but pike #5 is not so lucky and is landed.

The fish range in size from just over 1.5 to 2lbs and are released just after the photo.

On this day the fish only want char truce yellow or green yellow lures, and a double tale grub and sassy shad get the hits.

All in all it's not a bad bit of fishing for the time I had and I look forward to the next time out.  8)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on May 24, 2012, 02:50 PM
So nice pike, Water wolf, way to go.

I have been always enjoying  your post.

Thanks again, WW.

Have a good season !

Young Catcher.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 24, 2012, 01:08 AM
Hi YC,

Good to hear you are enjoying the posts.
Hope you have a good season also.

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I have been fishing but the family and I went to Fishing Lake for a few hours 2 days this week.

Day 1. June 19th.

We decided to use the boat.  Some of the family opted not to fish.  My uncle and I did and were on the water by 5:10 pm and going until 9:00pm.

During that time the weather was mostly cloudy with a bit of a wind and some waves from the S. Toward sunset it calmed right down.

Water clarity is still quite good, with the odd bit of brownish orange algae floating with the waves.

The fish must have been in preparation for the upcoming storm, for after only 8 min of trolling and we were into fish.

This is the first fish and biggest walleye of the day, caught by my uncle.
It was a bit over3 lbs.

Once we found them we just anchored in that spot and that's where we spent most of the time and found most of the fish.

The fish were biting fairly steady.  My uncle and I got a double header on walleye.

This was an average walleye that day.

There were no other boats on the lake, but, one cabin had quite a few guests and they were all out fishing off shore and also landing fish, so the fish seemed to be eager.

Before we were on the lake we chatted with a cabin owner in the area.  He said the fishing has been not bad there for a while and as well at the other lakes in the area.
I also heard that there was a nice 6 lb walleye landed and released a week and a half ago right off shore.

Once we got on the water my uncle caught his largest walleye on a medium Len Thompson spoon, but later lost it on a snag. He then caught his other fish on a double tail grub.  I had the best luck on a jig head that I painted myself and did some modification to. I added a clear lip to the jig head which gave the single tale grub I was using a nice tight wiggle that the fish seemed to like.
I also made a few custom crankbaits that I will try sometime this open water season.

In the end we caught 8 pike & 10 walleye .
We also lost 5 more fish that threw the barbless hooks on us as we got them close to the boat or tried to net them.

We kept 4 pike and 4 walleye.  They will be a good meal in the next day or so.
The big pike of the day was mine, it's in the middle and my uncles big walleye is on the bottom.

We packed up and were off the lake just as it began to pour rain.

Day 2. June 21st {Summer solstice and first day of summer}

We again returned to the same lake to try our luck.

On the way to the lake we stopped to look at a new whitetail faun and it mom.
This little guy appeared less than an hour old and unable to stand. Mom melted into the trees as I approached, and the fawn crouched down.
I got to about 5 feet and snapped this photo.
Do you see me? ???

I could probably have touched it, but I didn't want my scent on it in case she abandon her baby. I also didn't want to be a subject in the next When Animals Attack video with the mom deer. ::)

Once we got to the lake the plan was to use the boat again, but, just when you think you have it all figured out, mother nature changes the plans for you, and, we were greeted with strong NW winds and white caps.  Not good boating weather, despite the warm temps and sunny skies. undecided

The family and I had a lunch together and I waited until 4:20pm with no signs of it letting up so I decided I would try some shore fishing. Casting was a bit tricky in the strong wind and the lures would not go where I intended, but, despite that, the fish were still around in the murky stirred up waters. I tried one spot for 5 min but kept getting hung up so moved to a new spot a bit down the shore and on my first cast had a little pike on but lost it just as it jumped near the net.   A short time later I get another solid hook up and land the first walleye of the day.
This one was at the 3. 5 lb mark.

The next fish was a pike at 4 lbs.

After seeing those 2 fish my uncle joined me and we fished the rest of the afternoon together. Catching fish off and on.

Around 7:30pm the winds finally let up and the lake calmed to just gentle waves.  That's when the fish began to feed harder and we were catching them a bit more frequently.

My uncle quit at sunset but I went another 15 min and caught one more fish before leaving.

In the end we had good shore fishing results with myself catching 3 pike & 8 walleye and my uncle 3 pike and 2 walleye with 3 fish getting off on us. :)

On this day all the fish went back.

There were a few shore anglers further down the shoreline and they were also catching a few fish.

My uncle caught all his fish on a smaller Len Thompson spoon, and I caught mine on a Pelican Lures spoon and on a Storm wildeye swimshad.

All in all it I feel it was a really good 2 days of fishing and I am looking forward to the next trip out. 8)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 02, 2012, 05:52 PM
Hi all,
Here is my fishing report for the long weekend.
The family and I spent June 29th, June 30th, and July 1st {Canada Day} at Fishing Lake.
During the 3 days the weather was nice, with hot temps in the day, mostly sunny skies and calm mornings and evenings.
We did see a bit of a thunderstorm the 2nd day but it was after dark so it didn't affect us at all.  On the 3rd day we had to quit a bit earlier that evening as we could hear thunder approaching fast.
By the time we ate, packed up and just started off for home the storm was on us with lots of thunder, lightning and heavy rains.
I am glad we were not on the lake or just loading the boat when that one hit. ::)
The fishing was decent with a good number of fish being caught, and a good bite occurring on our last day there, {July 1st}.
The pike were ranging in the 2 - 4 lb mark and the walleye were 1.5 - 3 lbs. :)
We only kept a few fish each evening with 90% of them going back.
The water is also starting to develop a bit of algal growth but nothing too bad yet.
The fish were hitting on swimbaits, single and double tail grubs, crankbaits and on the last day especially spoons, Pelican Lure spoons in particular.
Those spoons really have a tough pattern on them and although you could feel the scratches on the spoons they never chipped from the fish, rocks or wood they encountered.
Here's a few photos from the 3 days. grin
First fish of the trip.




A calm morning.







This was not the biggest pike we caught, but it was the most unusual.
I don't think I have ever seen one with this short a tail. It was also quite thick at the base.
Look how close the tail fin is to the dorsal and ventral fin. Mr. Stubby,lol. laugh
It did fight quite well, but I noticed when I let it go, it used more of it's body to swim than
the other pike.


All in all a relaxing time was had by all and I can't think of a better way of spending the long weekend than at the lake.
Once it got dark enough we were treated to some good fireworks displays here and there around the lake for quite some time each night.

I hope all of you had a good Canada day long weekend as well. ;)


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: nightbird on Jul 03, 2012, 11:32 AM
I always enjoy your pics and stories, WW! You really convey well the pleasures of fishing and enjoyment of the outdoors in Sask. Keep it coming!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: anglerbrian on Jul 11, 2012, 04:52 PM
Way to go W.W. looks like you are having another great season of Sask. angling.
I also enjoy the wildlife pics. Makes me want to get back out there.
Oh well only two more days til the weekend.
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 17, 2012, 07:31 PM
Thank you nightbird & anglerbrian. I am glad you guys are enjoying the fishin' reports. :)

Hi all,
Here are 2 weekend fishing reports.

Report 1{July, 6th, 7th & 8th}.
Here is my report for my weekend at Candle Lake and area. Thanks for all the info on the area.

Nice to meet you RAF, thanks for stopping by my booth, it's good to put a face and voice to the name.
Your sure in a scenic area of the province. I hope you have a good open water season. 8)  

The first night I was there I went to the local trout pond and fished for 20 min without a bite.
We drove around to see all the beaches on Candle Lake before it got too dark.

Candle Lake was really busy that weekend, and it seemed that all the popular shore fishin' spots were occupied, so on the Sat. evening, we took a drive to Shannon Lake in the Narrow Hills to try for some brown trout.

On the way there we saw stretches of trees that look to be recently wrecked by a plough wind or tornado.

Once I got to Shannon Lake I fished for an hour and a half, just before sunset, {I was hoping prime trout time}, and had quite a few small to tiny trout { about 2"-5" inchers} following me, but alas, no trout hit the lures I presented. I even tried a worm under a bobber and that was rejected as well. There were a few good sized fish rising right in the middle of the lake and well beyond my casting distance.

The lake was dead calm.  There were more loons in that area than I have seen in most big lakes. I counted 6 in one family group as they fearlessly swam right past me looking as interested at me as I was at them.
It was neat to hear their haunting calls echoing through the trees and off the steep hills of this narrow little lake.

On Sunday my work ended in the afternoon and I was able to fish for an hour after supper before we left for home.  I went to a new lake I have never been to.  I tried Heritage Lake for a bit of shore fishin'. This was a nice quiet lake with very clear waters, and in one area purple sand, neat. There were no fish biting there either but it did not matter.  

In the end I had lots of bites but none from fish, but still had a good time.

We also saw many deer {30 or more in the park} and 3 moose and a black bear.

I hope to be back there again in the near future. ;)

Report 2. {Sat. July 14th.}
The family and I went to our local lake with my uncle and I fishing for the evening from 6:15 pm - 9:05pm.

There was just a slight wind on the lake that evening and with the cloudy skies and smoke blowing in from northern Alberta and or northern Saskatchewan it made the area quite hazy.
There is a moderate algal bloom in the lake now, so the light levels should be quite low making for good walleye conditions.
Not 3 min into fishing and my uncle hooks the first fish of the evening a healthy 3 lb pike.

We hook a few more fish before I see a boat cruising in at a fair rate of speed. They pull up beside us and we see it's the conservation officers. They check our fishing license, make sure we don't have barbed hooks on the line and take a peak at the one walleye I had on the stringer. We chat for a bit and they area off.

In the end we net 20 fish. :)
I net 10 walleye while my uncle nets 2 pike and 8 walleye.

The pike were around the 3 lb mark while the walleye were 1 - 2 lbs, and one nice walleye near the end.

Here are a few photos of the bigger ones I caught that evening.



This is my uncle's nice walleye.  
It was 27.5" long. It had big old head, and thinner body.

With the on-line calculations it would be 7.5 lbs.
It went back to grow even larger.

An action shot,lol.
It almost jumped right out of his hands and into the lake. :w00t:

We kept 2 walleye for supper {one person's limit on this lake} with all the others going back.

One fish was caught on a rattlin Rapala, but spoons were again the lure of choice.

In the end we had a very productive few hours with lots of action. At one point I had 3 fish in 3 casts and we were lucky to find the biggest walleye I have seen since I got my personal best off shore on that same lake a few years a ago.  ;D

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 24, 2012, 01:26 AM
Hi guys,

Here is the fishin' report for July 21st & 22nd.

On the 21st we went back to our usual lake for some evening fishing.

The evening had a fair wind from the SE and a mix of sun and cloud.
Large storm clouds were gathering to the NW and E of us later on that evening. We would have to keep our eye on them. :-\

The water was quite stirred up with all the wind, and there was a fair algae bloom in the water with larger brown clumps of it blowing by.
We had to anchor the boat quite a few times.

We fished from 5:30pm - 7:00pm, stopped to have bite to eat, then continuing to fish from 8:10pm - 9:25pm.

Fishing was a bit slower, but we still managed to net a few fish.
In the end we caught 10 fish. I caught 3 walleye and 2 pike while my uncle caught 4 pike and 1 walleye.

This was one of the bigger walleyes at  20 7/8" or roughly around the 3.2 lb mark.


My uncle had a few "not bad" pike in the 4 - 4.5 lb range but the batteries in the camera died on me.

We left the lake to the flash of lightning and rumbling thunder closing in all around us.  Good time to be off the water. :blink:

I had some business to do in the Fort Qu'Appelle area on Sunday, but before I left the area I did a bit of shore fishing.
Most of the common shore fishing areas around Fort Qu'Appelle were quite busy with lots of shore anglers, but I did manage
to find a spot on the E side of Echo Lake where the mouth of the lake enters the river.

It was a sunny, but cooler afternoon / evening with a wind coming down the lake and into the area where I was.

The water here also had a fair amount of algae in it, but there were also very large clumps of weeds and algae mats drifting and swirling with the current.
The river bottom was also quite weedy and I was having to clean the lures almost every cast. :-\

While I was fishing a fellow angler beside me lost a "not bad" pike when it bit off his lure and I had a few taps and lost a fish myself.
It looked like the anglers further up the river were having not much luck as well.

Just before I was going to leave I had another few taps. I was ready and set the hook. This fish felt odd but it was also quite strong making a few runs and using the current.
I got it in and was surprised to find it was... a young carp. :o
This one must have tapped my lure, I felt it and set the hook, missing it's mouth and putting the hook right through the tip of it's dorsal fish.

I think this guy, or, others like it, were the source of taps before, it felt like the one that got away.
It was only 2 - 2.5 lbs but fought with the strength of a fish twice it's size.

I can't imagine what a big carp must be like, but would like to some time. :whistling:

I let the little fighter go to continue up the river. :w00t:

In the end the fishing was a bit slower for me this weekend ,but I still found a few fish and caught a species {the carp} that I don't often encounter in my fishing, so not a bad 2 days in my books. :azn:

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Post by: saskcat20 on Jul 24, 2012, 10:59 AM
Looks good WaterWolf... I enjoy your fishing reports because I know of some of your spots that you fish at..
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Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 01, 2012, 04:06 PM
Neat, glad you like the reports saskcat20. :)

Hi guys,

Here is a fishin' report for Sat. July 28th.

I started fishing in the mid afternoon and fished off and on until dark.

The weather was hot with a humid ex value of over +30 deg C / 86 deg F.

The water has also become alot more algal filled with the high temps these last few days and every time I see the lake the water looks greener. :P
On this day it was like a thick green soup with large clumps of floating brown algae.
Visibility into the water is about a foot when in the boat to only a few inches when fishing from shore.

I started my afternoon shore fishing and ended it fishing from the boat. I though I would compair the action from both methods to see if there was a better way or not
After that afternoon I came to the conclusion that they are both effective this year with landing a fair numbers of fish both ways.
My uncle jointed me to fish out of the boat a bit later on that afternoon.

At one point I had 3 fish on 3 back to back casts from shore and from the boat 2 fish on 2 back to back casts.

In the end 30 fish were caught. 8)
My uncle landed 1 walleye and 2 pike and myself 7 pike and 20 walleye with no fish being kept this time.

Here are a few photos of the action.
First fish of the day, and one from shore.

Here is one of the largest walleyes I caught that day at almost 3 lbs out of the boat.

Spoons and swimbaits were the lures of choice by the fish on this day.

While I was there I chatted with a few other anglers and it seems the fishing has been good on all the beaches around the lakes this year with a few 6lb walleyes and caught and released last week on the same day by the same angler.

I hope this action continues. ;)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 09, 2012, 11:08 PM
Hi All,

Here is my fishing report for 4 days of fishin'.

On the first day I was travelling through the Fort Qu'Appelle area and thought I would stop for a bit and fish.
I went back to the Qu'Appelle River on the E side of Echo and fished for an hours time just before dark.
In that time I saw several fish jumping and cast to one of the jumpers. The fish bit and turned out to be another small carp, just a few inches wider and longer than the first one I caught a while ago.

I would have taken a photo of it but as I was holding it the carp gave a good flop and jumped back into the river.
He was going back anyway, but that fish made sure,lol. :laugh:

That would be the only action of the evening.

The other 3 days were at my usual lake.

All 3 days had great weather with temps in the mid + 20 deg C with just a lite to no breeze.

The water on the first day had only a small amount of algae in it and I was beginning to think the lake was clearing some, wrong! That night the algae must have
drifted in from somewhere across the lake and I came back to some very nasty looking algal growth. :P

See for yourself.
This is the worst I have seen this lake for algal growth ever.

This thick algae bloom extend a good 80 yards into the lake as you can see in this photo.
I even had trouble just casting through it. Every time I brought in the line I would get a build up of algae at my rod tip a penny to loony in size.

This algae hung around for most of the afternoon ,but slowly vanished out towards the middle by late evening.
It returned the 3rd day, but was never quite as thick, thankfully.

Despite this very thick algal growth in the lake it didn't seem to bother the fish, and they continued to actively feed beneath it.

On day one, 25 fish were caught most of them walleye but pike also mixed in.

On day two, the fishing slowed just a bit with myself landing 10 fish, again, mostly walleye.

Day 3 was day of the pike. On this day I caught 16 fish, mostly pike, thus giving me a 3 day total of 51 fish. :w00t:

Here are a few photos from the days action.



I think this guy wanted the lure. :blink:



Most of the walleye averaged 1 - 2 lbs and the pike 2 - 3 lbs, but I did get a couple nice ones of both species.

Here are the top 2 walleye and top 3 pike.

Walleye #2
21"x 11" 3.5lbs
It's not too long but quite fat.

Walleye #1,
26" x 13.9"  /  6.5lbs  :)
This is my biggest walleye so far this open water season and it came close to my personal best a few years ago.
This big girl hit the lure only 10 feet from me and gave a good fight, with a few nice runs.

Pike #3
27.75" x 10.25"

Pike #2
30" x 9.75"

Pike  # 1
36" x 13" / 13.3 lbs. ;D
This pike is the heaviest fish for me so far this open water season.

When I bring in my lures I make a habit of letting the lure settle before lifting it from the water and that is what I did.
I had a Rippin' Rap on at the time and as I got it close to me I let the lure stop and gave it good rip 3 time pausing for a few seconds between each rip.
This lure is so loud I could hear it rattle above the water. After the 3rd rip I was going to bring it up but I felt a dead weigh on it like It has snagged on a rock, the hook bit home
and the fish exploded I had only about 7 ft. of line from the rod tip and she took almost half of my rod into the water on the first big run for open water. What a shock as it all happened so fast. :o
The fish peeled out the line and I got some back only to have her peel it again. After 3 runs like this she came back towards me and I had to really reel to keep up with her. I finally got her close to me, but with all the thick
algae it was tough to see how big she was. I got the answer when she did a big jump, with over half of her body coming out of the water. She did this another time and I was fearing that she would throw the hooks as quite a few pike had done to me the last few days. She gave one last leap and I stuck my net under her and she flopped right  into it. Pheeww that was too close.
When I take a closer I see I was lucky, as she did that last jump she broke the split ring off the only hook holding her, so, if I would not have caught her in the net she would have been gone. :flex:

The pike gets a quick tape measure and a photo and is on her way.  As she leaves she flicks her tale and sends a shower of the green goop my way, now that's gratitude for you. ::)

I only keep one smaller walleye that had it's gills too damaged, all the rest went back.

I thought I would try a variety of lures and see if they showed a preference for lure type but they hit crankbaits, spoons, regular soft plastics and soft plastic swimbaits
equally well.
The big pike went for a Rippin' Rap and the big walleye attacked a Koppers Livetarget perch.

In conclusion it has been a great few days with many nice fish and lasting memories.
I am now eager to try and beat these the 2 big fish on the next trip and hope the good fishing continues. :azn:
I also hope to catch a larger carp sometime. ;)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 26, 2012, 04:20 PM
Hi guys,

Here is my fishing report for 2 days spent at the lake this week. My destination was, as usual, Fishing Lake, for some shore fishing.

The weather for both days was nice with sunny skies, but stronger winds and white caps on the water for most of the time.
It only calmed for an hour on the first day just before dark. Once it got calm and dark the mosquitoes really came out and eventually forced me off the shoreline.

The water was alot more clear this time, with only a  fine algae, and visibility a good couple of feet down. Along the shore I could see the bottom quite well.

The fishing was not bad the 2 days with both walleye and pike biting.  The peak time was closer to dark.
In the end I found 16 pike and 6 walleye for a total of 22 fish for the 2 days.

The walleye on average were a bit smaller this time with 1 - 1.5 lb fish the more common catch.  I did get one that would be 2lbs.
The pike were 1.5 - 3lb on average. With the biggest at  24.5" or roughly 4.2 lbs. :)

Here are a few photos from the 2 days action.




This is the big fish of the trip.

It had kind of an odd coloration on the bottom of it and more so on one side
than the other.

In the end I was satisfied with the 2 day results and now look forward to see what the fall fishing brings. ;)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 31, 2012, 06:18 PM
Hi guys,
Here is my 2 day shore fishing report for Aug.27th & 28th from my usual spot on Fishing Lake.
I fished from 4:00pm to 7:20pm the first day and had to quit due to mosquitoes (avoiding West Nile Virus hopefully). ::)
The weather that afternoon was nice with a light S breeze and small waves. The water still has a fine algae but nothing like it was a while ago.
After I had a late bite to eat I thought I would try the lake at dark. I hardly ever fish at night so tried my luck to see what might happen.
The lake is very calm with with moon glistening over the dark water.  I fish for an hour (from 1030 - 1130 PM) and during that time I have a tap and net 2 walleye.
The 2nd day was warmer with alot more wind and white caps on the water. I fished for a few hours in the morning and then went out again for an hour just before dark.
Over the 2 day the fish were biting OK and I did manage to get fish on back to back casts at one point.
For the most part the walleye averaged 1 - 2 lbs and the pike were a bit larger this time at 2 - 4.
In the end I caught and released 14 pike and 9 walleye.
The fish hit on various spoons, swimbaits and a lipless crankbait.
Here are a few photos.




Here is a shot of the moon on the lake.

The night walleye:


This is my biggest walleye of the 2 days at 21"x10" / 3.5 lbs
It's not really that long, but quite chunky.

This is the 2nd biggest pike at 25" / 4.5 lbs.

This is the big fish of the trip at 28.5" x 10" / 6.6  lbs.

This is my smallest fish this season. :w00t:
This wee one attacked the lure with the same savagery as the larger fish of his species, no fear, lol. :D
I hope it's is a future trophy fish.
In conclusion I enjoyed the time I had at the lake and was glad to make it out one more time before fall. :azn:
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Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 03, 2012, 02:40 PM
Hi guys,

Here is my fishing report for the month of Sept.

My first report is from Sept.16. I was returning from a show in the SE corner of SK.
On my way home I stopped for half an hour at the Qu'Appelle River to see what was biting.
I was hoping for a channel catfish.

It was a cloudy and cool evening.

I fished with a pickerel rig for most of the time but didn't get a bite. I see a few fish jumping down stream.
The last 5 min I changed my rig for a swimbait and started to cast. In the final 2 min I got a strike and wrestled a pike out of the water.

The fish had not bad length to it but hardly any weight. By it's length this fish should have been in the 3 lb range but it was just around 1.5 lbs
with a big head, small body, and sunken stomach area.
This poor fish either had a major dose of tapeworms robbing it's body of all the nutrients, a rubber jig in it's stomach making it feel full or it can't find enough food in the river. :-\

I returned it to the river and ended my fishing on a positive note.

The 2nd set of fishing reports is for Sept. 23rd and 24th.
On these 2 days I am again back at my usual spot to see if shore fishing is still holding up.

Both days had good weather with nice summer-like temps, sunny skies and some wind that eased off near sun set.

On the first day I fished from 4:30pm to 7:30 pm and on the 2nd day from 3:00pm - 7:20pm.

The fish were still around my area both days and the fishing was decent, with hits often enough to keep you on your toes.
At the end of the 2 days I caught and released 8 walleye and 19 pike.
On both days I had fish on back to back casts and also had a couple pike follow right to the shore and strike just as I paused the lure before lifting it from the water.

Here are a few shots of the 2 trips.
First fish of Day 1.

A few photos of some of the fish.

This pike has a deep scar like dint near it's pelvic fin and along it's back.


As the moon rose,

the sun set.

Day 2.
Fist fish for the 2nd day.

I took a snap shot of this squadron of anglers setting out to fish for the day.
There was 15 in this flock but, they came by me so fast I just got these 4

This horned grebe and it's buddy fished beside me all afternoon, not nervous of me at all.
In one instance I watched it follow my lure under the water, that was neat to see, but I am glad it didn't grab
the lure.
What a mess that would be. :blink:

A few more fish photos from the afternoon.



The fish went for spoons, swimbaits and I even caught a few on a jig and minnow under a float.

In the end I was happy with the results and the nice weather I had these last 2 days.
 I am hoping the fall bite continues. :)

My next fishing excursions were on Sept. 28th and 29th.

On the first day I decide to try a new area so I set off for Theodore / Whitesand Reservoir.

The weather is nice with summer-like temps, just a light breeze and sunny skies.

Not far from the reservoir we come across 3 moose in a field {2 cows and a nice bull}.
I try and snap a shot of the bull before he exits, stage left.

As I arrive there were a few boats leaving, and the anglers from the boats chatted with me for a bit.
They told me that they saw alot of fish on their fish detectors all over the reservoir but, could not get them to bite no matter what they tried, not good news. ???

Despite the poor results I would give it a try anyway.
As I started fishing I noticed the reservoir looks lower than it normally is and, was quite algae filled.

I fished from 3:40pm until 7:00pm and in that time I landed one pike around the 1.5 lb range, had another throw the hook not far from me, and, had one walleye follow
the lure right to shore but would not grab it.

Here are a few shots from the area.
The afternoon catch.

A shot of the moon and still waters.

After eating I decide that I would try some night shore fishing so I make a swing past Fishing Lake, and fish from 10:00pm - 11:00pm.

The night is quite calm with just a few small waves on the lake and with the almost full moon + clear skies it was quite bright, hopefully the walleye would
think so too.

They did, and after an hour of shore fishing I land 4 walleye, before hitting for home. :)



This is the big one, at a bit over 2 lbs.
It was quite chunky, must be eating well.

The next day we decide that we want to see an area we haven't been this year, so we make our way to the Hudson Bay / Mc.Bride Lake area.

The weather was awesome with temps in the +28. deg C / 82.4 deg F range, not what I would expect for late Sept here in SK., but, would gladly take is as it could be one of the last warm days of the year. cool

My goal was to fish a few of the lakes in rapid succession only stopping for half an hour or so at each one, but, before I did that I stopped at Fishing Lake for half an hour on the way by and found one pike that was a few lbs.

On the way to the other lakes we stopped to watch this big boy for a bit.
He was in no hurry to move and gave his best impression of a rock. ;D

Parr Hill Lake is the first stop - no fish in the half hour.
PeePaw Lake was a bit too weedy to fish effectively off shore so I didn't stop to fish it.
Saginas Lake was the next stop and on my 3 cast I had a nibble.
I cast out and the fish hit again and was hooked, {yeah fish on}. A feisty little pike was the results.
The fish were a bit more aggressive here and I landed 2 more and had another 2 throw the hook, not bad.

Here are the 3 pike.



This region of SK. has some great scenery and with the fall colors it's really enhanced.

My last stop in this area is at Mc.Bride Lake. The fish are not active, but I am not worried as I take in the evening surroundings. I can hear folks talking on the boat in the distance, the splash of jumping fish, the buzz of the mosquitoes and black flies, {not the best sound} and the calls of the birds on the water and in the forest around the lake.

I also stay long enough to watch the sun set and see the moon rise.


On the way home I swing one more time past Fishing Lake and stop for another half hour to fish.
The time is from 11:00pm 11:30pm and the moon again is sparkling on the water, but this time with a stronger wind.
The fish are a bit more reluctantly this time but, I do end up with another walleye for my effort.
It's nice end to a fun 2 days. :)

The pike were in the 1.5 - 2 lb range and the walleye were 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. All the fish went back.
The lures of choice were again spoons and swimbaits.

All in all Sept. was a good month for me and I was happy to see the areas I did.
I hope some of the big fish come to play before ice up. ;)

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Post by: Raquettedacker on Oct 03, 2012, 02:43 PM
Awesome new pictures WW...   I thought you would be ice fishing by now.. :rotflol: :rotflol:
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Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 10, 2012, 04:42 PM
Thanks Raquettedacker. :)
With the temps we have had these last few days it feels like ice fishing weather, chilly {just above freezing} with falling and melting snow. :-\

Hi guys,

Here is my shore fishin' report for my first trip in October (on the 7th).

On this day a family member and friend joined me on my excursion. They didn't plan on fishing, but were happy just to take in the sights and sounds in the area we were going to, (Good Spirit Lake).

We stopped at the first spot we came to and I fished from 2:15 pm - 3:05 pm.

It was a cool and cloudy afternoon with a slight wind from the W.

At this first area the water was quite shallow and I could walk a fair way out with just my rubber boots.
Hip or chest waders would really get a person a long way out into the lake.
The water was quite clear with a pure fine sand bottom with streaks of purple here and there.

This area was quite scenic, but, seemed to have no fish.  I had no strikes at all. :unsure:

The 2nd spot I tried was a bit further up the lake and I fished there from 4:05pm - 6:00pm.

This area was a bit deeper and had more structure on the bottom. It was also a bit softer bottom, so I didn't walk out this time. The water was also darker.

When I got there I notice an item in the water and I fish it out with my hook.  It turned out to be a set of bells that anglers attach to their
rod so they hear when a fish strikes. They don't jingle as loud as they use to but still work a bit.

Fifteen min into fishing and I feel at tap, finally, so I cast back to the area and a fish strikes.  As I get close to landing the fish I realize that I forgot my net at home, sheesh. :P
I am now forced to land it by hand.

As I release the fish and think, now would be the time to get a big fish, and me with out the net. ::)

A few casts later and I feel another tap, I let the spoon I am using flutter and feel a good strike, I set the hook and the fight is on.
When this fish struck it struck hit hard and kept on going. I moved down the beach to keep up with it, stopping with I could not go any further, but the fish kept on going and by then it had taken 3 / 4 of my line.  I gingerly applied some pressure and began to reel, gaining some line. When the fish felt it was getting too close it again went for a line burning run followed by a few wallows on the surface. After the 5th time of more than half my line being lost and recovered I finally got it close to see that it was a pike and it looked big. It burned off 2 more times before I was able to get it near my feet.  Without my net I had no choice but to try and gently grab it by hand.
When I got it as shallow as it could go, I gave my buddy the rod and I tried to scoop it up with a belly lift and tail grab, she was just too big and slippery and she shot off again almost tangling the line around my legs.  My next try was under the belly and just holding the gill covers, this hold works, and I am able lift her up. 8)

She was indeed a large pike, with a thick girth and good length. She also had just a few scars on her head and back from some hardship in her life in the past.
She posed for one photo and a measurement and then I sent her on her way.
She thanks me by splashing water and muck my way, before shooting off for deeper water.
Her measurements were 38" x 16".

Ten minuets after the big one, I get another strike, and land another pike.
This one is no slouch either.

After this fish the clouds really start to get heavy and it began to rain. This turned the fishing right off and I didn't get any more bites casting that evening.

Ten min before we leave I decided to try my new float I had with me, so I set it up and cast out and wait. There is nothing until I was just going to bring it in. As I do so I feel a tap and the end result was this walleye.
It was a nice eater size walleye and was a good way to end the evening. :)

The hot lures were a spoon for the pike and a dead minnow and drop shot rig, under the set float, for the walleye.

I also somehow caught a steel leader and later on another spoon, so they were a bonus.
The spoon was in the water for some time and was a bit corroded but I have buffed and polished it up and have now applied a black coat of paint to it on both sides.
I also painted an orange eye on it and dots down the middle on both sides. I though Halloween colors would be appropriate given the month I found the spoon. The black color should make a good lure for dark water or low light conditions and the contrasting orange eye should add something for the fish to target, I will see if it works or not.

To conclude Good Spirit Lake was good to me on this trip and I hope to try it again.
Since this was our Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful that my family and friend were able to come fishing with me and
I was fortunate enough to catch and release nice big fish. :azn:

I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving long weekend as well. ;)

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Post by: walleyeslayer1978 on Oct 10, 2012, 06:24 PM
Nice fish WW.

     I'm not trying to be negative, but I think you are off on your weights.  You use the length measurement conversion chart am I right?  I personally don't think its very accurate.  For example, I caught a pike that was 42 inches long, full of eggs in the winter, and it weighed seventeen pounds on the scale. And if you've ever held an eight pound walleye in your hands, by the scale,  you know that it is much bigger than that pike in the above picture.

     I also know that two fish the same length can have different weights, depending on age, water temp, etc.
     Again, I'm not trying to be a jerk or sit up on a high horse, but you have such excellent accounts of all your fishing adventures, why not invest in a scale and bring a little more accuracy to your tales? 

     Keep up the good work man,

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Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 11, 2012, 01:19 AM
Hi walleyeslayer1987.

I have an old spring scale that is so rusted it will not even weigh anymore. ::)

I am going to get a new digital scale when I can, but until than I used Ice Shantys on-line fish wight calculator
--> ( to calculate the pike.
It factors in the length as well as the girth to determine a fish's weight.
I don't think Ice Shanty would use it or have it listed if it was not accurate. :-\

I do agree that fish can really vary on wight based on the time of year and other factors and so there is no other miss understandings about fish's weights I will just record the length or length and girth until I get a digital scale. :blink:

I hope I can meet or beat that pike in the remainder of our open water season. ;)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 19, 2012, 10:06 PM
Hi all,
Here is my shore fishing report for Sunday Oct. 14th at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.

I fish from 2:10pm until 6:15pm which by then is quite dark.

The weather on this day is quiet nice with sunny skies, mild temps {at least for this time of year} and just a bit of a wind from the NW.
The water itself is still a bit algae filled but seems to clear once the wind calms near evening.

There was not a soul to be seen, not on the water or in the area, the only sounds out there were the bird life, and, there was quite a bit of that.
A flock of snow & blue geese were resting in a bay a bit N of me. The flock was quite large and they filled the whole bay and a good portion surrounding it.
In the late afternoon the geese leave the lake and feed at some of the grain fields around the area.
Towards evening the snows & blues returned to the same bay, and the ruckus started again. :laugh:

Incoming!!! :w00t:

The fishing was good on this afternoon with 10 pike caught. ;D

Here is the first fish of the day.
It was caught 10min into the fishing.

The action continues off and on for the next 2 hours, by then I am up to 7 pike, when the action totally shuts off until evening, where I pick up the last 3 fish.

Most of the pike are like the first fish, but I do find 2 that are a bit larger.

This is the big one of the day at 28" and 5 lbs on the digital scale. 8)
I have not kept a fish in quite a few trips so this one stayed with me, but the others went back.
It was also the last fish I would catch that day.

Spoons were my go-to lure, as they usually are, and, on this day the pike hit a Len Thompson spoon, Pk flutter fish and my custom painted black and orange spoon.
As you can see, the custom spoon was the one the biggest fish went for, just at sunset.

To conclude I was happy with the fishing that afternoon and the nice temps on that day. :)

I am not sure how many more open water trips are in store for me, only time and the weather will tell. ;)

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Post by: walleyeslayer1978 on Oct 25, 2012, 06:32 PM
Hey ww. Just curious if you tried the length/girth formula on that five lber you kept, just to see how it compares with the actual reading on the scale.  It could be more accurate than I thought, just curious.
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Post by: Water Wolf on Oct 25, 2012, 11:40 PM
Hi walleyeslayer1978, :)
I didn't take a girth measurement of it so I could not plug it into the ice shanty calculator but, with just the length formula
{length x length x length divide by 3500} came up with 6.272 lbs, just a touch heavier than the scale.

Sometimes a scale can read a 1 lb light or a 1 lb heavy too.

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Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 05, 2012, 01:38 AM
Hi guys,
This is not my typical fishing report but it's the story of my own dugout stocked rainbow trout, that I have raised this year. :)
Back in mid May I received my fish from the fish farm. They were the end of the brood stock and so I took what they had left.
The young trout were a mix of 3", 5" and 6".  There were 70.
I have been feeding them regularly over the summer and am noticing the splashes are getting bigger and bigger, a good sign.

They are aggressive surface feeders.  Some jump right out of the water, lol.
Here are a few videos of a typical feeding.
Click the photo to get the video working.
( (

( (

( (

( (

( (

( (

I though I would wait for fall to try my luck at fishing for one of them and around mid Sept. I finally threw a hook in the water.
Even though they are in a larger concentration than the wild fish they still have the wild fish wryness and it took half an hour or so before
one even bit.
Here it is.
It went back, I just wanted to see what size they have grown to, not bad so-far.
Since mid Sept I have tried my luck whenever I go to feed them, and would usually land 1 or 2 a trip, 3 trout landed was my best day.
Here are a few photos of some of the fish.




Once Oct. hit they have grown even more, but have slowed their feeding with the cooling water temps.
They are not as aggressive when feeding on the surface and are even harder to hook.
On one of my mid Oct. feedings I finally decided to keep one of the fish as I felt the water was cold enough
that they would not have a fishy taste.
This is the trout I kept.

It was 12.75 inches long and roughly 1 lb.  Not bad for one summer's growth.

I got a surprise when I cleaned it as turned out to be a female and already had eggs developing.
I am not sure if she would successfully spawn in a dugout ,but I guess she would have tried in the spring none the less.
I also checked her stomach content and it had some of the food I threw to them that day, 2 leeches and a few freshwater shrimp / scuds.
There are also a breeding population of fathead minnows & sticklebacks present so when they get big enough the smaller fish will also be on the menu.
Here is a photo of the most recent trout taken in late Oct. I also let it go.
I have decided to take some of them this winter {via ice fishing}, but also intend to leave a few to overwinter and see what happens.
The minnows have survived for a number of winters. Maybe there is a spring flowing into the dugout to keep them going, I sure hope it will be enough for the trout also. :-\
During the open water season the trout went for the usual tiny spoons and spinners, but I also had one on the Northland live- forage rippin' shad and the smallest PK flutter fish.
My best luck, however, was a stationary approach with a bobber called "Bobber with a Brain" and a drop shot rig under it baited with a gulp alive "grub, trout nugget or trout hatchery formula nugget. The bobber stands up in the water and twitches when they nibble at it but when they take it it usually disappears under the surface or stays flat on the surface. The trick is not to reel in or set the hook too early and pull it from their mouths.
The best hook I found was a tiny circle hook.  It got them in the lip every time.  When you see the tension on the line, just start reeling in, no need to set the hook.
I found the other styles hooked the fish a bit deeper in the mouth, which is OK if I was going to keep them, but not so good for catch and release fishing.
I think my own trout might be the first fish I go for this winter, it will be neat to angle for them through the ice.
I don't really have alot of experience ice fishing for trout, but after this winter I will have some, hopefully.
Whatever happens it should be a fun new experience.

As of Oct. 27th the dugout has now completely froze over so unless we get a heat wave to thaw it my next fish excursion will be through the ice. :tipup:

P.S- This last report concludes my open water season.  It was OK.
Thanks for all your comments to my reports - always look forward to that. :)

I now eagerly await the start of my new hard water season.
Good luck to everyone in this new ice fishing season and see you all on Ice Shanty. ;D

Water Wolf out!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on May 24, 2013, 12:42 AM
Hi guys,
Here is my first 2 fishing reports for this new 2013 open water season. ;D

The destination for the first trip of this season was at the N end of Good Spirit Lake where I fished from shore from 4:30pm - 8:00pm.

The weather was +9 deg C / 48.2 F with sunny skies and a bit of a wind from the NW.
This area was clear of ice. I could see ice in the distance on the main lake, but over half the lake looked to be ice free.

The location I chose had a nice sandy shoreline, moderately clear water, not bad depth and some current.
In theory it looked like it should hold some fish.

It seemed to be quite a popular spot and throughout the afternoon and into the evening there were no less than 8 anglers out fishing at any given time.

About half an hour into the fishing the local conservation officers paid us all a visit.
They checked the for fishing licenses, asked each of us how the fishing was and chatted briefly.

The action that afternoon / evening was OK and I landed my first fish of the season within the first 10 minutes, a smaller pike.
It sure felt good to feel that tug on the end of the line again. :w00t:

In the end I was able to catch and release 5 pike {0.5 to 2 lbs} and 1 walleye 2lbs.
I also had 1 fish that got away.

I didn't snap a photo of all of them, but got most of them.

Here is the first fish of the season. :)
( (

The other fish.
( (

This is the big pike of the day.
( (

This walleye was the last fish of the day.
( (
It hit near sunset.

This area was rich in bird life and as I fished a good number of wading, diving and fishing birds entertained me with their presence.

The only nasty little hitch were the mosquitoes and ticks that were out, not lots, but enough to be bothersome. :P

The fish were eager to bite, but with the cold water they were a bit sluggish. I had the best luck when I moved the lures slowly along.
The pike went for a wildeye swimbait and sassy shad + a small Len Thompson spoon.  The walleye also hit on the spoon.

One of the pike I released swam a short distance and rested on the bottom in what looked like an ambush spot. On my next cast I moved my lure past the pike and it rushed out and hit the same lure all over again. Another short fight ensued, but it threw the hook just at my feet.  He's not going to get much bigger if he keeps that up!,lol. :laugh:

Most of the anglers there were using pickerel rigs and it seemed like everyone was having some luck for pike and a few walleye. I didn't see anyone leave skunked.
The biggest pike I saw caught would roughly have been 4 - 5 lbs and the other pike and walleye looked to be the same size as the ones I caught.
One of the anglers said there was a 15lb pike caught off shore near opening day.

In the end I was happy with the results for my first trip out.  I will have to try this area again some time and look forward to see what the rest of this season brings. ;)

The second report is from this Monday {May 20th, Victoria Day Holiday} and for the first time in quite a few years I was going to try some river fishing.
The river in question - the Whitesand.

I found a nice looking spot along the river and fished from 3:10pm - 7:15Pm. It was a nice warm day with temps at +21 deg C / 69 F, a mix of sun and cloud with a strong wind from the NE.

It also appeared to be a popular spot and there were usually 10 or so anglers coming and going all afternoon.  I found a nice shady spo, out of the wind and sun, and, proceeded to catch fish.  Man, the fishing in that area was crazy good.  The fish were stacked in there!  On my third cast I land my first fish.

A feisty little river pike. :)
( (

This action would go on all afternoon and into the evening, with fish coming thick and fast, and, many fish following my lure just to turn right at my feet. I even had luck just holding my lure at the rods length and letting it flutter in the current. I could see fish sneak up to the lure and just hold behind it, one little jump and they were on it. Other times, all I saw was a flash and the lure disappeared. After 5 fish I switched to a barbless hook, which I feel is a bit easier on the fish.  At one time, I had just caught a pike, got it unhooked, and, was just going to release it from the net when I saw my rod bending. While unhooking the first fish I let the lure blow with the current and a walleye grabbed it, so now I quickly release the pike and fight the walleye.
I also noticed the fish were very active above the surface with pike and the odd sucker jumping out of the water here and there, some of them no more than a rod tip away. Most of the fish has scratches, bruising and split fins from their spawn.

Here area a couple of the other fish, no time to take photos of them all. ;)
2 of the bigger pike of the trip.
( (

This one had a nasty mark on it's back.
( (

The first of the 2 walleye.
( (

A shot of the river.
( (
It was a peaceful spot to fish and relax. 8)

In the end I quit at 35 fish, 33 pike and 2 walleye. The fish were still biting and chasing lures when I left.

The other anglers were also catching some fish, mostly pike, but, and odd walleye was also caught, and, one group beside me hauled in a medium sized white sucker.

The pike in this area were not large, most of them at 1 -1.5 lbs with the bigger ones at 2.5 lbs.  The walleye at 1.5 lbs or so.  Regardless, this was some of the best spring fishing I have had in quite a long time. :w00t:

The fish were not too picky and went for anything that was brightly colored. I mostly used single and double tail grubs, and the fish really tore through them, destroying 7 rubber bodies. I switched to a small colorful spoon near the end and that's what the 2 walleye went for along with a few more pike. It was new when I started, but now it's really chipped and scared up, a sign of success. 
My own homemade lures were of interest to the fish as well, but were a bit too large for the little nippers to get a good hold.

In the same area I enjoyed watching a pair of osprey throughout the afternoon. I didn't see them fishing, but watched them as they came and went from their big nest on top of a power pole overlooking the river. It should be a great spot to raise fish eating chicks.

Overall I'd have to say I've a good start to this fishing season and look forward to what' next.


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 04, 2013, 01:47 AM
Hi All,
Here is my shore fishing report for Sat. June 1st.

I have been eager to try Last Mountain Lake for a while now.
On this day I tried a new location I have never been there. 

Last trip I was on the river this time I was up the creek, literally,lol. ;D

I first spotted it on Google Maps at LML and I was hoping there would still have a few fish in it.

My family and I arrived at the lake at 3:10pm where I fished until 7:15pm, others were just along for the ride and to see the new sights.

The weather was a mix of sun and cloud with just a very light wind from the N switching to E near sunset. The temps were a nice +20 deg C / 68 deg F.

As we got to the creek I found out that it was a very popular spot and there were 20 or more anglers shore fishing on both sides of the creek. There were also  6 boats fishing not far off.
As I got set up I saw several nice fish landed on both sides, a good sign :w00t:.
I found a spot on the bank where I was not going to be crowding the other anglers.

The fish were fairly active, and, roughly 5 min into the fishing  I hook into the first fish of the day, a nice walleye.
Ten minutes later and another walleye is landed this would be the biggest walleye of the day. 
One of the anglers comes over to admire my fish and he tells me that it's very rare to get one walleye in this area let alone 2.

The fish hit off and on all afternoon and into the evening with some fish getting off and some being landed. 
The final results for the day were 10 fish for me 3 of which were walleye and 7 pike. All the fish caught were a good average size.
I also catch a new steel leader and spoon still attached to it, finally I am gaining lures instead of loosing them.

Half way through the fishing I land my largest pike of the season so far. 8)
She hit hard and fast and gave quite a few good long runs before she was stubbornly netted.
She gets a quick photo and tape measurement and I send her on her way. :)

As I was removing the hook, I momentarily went too close to her weapons, and, in a quick instant she turned and ripped the knuckles of my right hand, OUCH, does that ever smart, and bleed. :pinch:.  Fingers looked more like good used rubber jigs than fingers until I got them cleaned up and bandaged.
I have heard if your not bleeding your not pike fishing, and so it seems,lol. :laugh:  Oh well that's a part of fishing sometimes. :P

The fish.
First fish of the day, not a bad walleye.

The rest of them.






This is my last fish of the day and I end it like I started with a walleye.

The big walleye. :)
It was 23.75"  x 12".

The big pike. ;D
She was 36" x 14.5".

I kept 2 of the smaller pike and the first walleye,  all the others go back including the big pike and walleye.
One thing that I found a bit odd was that one of the 2 pike still had a good double row of eggs in her. I would have though all the fish would have been done spawning by now. :-\

We cooked the fish up tonight and boy, were they good. Even though the water was getting warmer the fish are still as fresh as when you get them in the winter.
They were nice treat for the whole family. :)

The only annoyance in this area were the large swarms of biting mosquitoes and crawling ticks. They were both down right awful and I was bothered by them the whole time I was there.
I applied some bug spray but it just slowed them slightly. ::)
I hope to look into some alternate non spray insect deterrents like the OFF clip-on Mosquito Repellent, the thermacell biting insect repellent or that bug repellent patch that has vitamine B1 in it.

All in all I was impressed with the size of the fish in this area of the lake and  I will have to try it again sometime, perhaps a bit earlier in the season.
I also hope to try a few other areas of this lake during open water season to see what else is out there.

As always, I am looking forward to my next adventure, wherever that may be. :w00t:

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: ran7ger on Jun 04, 2013, 04:34 PM
 isn't it true about the bleeding ww!  we've been catching so many walleyes up here that my hands look like hamburger.

 i've had eggs and milt slip out of a few fish i've caught this year. they are still stacked up in the spawn-post spawn areas so i'd guess that maybe some fish just never found the optimum conditons and held their eggs?  i'm by no means a biologist but i think al lindner told me that can happen.

 anyways, awesome fish and report.  keep em comin!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 08, 2013, 11:57 PM
Thanks ran7ger.  ;D
Interesting that you found a few fish with egg too.
It seems that they will hold their eggs if they don't find optimum spawning conditions. :blink:

Hi Guys,
Here is my fishing report for the rest of June including the Canada Day long weekend.

June 9th.

After the luck I had before, the family and I decided to try Last Mountain Lake again.
On this day we drove until we found a new spot - Big Arm Bay, where we fished from 2:10pm to 6:00pm.

It was a windy, cloudy afternoon with rain and thunderstorms predicted for this area. :P

The temps were a bit down and were in +18 deg C / 64.4  F  range.

We found an interesting looking spot in the bay and started fishing.
It took a while before the first fish bit.  It went to my uncle. :)
A 2 lb. pike, and, his first fish of the open water season.

It would be half way though our day before I catch the 2nd fish.
This 2.5 lb. pike.

As the day went on large black storm clouds gathered on the distant horizon and began closing in toward us.  Felt like we were in the path of an impending storm.
We were right! By 5:50pm we could hear distant thunder and seen fork lightning. :o

We fished for a few more minutes.  My uncle had another strike, lost the fish, and threw back to where he had the strike.   A fish, or the same fish, hit again and we landed it  just before the storm really started to get nasty.

We kept the three fish and packed up the gear quickly.  The wind really started to howl and whip the waves into large whitecaps, even in the sheltered areas.

The 6 -7  boats who were in the area fishing all cleared out quickly, and we did the same.
As we left the lake the lightning began to intensify and the rain came pelting down.  The storm raged like this all the way home. :-\

Although this day was not as productive, I still got to see a new area and neither of us got skunked.  
Even the folks in the boat, who I chatted with earlier, were having trouble finding fish that day.  Most only had 1 to 2 fish for their efforts.
I think this storm pressure played a part in the fish's negativity.  

I hope to try this area again sometime, hopefully under more favorable fishing conditions. ;)

My next fishing ventures take place on June 22nd and 23rd.
I decide to try my usual spot at Fishing Lake to see what it is like out there this year.

Day 1 and 2 were both nice days.  There was a mix of sun and cloud with an average temp of +20. deg C / 68 F.

The water at Fishing Lake is the clearest I have seen it, for this time of year. I could see fish following my lure right to shore.
Over the 2 days quite a few fish did this without even a nibble.  :w00t:

Some fish did bite however, and on day 1 I fished for a few hours in the afternoon and a bit past sunset.

At one point in the afternoon there were some ominous storm clouds in the distance, but they skirted the lake and made their way to the S.

They looked like they could be nasty. :blink:

I was concerned that it might develop into a tornado. :unsure:

The supermoon that night also provided me with a unique fishing opportunity, which I tried for a while.

A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth.

The transition between sunset and the supermoon rising is when the fish really turned on.
Through the afternoon I only had 2 fish bite, both pike, but by the time I was done I caught and released 7 pike & 6 walleye. :)

Here are a few of the fish from day 1 as my camera died and I didn't have my battery charger with me.
First fish.

A few more.




Day 2.
Over the night a series of thunderstorms rolled through with a good amount of rain at the lake. The next morning I was back at it and fished off and on throughout the day, waiting out a few minor showers that passed quickly.

The temps were still nice in the + 20 deg C range  / 68  F again.  The lake was flat calm.  The fish were still quite negative and I really had to work to get them to bite.
The fish were again just following the lures and not that interested in my offerings.
A few did bite and in the end I caught 4 pike and 1 walleye. :)  

First fish of the day

The only walleye of the day.
It seemed to be the most aggressive following right behind the spoon.
I see it coming behind the lure, and, just before it reaches shore, I let the lure flutter, and, that's when it hit.  
It hit a PK flutter fish.

There were again some interesting looking clouds when I left the lake and by the time I got home it was raining again!

The fish were not too large.  Both the pike and the walleye were at the 1 - 2 lb range, but, they were healthy looking. 8)
There were lots of freshwater shrimp and minnows swimming about so they had no shortage of food.

The fish went for swimbaits, spoons and double tale jigs both light and darker colors.

All in all it was an interesting 2 days and I was happy with the fish I did find. ;D
I hope this unstable weather clears out for my next outings. :w00t:

My last days out were over the  Canada Day long weekend. I could not think of a better way to celebrate it than being by the water fishing.  On June 30th and July 1st {Canada Day} I hit Fishing Lake for a few hours each afternoon and stayed until dark to see the fireworks displays.

Both days were great at the lake fishing and weather wise. The temps were in the high 20 deg C.  There was a mix of cloudy and sunny periods.  For most of the day only a light breeze created gentle  ripples across the water and by nightfall - mirror calm.

The water was slightly greener now with light algea bloom, but I could still see a good way out and watched as some of the fish follow my lures. Some hit and some didn't - thats the way it goes.

The first day was the more active day of the two.  The fish were hitting hard and often. They were aggressive - not just tapping the lures but smashing them. In the end I caught 7 pike and 27 walleye. ;D

The fireworks lasted for over an hour on various beaches around the lake. Sometimes there were fireworks going off in 4 different locations around the lake all at once -  impressive.

The 2nd day the fish were still quite active.  Another good day of shore fishing brought in 17 pike & 10 walleye.  They were hitting hard. :)

The Canada Day fireworks, didn't last as long. I guess they had the big celebration the day before, so those who had to travel on Monday wouldn't miss them.

I only took a few photos of the 2 days of fishing but here they are. 8)

First fish of day 1.



Smallest walleye of the year,lol. :w00t:
This little guys eyes were bigger than it's stomach. :laugh:

Sunset on the first day.

First fish of day 2.



The big fish of the 2 days.
It was 31" long.

Interesting sunset and cloud formation.

The active lures on this trip were spoons in various brands and colors, but it seemed spoons that had yellow, red and or orange were the most popular.

I kept 2 walleye the first day and 1 pike the 2nd, all the other fish went back to fight another day.

All the anglers that I talked to reported good fishing as well.

This was another successful 2 days of fishing for me with the bonus fireworks displays at night.

I hope you all had a good Canada Day long weekend, and the folks in the USA, 4th of July as well! :azn:


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 22, 2013, 02:58 PM
Hi Guys,
Here are my shore fishing reports for the last part of July and into the Aug. long weekend.

The first one was July 23rd.
On this trip I got to the lake early in the morning and shore fished from 6:30am until 8:15am.
It was a bit cool with alot of morning dew, but once the sun moved a bit higher in the sky it warmed up nicely.

The lake was calm with only tiny ripples.

It was great to be out fishing that early, and, I think I was the only one up in the whole area.
I enjoyed sitting on the shore waiting for the fish to bite, seeing the sights and listing to the various bird calls all mingling together around me, the purple martins,
Jenny / house wrens and robins were the most common calls.

On the way to the water I noticed a robin's nest, with the young just hatching. 8)
I took a photo and left quickly so as not to disturb the mother robin any more than I already did. :P
I hope to document their progress as I visit the lake over the next few weeks.

At the lake shore I noticed the water was a bit greener than it was the last time I was there in early July, but, still nothing like it was at this time for the past 2 years.

I didn't have to wait long for the first fish to bite, in fact on my first cast I got one.
This walleye was the first fish of the day.

This was the 2nd pike of the day.

Cheese! :w00t:

In the end I catch and release 3 pike and 7 walleye. :)

Just before I quit I chat with another angler.
He said that the shore fishing has slowed a bit over the last few days, but the boat fishing is still good.
I am happy with my results.

The 2nd shore fishing report is on July 29th and is also from Fishing Lake, but this was a totally different day than the others I had so far.

As I got to the lake I was greeted with these fishing conditions. :P
The  3 - 4 foot white caps were coming from the NW and there was a mix of sun and cloud.  Temps were in the + 21 deg C / 69.8 F range.
With the high winds it felt alot cooler.

I decided to try the lake anyway and hope for the best. :-\
I fished from 3:00pm - 7:00pm.  By then I had enough of the wind and quit just before another ominous black rain cloud moved towards the lake.

I found it quite hard to cast and could only cast the heavier lures half the distance. It took half an hour to find the right lure and have a bite, but once I did I stayed with that lure the whole time.  I caught all the fish that day on a Storm Wildeye Swimshad. Unfortunately, I also lost my lucky lure the same day to a snag just before I quit.

Here are the fish of the day.
This one was also 2nd biggest of the day. 8)

2nd fish caught, and big fish of the day. :)

In the end I caught 1 pike & 6 walleye and lost 1 other. :azn:

I was pleased with the final results, despite the tough fishing conditions. ;D

The young robins have grown in the few days since I have seen them. :)
They are starting to get feathers, particularly on the wings.
It won't be long before they are flying.

On a different note,
I was out feeding my rainbow trout the evening of July 31st and at one point I noticed a small garter snake roughly 4 - 5 inches swimming across the surface towards the area where the rainbows were feeding on the floating trout food. For some reason the snake stopped in the feeding area, not sure if just getting it's bearings or wanted to eat a bit of food it's self, but as it sat I watched in shock as one of the larger rainbow trout in the dugout came racing up, grabbed the garter snake by the head, and in one large splash both of them were gone. This all happened just a few feet to the right of where I was sitting. :o

I never saw the snake again, nor did I see it float up either, so I guess it must have been eaten right there and then by one or more trout.
What a shock, I knew trout were active surface feeders, but didn't think they were aggressive enough to take that big a prey compared to the size of the trout that ate it.
I always thought that was more of a pike, musky or bass behavior. :-\

I wonder what size of prey the really large trout {10 lbs and up} can eat? :unsure:

I was also wondering if any of you have ever seen trout take a larger prey item off the surface or have found larger unusual prey items in their stomachs?
If so, what did you see the trout eat or find in it's stomach?

What trout species was it?

This next report is for the Aug. long weekend shore fishing report for Fishing Lake.
During the long weekend I was able to go fishing for a few hours each day on Sat., Sun. & Mon.

The weather cooperated Sat and Sunday with nice temps in the + 22 deg C / 71 deg F and for the most part just small waves to calm conditions.
Monday was a bit different with a storm rolling in the afternoon limiting my fishing time to just an hour an a half or so.
I waited for the storm to pass. By this time I had about an hour to fish, so I did just that.

The lake was quite busy each day with a fair number of angler, pleasure boaters and jet skier out and about. 
It was hard to find a good shore fishing spot as most of them were taken, but I did manage to find one, and, over the 3 days caught 12 fish, 5 pike & 7 walleye + losing 4 more, mostly pike.

I learned from the other anglers that the shore fishing in Aug. has been quite slow, but there are still some good catches to be had by the boat anglers.

Once it got dark a few cottage owners set off fire works on both Sat. & Sun. nights for an hour or so.
During the night there were also a few shooting stars adding to the effects. :w00t:

Here are some photos of a few of the fish caught. :)
First fish of the 3 days.

A couple of the other fish.

A sunset walleye.



Biggest fish of the 3 days. :)
It was also the last fish caught.

Over all it was an enjoyable long weekend at the lake and I am happy to have been there.

I also have to report that the young robins are now fully feathered and are starting to get very restless in their cramped little nest. :laugh:
( (

On the 2nd day the young robins have began to explore the area outside the nest.
The last 2 get a bit of encouragement from mom. :w00t:

By the time I packed up all the young were gone.
It was interesting to see their progress over the few weeks.
I now hope they will survive the trials that are yet to come for them, only time and luck will tell. :blink:

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: anglerbrian on Aug 23, 2013, 11:45 AM
Great stuff W.W. always enjoy the fish and wildlife pics. Fishing has been very good this summer everywhere ,from as far south as Rafferty to  north of St Brieux at Eagle lake. My nephews report good fishing at Greenwater and fishing lake as well.
Keep up the good work with those pictures. I bet those trout of yours  have grown as well. 
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: WyoMinFisher on Aug 25, 2013, 02:19 PM
Love the reports WW!  Miss heading up to Kuroki and Fishing Lake!  A great friend of mine had a house there but the Spring thaw of 2012 washed the basement wall out.... Also fished Stoney out of Margo quite a bit. 

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Aug 26, 2013, 08:10 AM
So nice pictures, especially the nest of birds. they were lovely.
Thanks for sharing, Water Wolf.
Good luck for fall fishing.


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 29, 2013, 02:45 AM
Thanks anglerbrian, WyoMinFisher, and YC. :)

anglerbrian, good to hear that the fishing is good in most areas of SK.
Yeah it appears that the trout are still growing. I feed them regulary and with their bonus snacks they should
be a bit bigger by freeze up.
Since I commented on them eating the snake, I also saw the trout eat grass hoppers and other insects that have blown into the water + an unfortunate frog that strayed too far from the waters edge. :blink:

Neat to know that you have fished where I fish WyoMinFisher. :)
The other lakes around that area have been reporting good fishing as well.

Glad to share the photos and stories YC.

Hi Guys,
Here is my fishing reports for the rest of Aug.

Aug 9th I'm at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.
On this evening I am joined by my uncle and we shore fish from 7:15pm - 8:10pm.

The calm evening waters and temps are close to normal for this time of year. There is some algae in the water but it's a bit clearer than before.
It seem that the big thick bloom moves with the prevailing winds of the day.

We both catch fish.
My uncle catches 2 pike and I catch 2 pike and 2  walleye. As usual all the fish go back.
I would have taken a few photo of the catch, but the camera's batteries were out of juice.

Aug 11th. I am back at fishing lake once again, but, for the first time this season, decided to try some fishing out of a boat.
I launch at 9:16am and fish until 1:05pm have a quick snack and hit the water again from 1:50pm - 4:00pm.

It was another nice lake day with hot temps of + 26 deg C / 78.8 F range, just a light wind creating small ripples on the water, and,at times a flat calm mirror.
Most of the waves came from other boats and water craft on the lake.

The water was again very algae filled and I could hardly see the rocks right by the shore.

This green water didn't bother the fish at all, and in 5 min of being in the water I had my first fish.
This respectable walleye.

During the time I was out, the fish were quite active with 17 walleye and 2 pike being caught.
I also noticed that the fish were active on the surface and even on that bright sunny day fish were jumping off and on all afternoon.
The fish were a not bad size with most of the walleye averaging 2 -2.5 lbs and a few of the bigger ones in the 3 lb range. The 2 pike were small at the 1.5 lb range.

Here are a few more of them.




A sample of the bigger walleyes.


On this trip they went for spoons, like the FX spoon and a PK flutter fish and the Storm Wildeye swimbaits, but the most consistent lure that day was the Storm Rattle Tot.

On Aug 13th I'm fishing off the shore once again.

I went from 9:30am to 1:05pm.  It was another nice day with calm waters and hot temps, +25 deg C / 77 F.

The water had cleared a bit from the last time out and I could see the bottom off shore again.

There were no others out fishing and I had the whole area to myself.

During the time I fished I caught 5 pike and 1 walleye.
The fish were not too fussy and I caught 1 fish on each of the lures I threw to them.

The pike were a bit bigger today at about 2.5 - 3lbs and the walleye were 1.5 to 2 lbs.

First fish.

2 others.


Not a bad way to spend a few hours.

Aug 18th, I fished from 1:10pm - 4:40pm off shore.
This afternoon was a warm one with temps in the +28deg C / 82.4 F.  The humidex made it more like 33 deg / 91.4 F. The sky was big beautiful and bright.

The wind was light from the S, producing small waves and a much needed breeze.  The water still had a fair amount of algae in it.

The fish were active and the fishing was good despite the weather.  I saw several boats catching, and I was able to net 2 pike and 10 walleye.  4 other pike and 1 walleye managed to throw the barbless hooks.

It seemed that soft plastic minnow imitations were what the fish wanted that day and again the Storm wildeye and wildeye live were good producers for me.

Here are a few fish from the day.
First fish was the bigger one.
It was a 27.5" pike.

The others.

It's a fish eat fish world.
This one thought he got a little pike, instead it got this soft plastic version.

In conclusion, it was another productive trip out to the lake, and, like usual, they all went back to fight another day.

Here are my last couple fishing reports for the month of Aug, they take place on the 24th & 25th.

On the 24th I got to the lake a bit later in the day so set up for some evening shore fishing and see what would happen.
The temp was still quite warm, with mostly sunny skies and a medium wind from the NW creating some fair waves.

The water still has a green color to it, but, not quite as algae filled as it has been.

I fished from 4:14pm to 8:05 pm {dark}. I would have fished longer, but the mosquitoes got nasty around then. :P

The fish seemed to be quite active, and, while I fished, I could see them jumping out of the water here and there the whole time.

The fish were so aggressive that night that I had 3 strike the lures as I was lifting them from the water.
One fish actually came a few inches right out of the water and grabbed the spoon a bit above the waters surface. :w00t:
That was one of the 3 jumpers that I hooked, the others gave a few head shakes and threw the lure right back at me, thanks to the barbless hooks. 
No matter how many times you see that it's always wild to see a fish blow up, especially just a few feet right in-front of you, right at your rod tip.

The first fish.

A few of the other fish.

Big fish of the evening, it wasn't  too long, but fairly chunky.

In the end I caught 12 pike and 9 walleye. :)

Later on in the night I done a little night fishing for roughly 20 min.
The lake that night was mostly calm with just slight ripples on the water.  It was bright enough to see around with the moon light reflecting off the water's surface.
The fish were sill jumping.  I could hear splashes here and there.  I tried throwing my the lure in the direction of the splashes in the hopes it would find a hungry fish.
It seemed to have worked, and, a few min before I quit, I had a solid hit. I though that it would be a walleye, being night and all, but this fish didn't fight like a walleye it felt more like a pike.
As it turned out that's exactly what it was, a lean mean night pike. It was a bit of a suprize for me.  I happily accepted it, as this is only my 3rd pike that I have ever caught at night. The other 2 were during the ice fishing seasons a few years ago. The conditions were similar all 3 times with a bright moon shining down over head. I guess that's all the light the pike need to still hunt.

The night pike. :w00t:
It seems to look surprized, probably due to a white flash of light in the dark, out of no where,lol. :laugh:

The very next day {the 25th} I was back at the lake and on the water early for a full day of fishing, this time with the boat.

I started fishing at 9:35am and went to 5:00PM. I even brought a snack with me so I didn't have to come in + a fair amount of drinking water as it was going to be a hot one.
As it turned out it was indeed hot with temps above normal for this time of year, +28 deg C / 82.4 F and with the humidex it was more like +34 deg C / 93.2 F.

The sky was mostly sunny with a wind that switched 3 times that day, first the NW, then the W and it ended with a S breeze.
For the most part there were just smaller waves off and on all day.

The fish were very active again, jumping here and there throughout the day.  This was a good sight, and, it was about half an hour before I found them, but once I did, I stayed with them and they bit regularly the whole time out.
The hot day and bright sun didn't seem to bother them at all.

First fish of the day.
( (

The average size of the walleye that day.

The big walleye of the day at 21". :)
( (

Back it goes, along with the rest of them. ;)

The big pike of the day. 8)
It was 30.6" x 11".

In the end I had an awesome time on the water with 8 pike & 28 walleye being caught. ;D

I found them mainly by trolling, but I also caught a few still fishing and some drift jigging with the wind. That's the technique that got the big pike.

Over all I was very happy with the 2 days at the lake.  Both the shore fishing and boat fishing was still good and I am happy with the 58 fish I caught and released.
I hope I have as good luck this fall as I did this summer. :azn:

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Hi all,
It's been a while since I last posted, but here are my fishing reports for the beginning of Sept. and the start of my fall fishing season. ;)
The first 2 reports are from the Sept. long weekend and are a combination of shore and boat fishing.
The first of the 2 days takes place on Sept. 1st where I do some evening shore fishing fishing from 4:40pm to 8:30pm.
This is another nice evening at the lake with just a bit of wind and clear skies.
The lake has cleared up a bit and there appears to be a bit less algae in the water with a bit clearer waters.
The fishing is not too bad and in 5 min I net the first fish, this not bad walleye. :)
The first pike of the evening.
This one is the larger fish caught.
And so end another good day of fishing.
Not quite!!! :w00t:
I also try fishing after dark for a while and catch another night pike just before I quit.
The final results are 8 pike & 7 walleye. :)
On the 2nd day I return with the boat for a bit of fishing on Labor Day where I make full day of it, fishing from 9:30am - 6:30pm.
It was a nice at the lake with temps in the + 26 deg C / 78.8 F, but with the fair wind that day made it a bit rough. When I first launch it is fairly calm, but as the day progressed it got rougher. :blink:
The strong wind did lend it's self to wind drift fishing and that's how I fished.
I would first troll into the wind, pick up a few fish, and then drift over the same spot with the wind and nail them again, once done I would repeat again.
When the wind got really strong I anchored and jigged or cast in promising looking spots. That method was also successful.
While I was fishing I noticed a sail boat. It's the first one I have seen on the lake this year.
I can see why he was out that day.  He really moved along, circling around the lake 3 or 4 time before finally coming in.
The first fish of the day, not long into the trolling.
It came on a spinner and float rig.
One of the bigger walleye of the day at 19". :)
Most of the pike were around the 2 - 2.5 lb mark.
This was an average sized pike that day, but I found the nick on it's side a bit unusual, so snapped a photo of it.
It kind of looked like it might have been snagged by a hook. :-\
There were not too many fisherman out that day, with only 2 fishing boats out while the rest were pleasure boaters.
The fish that day were going for crankbaits, soft plastics, and bottom bouncers pared up with hand tied spinner rigs.  
I had a great day of fishing landing 6 pike and 24 walleye + 4 more pike that got off. ;D
The pike tend to jump more and are able to throw the barbless hooks easier.
In the end I was happy with my fishing on this long weekend, and now look forward to what the fall fishing will bring. 8)

The next 2 reports are for Sept 7th and 8th and are back in my usual area.
One day 1 I shore fished, and on day 2 I am back in the boat.
On Sept 7th I get to the lake a bit later than usual where I shore fished from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.
It was a nice evening at the lake with mostly calm waters, cloudy skies and slightly cooler temps.

The fish seemed to be active as they were jumping off and on all over the lake and it was only 4 casts before I hook into the first one.
This pike.

These were the bigger pike and walleye that evening.
In the end I catch 4 pike & 5 walleye, not bad for an evening of shore fishing. :)

The next day {Sept.  8th}, I am back at the lake, but this time in the boat, launching at 10:35am and fishing until 5:00pm.
The weather that day was mix of some sun, but mostly cloudy with fairly calm waters and a temp at +21 deg C  / 69.8 F makes it pleasant to be out.

The lakes algal bloom appears to be starting to lessen and I notice the water is a bit clearer that it was in late Aug early Sept.
The fish were also quite active and just like the evening before, were jumping all around the lake from time to time, some of them more than half way out of the water and a couple close to the boat.
It appeared to me that I was the only one out fishing in that area of the lake the whole day and I saw only one other boat, a pleasure boater / water skier combo.
It was not long before I was on to them and I start the day with this pike.
First walleye of the day.
One of the other fish.
This walleye went for a bigger meal, a 6" swimbait.
In the end I had a fun day on the water with good fishing.
The fish were biting regularly for most of the time out. They only slowed for an hour and a half, but then started up again.
My final results were 20 walleye and 5 pike + 3 more pike and 1 walleye that shook free. :)
The walleye were a bit larger on average this time with several in the 19" to 19.5" mark.
I seemed to have better luck when I was moving as apposed to just sitting in one spot. I would troll for a while and then drift slowly back with the light wind.
This time I had luck on soft plastics and off set spinners and swimbaits, but the ones that produced the best were rattling crankbaits and hand tied spinner rigs tipped with gulp alive baits.
All the fish caught went back to fight another day. ;)
One of the interesting things I saw that day occurred when I was reeling in a walleye and had a pike following just below it all the way to the boat.
The pike was a bit bigger than the walleye, but not by much. I am not sure if it wanted the walleye, or the food item the walleye had in it's mouth.  Whatever the case, it was neat to see.
I tried to catch the pike after I let the walleye go, but no luck.
The setting sun ends another good day at the lake. :)
There are quite a few bugs in these 2 photos, not sure what exactly they were, but they were not mosquetoes, thank goodness. :P

As the sun set further, and it darkens, I could see the waxing crescent moon, Venus {the evening star} and returning Canada geese to the lake.
P.S - The fall migration is just starting up around the lake and over the 2 days I saw flock of the local Canada geese and ducks coming and going to and from the lake plus migrating flocks sandhill cranes and even a few small flocks of snow geese.
The next report is for Sept 15th and again I am at my usual spot on Fishing lake doing a bit of shore fishing where I fish from 4:40 pm to 7:30pm.
On the way to the lake I take a bit different route which takes me past a couple pens of wild boar. :w00t:
There are big ones and little ones in the same pens.
They are tough looking critters. :blink:
Once at the lake the weather that afternoon is not too bad with temps at the + 19 deg C / 66.2  F  mark, a mix of sun and cloud, and a fair wind blowing on an angle to me.
It was a bit tough to cast light lures so I went to a bit heavier weighs.

Once it got dark it got fairly cool, due to the wind and high humidity.
It was again fairly quite in my spot with no other anglers or boaters to be seen.
The fish were around but it took a while before they got going.
I got a pike in the first 3 min of fishing and then it was around half an hour before I found another and then they really turned on and when I
caught the majority of them.
It stayed like that to sunset, and then after that the fish shut off again.
In the end I was able to find 4 of these guys. :)
And 7 of them. 8)
These 2 fish were the average size that evening.
Some of the fish were hitting light and others were just pounding it. The light bitters would just swim with the lure in their mouth and all I felt was my line go slack and move towards me or off to the side. I set the hook and the fight was on. The ones that hit hard were the fish that followed the lure close to shore only to grab it with a few feet of line from my rod tip. I had a couple pike do that. Talk about close combat fishing. :w00t:
For the most part the leaves remain relativity green with only a few starting to change color.
I hope this shows that it will be a long fall ahead. ;)
Hi guys,
This next report has to deal with fishing and the outdoors, but, doesn't take place at a body of water. :w00t:

In mid Sept. I got a letter in the mail that said that I was invited to a VIP shopping event the day before the new Cabela's Canada store officially opens in Regina.
 The opening ceremonies were to happen on Thursday Sept 19th, but the sneak peak was to be on the 18th.  
I was excited to be a part of this even as I have never been asked to any thing like this before, so on that day I took the afternoon off, along with my mom for some shopping with a few hundred others chosen.
We browsed and shopped for 2 hours taking in all the new store had to offer.  
This is the 2nd Cabela's in SK. now and for the most part it is quite similar to the first in the terms of  layout, architecture and wildlife present.
It might be just me, but I think this new store might have a bit more fishing related items than the other one, will have to check back with the one in Saskatoon some time to compare the 2.,lol. ;)
I enjoyed shopping in the new Cabela's as the greeters, cashiers and floor walkers in each section were polite and helpful and seemed to know their stuff and where to find it.
They also had some mighty impressive wildlife mounts from various species here in SK., and all over North America. 8)
Outside of the of the new store. :)
Can you see me,lol. :laugh:
While I was there I purchased a new Rapala Scatter Rap minnow along with a few other lure types and spinner rig components.
There was one Item that I had never seen before. They was called "Cabela's Fisherman Series Walleye-A-Plug Bodies" and they looked like a miniature crankbait 1.5" long that you thread through your line when making a crawler, leech or minnow rig. This little crankbait type float is suppose to wiggle and give the bait an action different from the traditional spinners or plain rigs.  
You can buy the pre maid rigs and a single  or you can buy 3 in a package and make your own rigs. The 3 pack of just bodies is what i went for, as I like to experiment with different colored beads, hook types and line length and the color I picked was orange tiger.
For those of you, like me, who have not see it before, here is a link to it on the Cabela's Canada website ------> (
I don't think they will work too well from shore, as they will be too light to cast effectively, but next time I am fish from the boat will have to see how they work for me.
They look like they should work trolling for trout, perch and other panfish, along with walleye and pike.
Do any of you have any reviews, good or bad for the Cabela's fisherman series walleye - a - plug? ???
I am glad to have this new store in Regain as it will be easier for me to get to that one, then the store in Saskatoon.
I will still continue to support the smaller private tackle shops as they will need more than ever now, but it also nice to have options in were to find the exact outdoor gear a person is looking for.
I hope that all the tackle shops in the Regina area will still be able to adapt, compete and profit. :)
 The last fishing report for Sept. was on the 29th were I again did a bit of shore fishing at Fishing Lake from 1:00pm - 4:40pm.
The sky that afternoon was mostly overcast with an odd sunny break and the temps that afternoon would have been nice, but there was strong winds blowing that day made things a bit chilly. The wind was really whipping the lake up with large white caps and as the afternoon went on it only got stronger.
As a results I was the only one out fishing that day and the only other anglers I saw were 2 half grown grebes that fished and bobbed in the large waves like 2 little floats.
They were not scared of me at all and we both fished together most of the afternoon. With them swimming and diving past me one way and then turning around and going back.
They seemed to always know where the schools of minnows were and came up with catches quite often.
The fishing for me was also good, despite the strong winds and on by 3 cast, I had a bite and landed the first fish of the day. :)
This pike.
An average pike that day.
First, walleye and an average for them also.
Largest pike of the day.
Largest walleye.
I would have fished longer than 4:40pm, but by then the waves were really rolling, and I had a hard time casting my lure. If I went straight into the wind it would go up on an land just a few feet and if I cast sideways into the wind the lures would be pinched into the rocks at shore. When I wend to stand from my chair the wind blew it over.  :wacko:
By then I had enough of the wind and quit, but I was happy with the fishing results on this blustery afternoon I caught and released 6 walleye and 13 pike. 8)
A shot of the lake as I was leaving. :P
On the way home I though I would take a road less traveled, and on it I came across a buffalo / bison heard.
I stopped for a few minuets and took in their sights and sounds.
They had some interesting sounds indeed, most of them made a call that could be best describes as sounding like a "burp" along with a few grunt,groans and snorts.  
Although the light was fading, I was able to snap a couple photos of them, from the safety of the vehicle,lol. :whistling:
I have a friend who raises bison and he said that you can never really trust them, or predict what they may do. :unsure:
Well that's it, all my photos from this month of Sept. :)
I am not sure what the fishing in Oct. will bring for me, but what ever it may be I will be I will be ready. ;D

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Water Wolf....I envy you...gosh is it gorgeous there, and to have all that when you want it. Don't ever let it go. Keep the stories coming.

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Thanks gundogwanted. :)
Yeah this area is quite special and we can't take it for granted and try to keep it as clean and healthy as possible.
Here are another 2 SK. fishin' reports. ;)

Hi All,

Here are my 2 shore fishin' reports for the month of Oct. The first of which took place on the 15th.
That afternoon I decided to do a bit of shore fishing on my usual spot at Fishing Lake, where I fished from 3:40pm to 7:20pm

The afternoon had above normal temps in the + 12 deg C / 53.6 F mark and would have made for a nice day at the lake, but mother nature had other ideas.
The afternoon started not too bad when I left home, but by the time I got to the lake the wind had really picked up and my spot was a churning surf, with white caps
every where and crashing waves.  It stayed like that most of the afternoon only letting up a bit just at sundown. The sky stayed mostly cloudy too.

Despite the tough fishing conditions I decided to try anyways and found the fishing to be not too bad. The bite was not a consistent than it has it been earlier in the year, but that's usually what happens there this time of year.

The wind made casting tough and like some of my other days, I put on a heavier lure and cast out not going too, far but far enough to find fish.
Good thing they were sitting close to shore, probably eating minnows and other little things stirred up by the waves.

I finally quiet a bit after dark when it really got chilly. :P

In the end I caught and released 4 walleye & 1 pike + losing another 2 walleye and pike.

Storm wildeye swimbaits were the go to baits that afternoon.
I also caught 2 walleye on the Rapala clackin' minnow just after sunset.

Here are a few photos of the fishing.

First fish of the afternoon, this walleye. :)
This one was a bit of a handful and quite chunky.

First pike.

Average sized walleye that day.

All the fish look like they are feeding up for winter.

All in all I was happy that I found anything that day and I hope the next day out will be a bit calmer. :w00t:

The 2nd report is on Oct. 26th were I went shore fishing at Fishing Lake.
On this day I was just passing by the lake, but had my rod and small tackle box with me so though I would stop and see if anything was still biting. ;)

I gave it a try from 4:30pm to 5:45, just past sunset.
It was another cloudy and windy day so I opted to try a new spot as my usual spot was once again in the wind. I moved to the sheltered side of the lake and found a promising looking area. This was a bit better and the wind was reduced by quite a bit.
The temp said + 8 deg C / 46.4 F, but is was still a bit cooler than that with wind chill.

I was again the only person out there. The only other anglers around were the young swan grebes fishing near shore & a young bald eagle circling above the lake watching for fish and wounded waterfowl.

The water was fairly clear in this area and I could see a fair ways out. 

I had a bit of a nibble on the line 10 min into the fishing and then 18 or so min into the fishing I get the first fish of the
evening a smaller pike.

I let it go and throw back to the same spot as I caught the pike and again get another hit. The hit was light, but it gave a better fight than the first fish.
This turned out to be a not bad walleye of roughly 3 - 3.5 lbs. :)
It was fat and tight as a drum, must have really been feeding.

Fifteen minuets before I quit I get another hit and again it's another walleye, a bit smaller than the other one.
This would be the last fish for me.

The fish were not hitting hard at all in the cold water, with most of the hits feeling like a light tap from a small perch, but once I felt the tap and set the hook they fought fairly well. The lure they wanted that day were Storm Wildeye swimbaits.

I hope to get out 1 or 2 times yet before the lakes in this area freeze over.
I am not sure if this will happen for me or not, but we will see what happens in Nov. :whistling:


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Hi all,
Well it's that time of year, my open water season is now over. I was hoping to get out one more time in Nov. but with this last series
of cold weather I won't be fishing now until safe ice.

I feel I had a good season and I am happy how it turned out.

Thanks to all of you who took a look at my posts. :)

Good luck in your new ice fishing season. :tipup:

Until then, be safe and have fun.

Water Wolf out!

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Hi All,
Here are my open water reports for the month of May. :)

Well here it is, my first fishing report for the new open water season. ;D
Normally I am usually out on opening day, but this year I was delayed a bit.  The first day out was Sat. May 17th.

On the way to our first spot I see some other angler out fishing in a flowing creek.

My first stop is my usual spot at Fishing Lake, but find the lake still mostly ice covered, say for 100 or so feet of open water around the edge. :blink:
This is very unusual to still have ice this late in the year, usually it's gone around the beginning of May.
In fact this whole spring has been slow getting going, even the leaves are just starting to open. :-\ 
Oh well, onto spot 2 and the flowing waters of the Whitesand River.

On the way to the river we pass by a Rama where they are having horse drawn seeding and farming demonstrations.  My passenger and I stop to observe how they used to break the land and plant the crops in bygone days. 


Neat to see. 8)

We get to the river and to the spot I want to try.   A group of anglers are just leaving, with a few fish, so at least there might be some action.

I shore fish in this area from 3:30pm until 6:00pm.

It was a fairly windy day with gusts coming from the N. The temp was + 16 deg C  / 60.8  F with mostly cloudy skies.

I fish for 10 min or so before another group of angler join in too.
I finally get my first fish of the new open water season, this pike.
It's no, giant, but still it feels good to get that tug on the end of the line again. 8)

Another 10 min later and this other pike, a bit larger than the first, takes my bait right at the rod tip, with no more than 5 feet of line out.

A few more anglers show up and we line the river bank.

When I first arrived I could see fish jumping  all over the river.  While fishing along the bank I finally saw what they were, white suckers.
They were swimming past me no more than a foot away from my boots, but it if made any motion, they bolted. Cool to see them that close.

In one of these spots where the suckers were congergating, this guy strikes.
This male white sucker is in full spawning colors. Maybe the jumping is part of their spawning activities?

He was aggressive enough to hit my black and white double tail grub, he is also the largest white sucker I have caught to date, and I would feel that he was 4 - 5 lbs. :)
I am not sure if that's a big white sucker or not, but he gave as good a fight as a walleye of equal size and I did think I had a not bad walleye when I felt it run.

I fish for another half hour or so but with all of us out there our lines were getting entangles, so I decided to move to a creek, no too far off that I had heard about last year.

Enroute to the creek, we came across a large cow moose, in the tree line, just off the road.
 She slowly walked into the bush and just stood perfectly still.  I snapped a photo of her, but she blended so well with her surroundings that she is difficult to see among the willow and underbrush.

We get to the creek at 7:10 pm and I fish until 8:00pm.

The creek slowly flows into a nearby lake down stream.

There were only a few other anglers here and we exchanged our fish stories of the day.  All of us caught 1 fish including myself. Another pike, about the size as my first one I caught earlier.

Half an our before we left we all got checked by 2 conservation officers.
They told us that fishing had been slow everywhere.

At 8:00 pm we all packed it in.

This time the fish went for Len Thompson's new lemon and flame colored 5 of diamonds spoon and a double tail grub.

On the way home we come across another moose and this neat little church.
This is the smallest country church I have ever seen. It probably no more than 10' x 15' and almost resembles a large ice fishing shack,lol. :laugh:

There is a small, cemetery nearby.
All in all it was an interesting first day out, with lots of things to see, be it nice scenery, horse demos, fish and wildlife or just a unique little church on a small country back road.

I had planned on going fishing again on Monday {Victoria Day}, but the rain put a damper on that, but that's OK there is always another day.

I am not sure what the next trip will bring or where I will go for sure, but its always good.

Report #2. . . May 24th. . . In the afternoon I decide to check out my usual spot again at Fishing Lake to see if it was ice free.

On the way to the lake I spot 2 adult turkey vultures.
They must have been feeding on something in the ditch.
This photo taken at a fair distance.

When I get to the lake I find that it is now ice free, so I shore fish from 2:34pm - 5:40pm.

The weather was a mix of sun and cloud with a fairly light breeze when I started from the S then switching gradually to the NW by the time I was done.

The temps were a respectable 24 deg C / 75.2 F.

I was the only one out shore fishing as far as I could see.
Two men in a row boat went out the same time I did and anchored just off shore 60 or so yards down from me.

Fishing that afternoon was good.  I caught 6 walleye & 7 pike. ;D

The walleye started things off, even under the bright sun they still hit.
Some hits were hard others were soft, like the lure was suddenly gone.

This is the first walleye of the day and of the year. :)

This is the largest one.

4 of the 6 walleye were male and released milt when I picked them up, much like what happens late in the winter.
I wonder if they are spawning or have yet to spawn. :unsure:

The pike, on the other hand, appears to have already spawned. They are quite beat up looking with numerous split fins, cuts, bumps and scrapes.
One pike had what looked to be a bite to it's lower pelvic fin, and a good slash running along it's lower jaw.
The pike spawn must be quite a violent affair. :o

I was going to take a photo of the pike, but the camera battery died. :-\

Half an hour before I quit, the 2 in the boat paddle back to shore and leave with 2 fish.

All my fish went back to feed and maybe, spawn shortly.

The 3rd and final trip of the month was on May 31st where my buddy and I went up to the mixed forest of the Hudson Bay area.

Along the way I snap a photo of an interesting old barn that has see better days.
A caption for this barn might be "Oh my aching back".

We get to the area in the afternoon and decide to try several different lakes.

The weather is great, with sunny skies, a light wind from the W that's not too strong but cools you down and + 26 deg C  /78.8 F temps.

Our first stop, Mc.Bride Lake.

I fish at Mc.Bride for 2 hours and in that time I find 2 pike.

The first one is quite small.
At first I though I had one of the nice perch this lake is known for. :w00t:

The 2nd one is a bit bigger.

While I am there I loss a spoon when my line wrapes around the rod tip and breaks. This is my best cast of the day I see it sail far out into the lake, there goes the new Len Thomposn. :blink:
I do catch a break though, and find an older spoon hanging in the reeds just off shore and I can just reach it with the rod tip. One spoon lost one spoon found, not bad trade I guess.

After that I check out another spot, this time at PeePaw Lake.

I try this lake for 1.5 hours and in that time find another smaller pike.

There is also another friendly group of angles who had fished earlier in the day and were going out again to do some evening fishing.
They said that the fishing was OK with both smaller pike and walleye caught.

My last stop for the evening was at Parr Hill Lake where I fish for 2 hours until dark.

About an hour in I feel a nibble and then a strike. I set the hook and this feels a bit better then the others.
It turns out to be the big one of the day, and also the last one for me. :)

By the end of the day, there there was no breeze at all, the lake calmed right down, and, the only ripples were jumping fish. 8)

It was very calm by the water listening to the loon's cry echo off the trees and down the lake and the gentle gurgle of a near by creek flowing into the lake just a few yards down from me.

I get 2 more strikes but, they both get off near shore. :whistling:

We leave as the sun begins to sink behind the trees and hills to the W.
The setting sun signals an end to a good day of exploring and I am happy to have found fish in each of the spots I tried.

The fish again go back to bite another day.

The only nuisance I found were the biting insects. This area does not have many ticks and less mosquitoes than around the lakes I usually fish, but they do have an abundance of black flies and no-see-ums. ::)
The pesky little insects definately gave me more bites than the fish did,lol.(

I now look forward to what fishing the month June will bring. :azn:


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Jun 10, 2014, 03:51 PM
Thanks WW,  so nice reports.
I have been waiting this report.
I really enjoy.
Have a good next one !
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 19, 2014, 10:38 PM
Thanks YC, will try  :)

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Jul 28, 2014, 11:45 PM
Hi All,
Here are my open water reports for June.

The first report in June is from the 7th, and, I start out, up the creek, literally.  I went to do some shore fishing at one of Last Mountain Lake's creeks.

As I head to the lake I can see storm clouds gathering in the distance I am hoping that they hold off for the afternoon.

Along the way I encounter quite a few deer, some with young ones. I didn't get any photos of the fawns but did get a photo of this one as she trotted off across the field and likely to her young one in the clump of trees.

Once I get to Last Mountain Lake I make my way to the creek mouth on a rather rough and bumpy trail and do some fishing form 3:50pm - 8:00pm.

As I arrive a group of anglers are just packing up. They said the the fishing was slow and they had been out since early morning for just a couple of pike.
They told me "you should have been here last week, they were biting like mad". They wish me luck and leave.

It's a dark and windy day with cool temps, only 15 deg C  /59 F temps. There are dark storm clouds in the distance, I hope they miss me.

As I get to the waters edge I see a pike basking in the shallows not too far off shore. I do a couple of retrieves past it and it looks like it might strike. It then slowly moves toward the middle of the creek. I cast way past the spot were the fish was and half way in I get a good hit. A brief tussel ensues with the typical head shakes of a pike.
This one is netted. :)

It may be the same fish that I saw before. I let it go after the photo.

This is a good start so far, however, as it turned out, that's where my luck ran out.  That turned out to be the only fish of the day.  I am not sure if it was the storm making them sluggish and not hungry or that the pike and walleye may have already moved out of the creek in favor of the lake, but that was that. ::)

The only other fish I saw go by was a school of good sized carp, some of them were real beauties. I wish I would have brought some corn or worms for them.

The one pike went for a Storm Wildeye swimbait.

I hope my next trips yield a bit more action. ;)

Report #2.

June 22nd.

I was hoping to get out a bit more in June, but, it has been a very rainy month. It would be OK for one day and then rain 3- 4 days.  The month kind of vanished.
The 22nd was no different with rain predicited for the day, but I took my chances and went anyway.

I got to the lake by 2:30pm and was greeted by a thunder storm and heavy rains.  Luckily they were just finishing and I only had a few minutes wait to get fishing. The temps were + 18 deg C  / 64.4  F, the wind was from the NW.

Half an hour later another heavy rain rolled through and again I took shelter. This storm only lasted 5 min or so and was gone again. It did this many time throughout the afternoon.

Some of the rains were heavy and I had to take shelter others were light and I fished though them.

The fishing was also a bit mixed with a few fish following but not nibbling. My first 3 fish I caught were pike and they all jumped just as I got close to shore and pitched the barbless hooks.

I thought this luck might continue thoughout the afternoon, but, half way though, FINALLY, I net one.
This walleye.

A short time later a bit larger walleye is hooked and landed.

Towards the end of the day the skies began to clear and the wind calmed down a bit, this is when I land the first pike of the day.
This was also the last fish of the day.

The fish went for spoons and swim baits.

Although it was slower than normal, I was just happy to find anything in spite of the wind and rain.

Hopefully the next trip will yield better weather and fishing. ;)

My last report for the month of June...  I was fishing off shore at Fishing Lake on the 28th.

On the way to the lake I pass the same group of anglers in the same spot as before.

I get to the lake and fish from 3:15pm - 6:00pm.
The sky was dark with a large band of what looked to be storm clouds all around.

The fishing started off not too bad, with a few fish chasing and nipping at the lure just out a ways from me.
In my 8th cast I net this first fish of the day.
This pike. :)

I pick up another pike 10 min later and then the fishing turns off.

Around 6:00pm the sky really darkens and it  rains hard for an hour and a half.

After that it is still raining, but quite a bit lighter, so I try my luck and land this walleye.

Just as I release it the the sky opens up again and doesn't stop. I take that cue and leave, driving home in pouring rain.

Sunday also brings more down pours, as well as Monday, the last day of June. During this time the area I live in gets hit hard - there is water lying everywhere!

More rain than any one around here has ever seen in one event. This leads to flooding and major damage to roads, bridges, culverts, homes and fields.

All the creeks, even the ones who rarely ever flow, are now white water torrents. There are lakes that have shown up in the middle of farmers fields. This flooding will likely kill large portions of the crops around here.  Many towns have now declared a state of emergency in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

My own house as well as family members are all dealing with ground water flowing into the basements from the walls and floors. We have sump pumps, but they can't handle the influx of water. We have been vacuuming up water around the clock and are now just finally starting to win the battle.

Here are a few photos from the floods. ::)

This road eventually washed out and took the culvert with it.

Bush and grasslands have flooded.
Lots of trees and native wildflowers will drown.

Roads to people's yards are underwater.
There are water birds swimming up what used to be driveways to their yards.

A good number of grain fields have some areas with water sitting on them or flowing through them, carving out deep ruts, and channels.
Not good for this harvest. :P

The family and I took a few hours break from the vacuuming on Canada Day to see some fireworks, it was a nice distraction and the fireworks were quite good.

In early July, there were 75 local states of emergency in Saskatchewan & 43 in Manitoba. :o

In conclusion June has been a very wet month with rainfall totals way above normal.
I hope the rest of the summer is a lot dryer and the fishing continues to improve. :blink:


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: ran7ger on Jul 30, 2014, 06:22 PM
 awesome reports ww.  june was a brutal month up here as well with rain more often than not.  july has been better but the bugs are outrageous this year. 

 good to see some posts from you again was starting to wonder if you got washed away down there!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Aug 01, 2014, 01:41 PM
Hi ran7ger and thanks. :)

Yeah the biting insects are nasty hear as well this year.
We have good numbers of ticks and horse flies. Usually we don't get too many black flies and no-see-ums this far S but they are showing up now.
The mosquetios are the worst I have seen in quite a few years. :-\
I can't even go outside I the middle of the day with out getting bit and forget it once the sun goes down.
Even indoors I get my fair share of bites. :P

Between the rains, and biting insects, it's been an interesting summer for us. ::)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Sep 07, 2014, 10:16 PM
Hi All,
Here are my open water reports for July.  I spent all my fishing days at Fishing Lake.
Report # 1.
I was at my usual spot doing some shore fishing on July 5th and 6th.
On the 5th I went from 2:35pm - 5:00pm and the next day, the 6th, from 1:15pm - 7:00pm.
The weather both days was bit of a mixed bag.  The first day was cloudy with a bit of lightning in the evening, and, the next day was a mix of sun and cloud and a strong wind from the NW creating white caps.
The fishing was fair with 3 walleye and 1 pike the first day. The 2nd day yeilded 2 pike and 2 walleye. :)
I did notice that a good number of the fish were close to shore and seemed to be just on the edge of the mud line that developed.
Here are a few photos from the 2 days.
First fish of the 2 days.
A nice evening. 8)
First fish of day 2.
Report #2.
On July 7th and I am once again back at my usual spot where I shore fish from 2:00pm - 5:00pm.
This afternoon is a mix of sun and cloud with nice temps in the + 22 deg C   / 71.6  F and again strong wind from the NW creating white caps on the lake with the water being quite stirred up.
Pike and walleye are the usual targets in this lake and it's not long before before I land my first fish of the day.
This walleye.

The wind continues to pick up throughout the afternoon and I have to cast hard to the right in order for the lure to go where I want it to. In this case I went with heavy spoons, which aid in casting into the strong winds.
There was quite a good sized mud line forming just off shore from the strong winds, and that's where I seem to have the most luck. In the end I land 6 pike and 2 walleye.
 Report #3.
July 11th, I fish for a few hours in the afternoon from 4:00pm - 5:00pm then from 7:10pm - 8:50pm.
This is another really windy afternoon at the lake with the waves crashing into my usual fishing area, so, I decide to find a nice shady spot, out of the wind, somewhere else on the lake. :-\
I finally find a spot. It's quite a bit more shallow and weedy than where I usually fish, but, I am hopeful to find something in the bull rushes near shore. :)
My hunch pays off, and, in the hour I fish, I land 3 pike, and, have 1 throw the hook.
Most of them where hanging around the bull rushes and I just plop the lure close to them and slowly wind it back.
After an hour in that area I stop for a bite to eat and head back to my usual spot to see if it has calmed down.
I am in luck, and, although it is still a bit windy, it is definitely less than it was earlier, so I give it another go.
In that time I land 4 walleye.
I have not kept any fish so far this season.  So,for the first time this year, I keep my limit of 2 walleye.
The largest walleye of the bunch. :)
The other 3 were very close in size.

The next day, (July 12th 2014), I attend "The Anglers Breakfast" at Katepwa Lake's Sandy Beach community.  The pancake breakfast was a fundraiser for playground equipment for the kids.  After breakfast, Jason & Jeff Matity hand out Berkley soft plastic lures to the kids in attendance, and talk fishing with the crowd for and hour or so under the shade of the gazebo.
At the end there were draw prizes handed out.
I enjoyed the breakfast and what Jason & Jeff had to say. :)
They gave me a few new tricks I look forward to trying sometime. ;)
I also got to chat one on one with Jeff  for a while after the show. 8) 
For those of you who don't know Jason & Jeff, they are the hosts of the new website "Matity's Get Fishing" where every month they try and add a short video clip on some aspect of fishing. Their website can be viewed at (
Did any of you attend this event also? ???

Report #4.
July 13th.
This day was much like the other days this July, with a strong wind from the NW and good sized white caps. :P
I was shore fishing from 4:08pm - 7:15pm.
The fishing was not too bad this afternoon even in the high winds.  I landed 3 pike & 1 walleye and had 2 pike throw the barbless hooks while jumping.
By the time I called it quits for the day, the lake finally started to get calm.
Here are the first of each species. :)

Report #5.
July 19th & 20th are my last fishing days for the month.
The first day was cloudy with a fair wind from the S and + 18 deg C / 64.4  F temps. The water was quite stirred up creating a good mud line again. :P
Windy days at the lake this year seem to be the norm. ::)
I fished from 4:20pm - 7:00pm on the 19th and caught 1 pike & 4 walleye.
This time I kept my limit of 2 walleye. ;D
July 20th was nice and sunny but still quite windy (from the SW, changing to W later on). The temp was + 22 deg C / 71.6  F
I fished from 12:50pm - 2:00pm, took a bit of a break and then went from 3:00pm - 6:30pm.
The shore fishing was on and off throughout the afternoon. I caught 2 on back to back casts. The mud line was really prominent and the walleye were, for the most part, moving right through the middle of it or just along it's outer edge. I had 2 follow me right to shore.

The wind again made casting tough so I used heavy lures to compensate. As a results the heavy lures got into the snags quicker and I did loose a few lures, but I was able to net 8 walleye, not a bad trade off. ;)
The fishing seems to be picking up a bit as it get later in July.
One of the other anglers I chatted with said a group of them were out earlier in the day from the boat and picked good numbers of fish just a bit deeper than where you can cast off shore. He also said they got one that would be in the 5 lb range, nice.
Later that week the family and I tried the 2 walleye I kept, along with burbot fillets, from last winter.  We tried a new recipe that uses crushed potato chips as the batter, in our case dill pickle potato chips. We first soaked the  fish fillets in milk for a bit, crushed the chips and rolled the fillets in them.  It gave both fish species a unique flavor and one we will try again in the future. :w00t:
Overall July was a good month for fishing, but wind was a big factor. :P
It was interesting  how the fish utilized the mud line to their advantage.  Even though the winds were discouraging, if you stuck with it - there were biters. :w00t:
Most of the fish this month went for spoons, they were the easiest to cast into the wind, but, heavy swimbaits, and, single & double tail jigs also caught fish.
Bright colors during the bright light conditions and darker colors during the evening or cloudy conditions seemed to work.
Hopefully the fishing continues into the month of Aug. and the winds won't get any worse.
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Young Catcher on Sep 08, 2014, 10:19 AM
Good reports. WW
Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your reports as always.
Have a good Fall fishing.

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: whistlepig on Sep 08, 2014, 04:14 PM
Awesome Pictures and stories
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: anglerbrian on Sep 10, 2014, 04:14 PM
Great Stuff Water Wolf wish more people had fishing reports like yours. I havent been out as much this summer as I would like but fishing has been good for me every where I have tried. Lenore Lakes Stoney Last Mountain Dellwood Rafferty. and one trip to northern Alberta.
The way it feels today I should be getting my ice gear ready. hope to get the boat out a few more times yet.
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Sep 10, 2014, 10:26 PM
Thanks YC, whistlepig & anglerbrian. :)

Anglerbrian, I have enjoyed reading your reports as well. :)

Man, the weather is really starting to feel like fall now, burrr. :-\
Hopefully it will stay decent enough for us to have quite a few more days of fishing.

Good luck to all this fall and bring on the big fish. ;)

Hi all,
Here is my fishing report for Aug., starting with the long weekend.

Report #1.
The first day, Aug 2nd, was a nice sunny day with light winds from the W and  22 deg C  /71.6 F. I fished from 5:15pm - 8:40pm.

As I got to my usual fishing spot, I was surprised by how much more algae was in the water since the last time I was out.
I guess the warmer temps we have had lately must have contributed to the increased algal growth. :P

There were a few anglers out that evening, both on shore, and, in boats, all enjoying the fine weather and active fish.
Everyone that chatted with me reported that they had good fishing, be it in the boat, or off shore.  Good to hear.

The other report I got from them is that the fish are starting to taste a bit "muddy" due to the increased algae bloom. It will probably be mid to late fall, before
that clears up.  No matter, I will be practicing catch and release fishing anyway. ;)

I too had good fishing. They hit hard and fast. In the time I fished I caught 10 walleye and 1 pike. :)

The walleye are definately moving into the area now.

On the 2nd day, Aug 3rd, I was up early and out on the water by 7:40 am - 12:00pm and then from 2:00pm - 3:00pm.
This was another dandy day with temps in the + 26 deg C / 78.8  F, but with the humidex it was more like 32 deg C / 89.6  F  with a mix of sun and cloud.
The light breeze from the SW was welcome and kept things cooler.

The fish were also quite active that day, and, I landed 8 walleye & 2 pike. :)
The fish again seemed to come in waves, both days, with several walleye being caught in short order, then a bit of a lull only to start up again.

On day 2, I got to test one of the new swimbaits that I received a few weeks ago from the SK dealer, for Big Hammer swimbaits.
I was very pleased with how they operated in the water. They had good movement with well defined tail kicks that ripple down the bait.
The size I used was 4" and the color was Margarita paired with a Hammer Head jig, also made by the same company.

This combo worked well.  I caught several of my total numbers on this pattern, and, it held up well to the teeth from both pike and walleye.
I did have one pike bite the tale off, ending the test.  They come in packs of 4 for the 4" models so I have 3 left to try. I will definately be getting more of them in the future.

I think this walleye wanted it, lol.
Little fish with a big appetite. That lure is down the hatch. :blink:

Thumbs up for Big Hammer swimbaits. :thumbup_smilie:

The fishing was so good it blew my socks off, literally, lol. :w00t:
When I started, I had a heel in this pair of socks, after the fishing, it was gone.

I also took a few photos of the the local bird life on my fishing break. Along with robins and purple martins there were these guys around picking up fish flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

A pair of Eastern Phoebes  were nesting near by.

Action shot.

The young phoebes would eyeball me every time I went by the nest. The camera flash, probably didn't help either,lol. ;)
There were 4 of them in that small nest.

This yellow warbler was also looking for food in the area.

Hopefully the fishing either stays like this or continues to get better this Aug. ;)

Report #2.
The 2nd report is for Aug. 23rd.  I was shore fishing from 3:15pm - 7:40pm.
This was one of the colder days we have had for quite some time, with temps only in in the +14 deg C  / 57.2 F range, but, with the wind factor it was more like +9 deg C  / 48.2 F.
It was also cloudy and fairly windy with a bit of damp mist from time to time, so, I set up on the sheltered side of the lake.

I am not sure if it was the direction of the wind, or, the storm that came the next day, but, the fish were not active. I did have a few follow, and, the ones that did nibble, just tasted the tale end of the baits and that was it. It was almost 2 hours before I finally had a hit.  It was a very light bite.  It felt like my lure just got a slightly bit heavier, but, I set the hook anyway, and, this pike was the results. :)
This fish was not very long, but fairly thick across.

It would be toward the end of my outing before my 2nd and last fish hit.
This one was longer than the first, but thinner.
Both of them went back.

I guess the water they were in was a lot warmer than the air that day and I found it a bit odd to feel the fish were warm to the touch, compared to my hands at least.

There was a boat trolling and drifting as well,but without luck either.

I am happy with what I did find, and at least I avoided the skunk, that I was beginning to suspect might be coming.

Hopefully September livens up the fishing action once again. :blink:


Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 14, 2014, 10:34 PM
Hi All,
Here are my fall fishin' reports for the months of Sept & Oct.. ;)

Report #1.
Sept. 1st (Labor Day).
I was back at my usual spot doing some shore fishing from 2:40pm - 6:00pm.

There was a mix of sun and cloud with strong winds and white caps. The temp was +16 deg C  / 60.8 deg F, but, with the wind chill it felt even cooler.

Here is a photo of what it was like out there. :P

In the first 10 min of fishing I had a good strike, but, the fish bit right through my fluorocarbon leader and was gone - lure and all.  Too bad, felt like a nice pike.

Half way through the day I finally land one, this walleye. :)

The action then slows.  All I land is one more - a walleye - 20 min before I decide to quit for the day.

The final results are, 2 fish on and 1 bite off.  A slow day, but, better than a skunk.
Not exactly sure, but the low pressure system that was rolling in might have been a factor in their disinterest.

Report #2.
I decide to give the Qu'Appelle River a try and see what was biting.
I heard that it held channel cats and carp. That sounded good.  I always wanted to catch a good sized one of each species.
Sept 6th, from 3:40pm - 7:28pm I tried my luck in the valley.

It was a nice warm afternoon with mostly sunny skies, temps in the +19 deg C / 66.2 deg F and a fair wind from the NW.

I started fishing  with earth worms on a 2 hook dropper rig system with a pyramid sinker on the bottom.
I hoped this might appeal to both carp and cats.

The Qu'Appelle River was running hard for this late in the year.  The the 2oz sinker I used was no match for the strong currents, and, it bumped and bounced along until it would hang up in some weeds on the bottom or snag in undergrowth and debris in the water.
I am not sure what size of weight I would have needed for the job, but, this was not it, so, I just cast out up stream and let it bounce down stream.
While doing this I did have a few taps off and on.  Every time my bait was gone from both the hooks.
I am not sure who the culprit was, but, they were delicate and precise in getting the worms off without being hooked.

My supply of worms finally run out.  I switched to a hook, attached to a length of line with a barrel swivel and sliding pyramid sinker - a more common rig I have seen catfish anglers  use.  I baited it with a gulp alive bait, thinking it might stand up better to the river nippers.  Not long after using this rig, my drifting lure stops moving, and, I feel a tap. I set the hook, and, a brief fight takes place. The water is quite full of algae and drifting sea weed so I can't quite see what I have on the hook until I net it, and, it turns out to be this guy, a river walleye.
( :)
Even though it was little, it was fairly chunky.
After a photo it goes back quickly.

I also get another hit on this rig and am just reeling the fish into shore when it spits the hook.  I never seen what I had, but it fought like the previous walleye.

So alas, that was the extent of bites I got that afternoon. I may have stayed a bit longer, but, those darn mosquitoes were coming out in hordes, forcing me to leave, just as the sun dipped behind the valley's hills.

I did see a group of other angels on the other side of the river, and, a bit up stream from me.  They appeared to have landed one pike, but that's all the action I seen in their camp as well.
I am not sure if the carp and cats were there and just not hungry or if they are in a different location this time of year, but, whatever the case, the hunt for them goes on.

That was my first walleye from the Qu'Appelle River - not what I went looking for, but that's OK. 8)

It's Sept.14th and I'm on another river bank.  This time I though I would try the Whitesand River.

I was there in mid May and though I would see what the river conditions and the fishing was like in late summer / early fall.

I fished on the river's edge from 3:23pm - 7:10pm.

The afternoon was a mix of sun and cloud with wind from the NW and a + 14 deg C / 57.2 deg F temps.

The area around the river had changed significantly from when I was there last. The late June, early July floods had left their mark.  The river had obviously burst it banks, far into the nearby farmer's fields and washed out the trail leading to it.  I was shocked to see dried grass and other debris still hanging 6 feet up in nearby trees. It looked like wash outs along the shoreline and road had been replace with nice fine sand again.  Most of the underbrush was washed away. 
There were mounds of pure sand and clam shells strewn all the way from the rivers edge way out into the field.
The river appeared to be flowing as strong as it had been in mid May. :o

Fishing started off a bit slow.  I did hook up with a walleye an hour into the fishing, only to lose it when the fish wrapped around one of the many snags along the shoreline.  A bit more time, and, several lures later, I get another bite.
This one turned out to be my smallest pike of the open water season at 12".
I was just going for the camera when the little guy flipped out of the net and into the water, so no photo of that one.

Towards the end of the day I get one last strike and it was another walleye.  :)
( :)
It was about the same size as the one I lost earlier.

I donate a few more lures to the river's snags before I call it quits at dark. :P

I as I was leaving I saw an interesting looking area a bit up stream from where I was.  I was too late to explore, but if it doesn't wash away by next spring I think I might try to get out onto it.  ;)

Report #4
It's Sept 21stl, at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.  I'm doing some shore fishing.
The trees are really starting to display their fall splendor making a colorful drive out to the lake. The wind is taking it's toll and there are already a few bare looking trees showing up.

Although the signs of fall are all around the temps are still great. We have had several days with above normal temps, and this day was one of them, with nice sunny skies, a fair wind from the W that calmed down in the evening, and, temps at  + 21 deg C / 69.8 deg F.

This afternoon I fished from 2:30pm - 7:00pm

The lake was fairly stirred up by the wind, and, there was quite a bit of floating sea weed that occasionally got caught up in the line and lures as I reeled in.

The fishing started out a bit slow.  I just got nibbles for almost half the time I fished. I threw quite a few different styles, types and colors of lures at them, but ,they were not buying what I was trying to sell them.
Finally I found one lure that they had some interest in. It's a lure I use more often ice fishing, but, it works for open water also, the PK flutterfish. The fish were quite aggressive with this lure and hit it hard and fast.
A couple of times I had a fish pick a way at it as I brought it in, finally giving it one hard hit and being netted.
My final results were 5 fish, - 3 walleye and 2 pike.  I lost one other pike when it jumped out of the water as I was raising the spoon above the surface. It only got hooked in the very edge of the mouth and in 2 good leaps, threw the
hook back at me.

The fish. ;D





The only other angler I saw that afternoon was this young grebe, who, slowly swam up and down the shoreline all afternoon, picking up a tiny meal from time to time.
It kept a wary eye on me, but did not leave the area.

I quit at sunset, but not before snapping a picture of the horizon.
An end to an OK day of fishing.

Hopefully I can get out a few times this Oct. - weather and time permitting. :-\

Report #5.
It is Oct. 12th and I'm fishing from shore at Good Spirit Lake.

The weather was quite nice with the temps + 16 deg C / 60.8 deg F, sunny skies, and a good wind from the NW.
Even though it was windy it was warm.

When I got there I noticed that the main lake was really rolling, so I opted to fish the bay to be out of the wind a bit.
This was a good choice as the bay was much calmer.

As I arrive I see a few fish jumping, so, I know at least a few are in the area.  I walk down to the shore and spook a fish that was sitting very near the shoreline leaving little puffs of silt as it bolted. I figure this spot looks promising and I wade into the same spot.

It took half an hour, and, a change from a spoon to a swimbait before the first fish hit.

Another 20 or so min later and the 2nd fish of the day struck. This one gave me quite a start as I had cast my lure, and, was just bringing it back with weeds on the hook. I was attempting to remove the weeds by dabbling the swimbait just on the surface, trying to shake them free, well all of a sudden, I see the waters erupt to the left of me and a fair sized wake smash into my jig and take the lure, weeds and all, in one gulp, and, bolt towards my feet. I step to the side and it flies past me and almost onto shore. It then turns, and, pulls drag for the safety of the middle of the bay, adding a few acrobatic jumps as it leaves. After a few more runs, I finally get it close enough to net. It turns out to be a decent sized pike and the big fish for the day. 8)

After I released it I thought I would measure the depth of the water where the fish was tucked up in the weeds - it was 5". That's the shallowest I have ever hooked a fish. I knew they went shallow, but that still surprised me. Even though it was only a few feet away from me, it was sitting in a thick weed mat right near the shore. Amazing camouflage!!! :w00t:

Ten min after that the 3rd pike is landed.
This would turn out to be the final fish of the day.

There were lots of sights and sounds along the shoreline.  I could hear cattle on the far side, ducks winged their way in and out of the bay, sometimes only a few feet from me, and, as the afternoon wore on, large flocks of snow geese began to lift off of the lake to the W and fly over me to the E to feed in nearby grain fields. At times the geese were so loud they drowned out all the other noises around.

I left the lake as the sun began to sink along the horizon, to the serenade of a pack of distant coyotes echoing across the bay.

Overall it was another satisfying afternoon and I was happy that I was able to get out and experience it all. 8)

Hopefully the weather holds out for at least 1 more open water trip. ;)

Report #6.
Oct 19th.   
It was a dandy afternoon with sunny skies, a slight wind from the W and + 17 deg C / 62.6 deg F temps. It felt more like a summer afternoon - I'll take it.

This was more of a sight seeing trip with my family and friend.  We probably done as much driving as fishing, but, I did stop at a few spots to wet the line.

My first stop is at Whitesand / Pelican Lake. The usual area where I fish at the lake had several vehicles parked and quite a few anglers all fishing in close quarters, no room there, so, I set up a bit further down the shoreline, along the bulrush beds.
When I arrived I saw a young ruffie / ruffed grouse doing it's best camouflage routine. I must admit it was pretty good and all that moved was a blinking eye.
I shot a few photos and was able to get roughly 12 feet away before it finally though it should fly for it.  :laugh:

After my encounter with the young ruffie I got my gear and walked the shoreline looking for a place to fish. I found one spot where the rushes thinned a bit and gave a few casts. My first cast snagged and I lost my lure. I then switched to a swimbait that I had rigged weedless. This was a better option, and, I was able to slowly swim it through the bulrushes with only the line snagging from time to time.

I fished that area for half an hour or so and in that time I caught 4 pike - 2 got off and 2 were landed. The 2 that got off wrapped themselves tightly amongst the rushes and just twisted off the hook.

Here are photos of the 2 pike I did net. :)


I tried further up the shoreline, in a new spot, but, this area had no fish activity and after 10 min I though I would try my usual spot back on Fishing Lake.

By the time we got to my usual spot it was 4:30pm and I fished from then until 6:00pm. The fish were also quite active at this lake and I had several that would follow just a few inches from the lure and either turn away just as it got to shore or make a quick grab and just get the rubber of the swimbait and not the hook.
The fishing was not too bad however, and in the end, I caught 4 pike and lost 3. :)

I got a photo of 3 of the fish. On the last one the camera's batteries died. :P



The water was quite murky despite hardly any algae.
The water felt very cool now.  It appears that the fall turnover is occurring - probably why it was as murky as it was.

All in all it was a dandy afternoon to be outdoors, be it fishing or just sightseeing.

With the frigid temps we have had the last few days and nights already this Nov., it's time for me to start thinking about the new ice fishing season.  It was a great open water season - I have enjoyed hearing from everyone.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe upcoming ice fishing season. :tipup:
Talk to you next on Ice Shanty. . .  ;D


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Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 20, 2014, 10:43 PM
Thanks wally13.  :)

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I love WW's Post,
Especially those photos,  they are beautiful.
Keep on going please for the new 2015 open water season.
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Post by: Water Wolf on Apr 17, 2015, 12:37 AM
Hi YC, and thanks. :)

I hope to have some posts to share again sometime after the new season opens. ;)

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Hi all,

Well another open water season is upon us.  I had a chance to get out on May 9th, where my uncle and I went looking for a shore fishing spot around the Fishing Lake area.

The afternoon was a mix of sun and cloud with a fair wind from the SW and + 12 deg C / 54 deg F temps.

We finally found a suitable spot just arriving at the same time as another angler, so, we chatted as we fished.

I was the first one to have some action, roughly half an hour into the fishing.

I was able to land it and this was the results.
This pike.
It sure felt good to feel that tug on the line again. ;D

Just as I snapped a photo of it another angler showed up this turned out to be Killemfish from Myfishfinder & Ice Shanty.
Nice to meet you Killemfish and put a face to the name. 8)

A while later 2 other angler show up.  One angler gets a pike on his 2nd cast and another one a short time later.
His 2 fish would be the only other fished landed. My uncle did lose a pike right at shore and the rest of us all had a nibble or two but that was it. :-\

As as it got later in the afternoon anglers began to leave. My uncle and I were the last to leave at around 5:40pm.

Before leaving the area completely we decided to try my usual spot at Fishing Lake, just to see how the bite would be there.

We fished for an hour and in that time I was able to land 3 more pike.
If I would have been keeping them this would have been my limit for Fishing Lake.

The first pike in my usual spot. :)

The pike went for spoons and a swimbait.

All in all I am happy with the results of my first time out.
Hopefully they keep on biting for me.

P.S. all the lakes around that area are ice free. ;)

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Hi All,

Here are my May and June fishing reports.

On May 22nd I went to Louis Creek on Last Mountain Lake.

I arrived about 2:00pm and fished until the mosquitoes and black flies persuaded me to quit at 8:30pm.

It was a nice afternoon to be out by the water.  The temp was 24 deg C / 75 deg F with sunny skies and a light wind that shifted throughout the afternoon from the W, N, E and finally
at the end W again. A few times the lake and creek were calm.

There were a few anglers out enjoying the afternoon as well. When I got there 2 were on the far side, and 2 beside me, and, a while later 2 more joined the shore fishing.

The creek itself was only slightly flowing, but it was quite clear and over the afternoon I saw a few nice sized carp go by.  There were 3 pike that followed my lure right to shore but would not hit.

At around 4:30pm, and, several lure changes later, I finally found something the fish wanted, a larger Len Thompson spoon.
I cast out and halfway back got a nice solid hit. This fish also did a few good runs before I netted it.
It turned out to be a 33" pike. :)

Four casts later and I am hooked up again. This one felt even stronger than the last one.  It made several good runs and a couple of jumps to shake the hook.
It turned out to be an even larger  pike at 35.5"
I tried to get a photo of this one also, but for some reason, my camera flashed, but it didn't take.  :/

Most of the folks left at 6:30pm.  I stayed out a bit longer hoping for a few more hits, but alas, the 2 pike would be it.

All in all it was a nice afternoon to be out and the size of fish made up for the slower action.

If those carp stay for a bit, it might be an interesting spot to try for them as well.

While sitting on the bank that evening I took in all the sights and sounds. The buzzing croak of a toad across the creek, local bird calls, and, "what's rustling behind me?"  Three cautious deer came ever so gingerly along the bank peering over at me as curiously as I was peering back at them.  How interesting to see them so close and calm.  Upon looking a little longer at them I notice one little doe had some old fishing line tangled all around one ear and her head.  She was raising her hind hoof and attempting to get free of it - hopefully she could.  Discarded line can be very hazardous for all wildlife. :blink:

May 24th, my uncle and I went back to the Fishing Lake area, where we started our season.

On the way to the lake we spot 2 moose. 8)
They look like last years calves - recently abandoned by the cow moose before her new calf arrives.  They seemed lost.

We got to our spot and fished from 2:30pm - 7:00pm.

It was mostly sunny in the afternoon with just an odd cloud in the sky and a temp of 26 deg C / 79 deg F.  A light wind from the W kept things cool and comfortable.

There was no one else out the whole time we were there.

I set my uncle up with a promising looking lure, and, as I was just getting to my own line, he said he had a bite, not 3 minutes into the fishing.
He indeed had a bite and it turned out to be this scrappy pike.

While releasing his fish, I saw a pike, in the shade not far from me, so, I slowly walked over to the area, and cast past it. The pike never moved. I swam my lure slowly over it from behind, much like an unsuspecting baitfish might do. When the bait got directly above and slightly ahead of the fish, it tilted slightly up, locking on it's prey, and, in a blink of an eye, inhaled the small green minnow  swim bait. This area had some current, so when the fish bolted for the flowing water, it created an notable extra drag. After a few runs, and jumps the fish was netted.

That afternoon proved to be one of the better fishing days in a long while. Fish after fish could be seen moving through that area. Most were pike but a odd white sucker and walleye could be seen.
The pike seemed to like to hang out just off the main current area and sit motionless, but always watching. If I cast right at them the splash spooked them, but if I cast some distance past or to the side of them they would usually turn and at least look at the lure. It was really interesting to be able to see fish in the shallows like that.  We could watch all their under water reactions as we cast toward them, and, a good number of them followed and struck the lure.
At one point, a cast produced 6 pike all following the lure at once. The fish were jostling for a position to grab the lure, when finally, one from the rear, streaked past the others, and, hit it hard.

We had 2 double headers that afternoon, and, I was also able to catch 3 fish on 3 back to back casts. With one of my casts, I  had a fish get off the line, and, while I was reeling in, another one hit it.

The fish bit consistently all afternoon and in the end my uncle and I caught 41 fish.  He caught 15 pike and I caught 25 pike and 1 walleye. My walleye was the last fish I caught just as we were packing up.

Between the 2 of us, 8 fish threw the hook, a long distance release.

We kept the 1 walleye and 5 pike for a fish fry.  The rest of the fish went back, and were easily released using the barbless hooks.

I was too busy netting, unhooking or fighting fish to take many photos, but here are a few more from the day.

One of the fish my uncle caught.

I caught the 2 big fish of the day the first pike was 29".

The other was a bit bigger at 29.5"
( (

The only walleye.

The pike's average size was in the 24" - 26" range.

The fish went for double and single tail grubs and swimbaits, but 3 were also caught on spoons. Color didn't really seem to be a factor that day, if they saw it at all, they went for it.
The only lure that they did not go for at all was a surface lure.

It sure felt great to finally have a day of "catching".  I hope I can come close to that again this year.

May 31st. 
My uncle & I went out to the same spot as last time. We got there at 1:05pm.  Again, no other fishermen were out.

The temp is sitting at 20 deg C  / 68 deg F with a strong wind from the S and variable clouds. The wind make the temps feel much cooler.

The wave action made it harder to see into the water.

We set up and fish for an hour and a half without so much as a nibble. Hard to believe how an area that was so good before could be so dead now.  That's fishing for you.

After the hour and a half we pack up.  There has to be more action elsewhere. . .

Fishing Lake is really rolling.  White caps, foam lines, and, real nasty conditions even making casting difficult.

I select a heavy lure for both my uncle and I. No more than 5 min into the shore fishing and I feel a tap followed by a strike and am into a fish.
I land the first fish of the day, a healthy looking walleye.

My uncle makes a few casts in the direction I found the walleye and is soon rewarded with this pike.

The action proves better at this spot.  We both catch fish off and on the whole time, and, even get 1 double header.

This would be the average size of pike that afternoon.
This pike had a bit of black-spot disease on it.
I have seen this on a few northern fish but, this is the first time I have seen it on a fish from Fishing Lake.

We pack up at 5:00pm.  Both my uncle and I caught 5 fish each. 5 pike for him and 4 pike and a walleye for me.

My uncle used one of the small Little Cleo spoons for all his fish.  I went with a Storm Wildeye swimbait. Both were the best to cast in those windy conditions and seemed to
work equally well.

The walleye and 1 pike stayed and the rest went back.

Overall I am happy with the action that afternoon and May fishing in general. Hopefully June produces as well, we shall see.

It's June 7th.  I'm at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.

The family joined me for a bit of relaxation. My uncle and I were shore fishing from 3:30pm until 8:40pm.

It was a good day to be by the water with temps in the +28 deg C  / 82 deg F with mainly sunny skies, but, there was a bit of a haze due to some forest fires burning in province. There was a medium wind that shifted from N to W off and on.
When it was from the N we could smell the smoke.

Ten minutes into the fishing, and, I tie into the first fish of the day, this pike.

Not too long after that, my uncle gets a strike, and, another pike is netted.

"Fish on" again for me.

While we fished we were joined by 2 other anglers out in their boat.  They were still fishing, but, didn't seem to be having much luck.
The few shore anglers around seemed to have better luck, with a some pike and walleye being caught.

Over the afternoon we get one double header. At the end and I also cach the only walleye of the trip.

The 2 big fish of the day.

It was not as long as my other one, but alot heavier. I would discover why later on.

The final results were 12 fish, 4 pike for my uncle, and, 7 pike and the 1 walleye for me.

We kept a 1 person limit of 3 pike. All the others went back.

The fish were mostly going after spoons, but, I did get 1 pike and the walleye on swimbaits.

While filleting the fish, I noticed one pike had a really large stomach.  After filleting was done we checked the stomach content.  The bulge in question turned out to be a walleye roughly 10" long. Wow, what an appetite.

It was nice to be out on that warm day and I am happy that we had some luck besides.

Hi all,
June 13th & 14th.

I start at my usual shore fishing spot at Fishing Lake.

It's cool and windy with intermittent brief rain showers, clouds and sun. The temp is +15 deg C  / 59  F and the wind is brisk from the N to NW.

With the off and on rain showers, I get to the lake and start fishing around 4:10pm to 7:10pm, have a snack, and, then go to 10:00pm. My uncle joines me later, just before dark.

It takes a while to see any action, but,I get the first fish of the day, this pike, an hour into the fishing.

The rest of the fish that my uncle and I land, bite just before sunset.
( (


In the end I land 4 pike and 3 walleye. My uncle lands a walleye.

The next day is more of the same cold windy weather mixed with rain and sun with temps only at +13 deg C / 55 deg F and a very strong wind again from the NW.

The family and I would like to go to the lake, but, when we get there the lake is has large waves and white caps.
Not the most welcoming sight for sure.

We decide to find an area with a bit more shelter, and end up along the banks of the Whitesand River.

We get there at 3:50pm and shore fish along the river until 6:00pm.

Not too far from the river a pair of osprey are nesting. As we draw closer I can see one of the birds peeking just above it's massive nest.
Osprey use the same nest each year, adding a few sticks or other debris to it each season. Judging by the size of that nest, they must have been coming to that area for quite some time.
While we fished we had one of the birds circling us, probably keeping an eye on us, so we didn't go near the nest.

The area we picked to fish was a nice sandy spit of land and jutted out into the river channel. The river itself was quite low and was flowing at a medium rate. It must have been flowing fast and hard earlier this year as part of the sand spit we were fishing on had a steep bank down into the water and the near by trees had bits of old sea weed hanging in their lower branches.

My uncle was the first to get a strike. He set the hook and a walleye came jumping out of the water. It did that several more times before it was netted.
It was no monster, lol. :laugh:

My uncle also feels something grab his lure, but this time it feels rather strange. He feels a bit of resistance, like a fish, but not a lot of tugging. The object also leaps from the water.
The thing he hooked turned out to be a freshwater clam. He must have dragged the lure past it and it closed on the hook. When he set the hook, the clam was swept up by the current and felt like it was tugging.
The leaping was also from water resistance on the shell.
I have never heard of anyone catching a clam in this way before. That was a new catch for us.

While my uncle took a warm up break, I started catching . . .

The first fish was a small, lean and lightly colored pike as were my other 2 fish.

Pike # 1

Pike #  2

Pike #  3

I also had 4 perch sized walleye take a swipe at my lure close to the river bank. They were a bit too small to get the lure all the way in their mouth and just gave the grub tails a good tug.

Over the 2 days, the fish go for spoons like the regular and new dimpled series Len Thompson, Pelican Lures spoons and a PK spoon. They also hit double tail jigs and storm wildeye swimbaits.
It seemed that I had to keep switching my lure presentations for the lake fish and after one fish on that particular lure I had to switch up again to get them to hit. I caught my river fish on a double tail grub and my uncle got his on a blue fox spoon.

Despite the less than ideal weather conditions we were still able to find some fish both days. All the fish, including the clam, were released.

Hopefully the next time out the weather is a bit more favorable. ;)

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Wonderful report.
Thank you so much water wolf.
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Thanks YC.  :)

Hi All,
Here are my fishing reports for July & August. ;)

It's Canada Day (July 1st).   The family and I head off to Fishing Lake to do some shore fishing and relaxing.
The family did the relaxing and I did the shore fishing, lol. :laugh:

We arrived at 4:25pm, and, stayed until after the fireworks, late that evening.  Smoke haze, carried on the winds from the northern wild fires, added a little different viewing dimension this year.  A thick smoke haze covered all of Sask., alot of Manitoba, bits of Alberta and even extended down into several US states.  Air quality advisories were issued throughtout.
Saskatchewan and even familiar places looked foreign through what appeared to be an orange curtain.  Wild fires consumed many acres of forest in Northern Saskatchewan, Northern Alberta & the North West Territories this year.  It was difficult to see across the lake, and for some reason, the song "Smoke On The Water" just kept running through my head. . .

It was a +21 deg C / 69.8 deg F day with a light wind from the NW.
The temps were predicted to be a bit warmer, but the smoke haze was actually blocking the suns rays a bit - everything seemed more subdued.  Having said that I don't think it was a bad thing.  It seemed that the fish responded well to that atmosphere.

All the anglers that trolled past in boats and most of the other shore anglers seemed to be picking up a few fish each.
I was lucky to pick up 14 fish in total  - 8 pike and 6 walleye.

I kept 2 walleye and 1 pike.  The others went back - until we meet again.

Here are a few photos from the afternoon. :)

What better lure to use today than this one.



I fished up until the fireworks started, at about 9:50 p.m.  We were all treated to a good show here and there around the lake for over an hour.

Nice way to end a good Canada Day.

I hope you all had a good Canada Day as well. ;D

July 4th & 5th weekend.
Saturday, (from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm) was a nice +23 deg C  /  73.4 deg F evening , with a light wind from the NW, calming right down at sunset.
Smoke haze was ever-present.

The fish didn't let me down and I managed to coax in 9 fish in total - 7 pike & 2 walleye.

Both walleye were this size.  :)
Sitting at the 20" mark.

Before I left I was once again treated to a few fireworks, for 15 min or so, on a nearby beach, "nice".

The next day, Sunday, I gave it another try from 4:30pm to 9:15pm.

It was cool with overcast skies and  a strong N wind that whipped  the lake up enough to leave a frothy foam all along the shoreline.    It was only +19 deg C / 66.2 F.  I was glad that I packed my light jacket.  One good thing about the wind that day was that at least it helped dissipate some of the smoke haze in the air.

Despite the hard to cast shore fishing conditions, I was able to pick up another 9 fish again. This time, 5 walleye and 4 pike.



The pike and walleye were a bit larger, on average, than previous trips.
I lost one nice big pike (of course). ::)  

The fish, so far this July, have shown preference for Storm Wildeye swimbaits, Len Thompson, Pelican Lure spoons and single or double tail grubs.  It seemed I had luck on a variety of colors, but bright colors were better in the day while darker colors seemed a bit better toward evening and in the dark.

All in all I had a good weekend of shore fishing and I am happy with the 18 fish that I did land. All the fish went back to be caught another day.

July 11th & 12th weekend.

Shore fishin' from 10:05am - 12:00pm at my usual Fishing Lake spot.

Weather was a mix of sun and cloud with winds from the S and temps at 23 deg C / 73.4 deg F.

There were a few boats out and most that went by had a fish or two.

Off shore the fish were biting in little spells followed by a bit of a lull.

By day's end I was able to catch and release 3 walleye and 5 pike.  :)
Most of them were caught using Pelican Spoons.



Another shore fisher joined me and inspected my catch.  I don't know if I impressed him, but he sure impressed me. . . 8)
This little mink landed 3 very small fish that he quickly turned into an instant shore lunch, and, very pleased with himself, moved on.  :w00t:

Sunday we went boating.

My uncle and I fished from 2:40pm - 5:15pm.

It was cloudy with the odd sunny break. The temp was at 25 deg C / 77 deg F and the wind was light from the S.
Weather reports warned of a thunder storm for the afternoon and/or possibly even a tornado.  We kept a wary eye on the sky as we fished.

Once we got out to the first location that we wanted to try I  rigged us up.   My first cast with a Storm Wildeye swimbait, I had a strike netting the first one of the day . . ."yes".

For the most part, we just drifted with the light wind, and, cast to the fish.  For the last hour and a half we trolled.  
Last winter I picked up a Berkeley Flicker Shad and was eager to try it, but didn't want to loose it on the snags near shore, so, this was my chance.  It worked well and both pike and walleye struck, attracted to it's tight wobble and internal rattle.  I was able to pick up at least half of my fish with it.

When we were trolling I let enough line out so it was occasionally ticking bottom, and, with the no stretch line, I could tell when it was fouled in weeds.

At around 4:30pm we could see storm clouds moving in from the S and the W, so, we began to troll toward home. At 4:50 pm the lighting started, and, we could now see rain coming out of the dark cloud.  Time to pack it in for the day. We quickly reeled in, and, sped for the boat launch, just getting off the lake in the nick of time.  As we left the lake, it began to rain, thunder was booming just over head and the waves were rolling high, "phew - close one".

It had been a good day of fishing on the water.  My uncle enticed 4 pike and I caught 8 pike & 3 walleye. :)

Here are a few photos of that day's action.
The big fish of the day at 28".

The others.




All in all, it was another good weekend at Fishing Lake.  This was our first trip out in the boat - felt good to be out on the water again.  Looking forward to more of the same.

July 24th was the last trip of the month.

It was a nice, mostly sunny, warm, evening, with temps hitting + 28 deg C / 82.4 deg F, and, with the humidx it was 31 deg C / 87.8  deg F, with a S wind.

The lake was calm, so I took the boat out and did some trolling and casting from 5:15pm - 8:00pm.
I picked up 2 pike on back to back casts.

 The fish hit here and there, and, in the end I netted and released  10 pike & 5 walleye.  :)

Various hard and soft lures  worked, but, it seemed that the Berkley Flicker Shad was the favorite that evening.
The fish hit it hard and fast, as it ticked along the lake bottom.

Just a few photos of the action.


End of another day.


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This next report is for Aug. 1st - 4th, where the family and I were able to spend a few days at Fishing lake.

In general the weather was nice ranging from +20 deg C / 68 deg F to +25 deg C / 77  deg F, with the humidx making it feel a bit warmer. Most of the days were sunny to partly sunny, except at the end of the last day clouds rolled in. The wind was mostly from the NW, with reasonably strong wind gusts at times.

I fished off and on for the 4 days.
When the wind was calm I took the boat out, but when the winds got up I did some shore fishin'.

Over the summer the lake has continued to get a bit more green with algae bloom, and now  it's fairly green.  It doesn't seem to bother the fish though.  I was able to get good action both on shore, with back to back casts, and in the boat.

While in the boat the family and I were able to explore parts of the lake that we had not tried before.

My final results were 25 pike and 18 walleye, all caught and released. ;D
There were no giants this time out, but, quite a few in that eater size range, and, a couple a bit larger than that.

In the late evening, folks along various beaches would set off fireworks, not very long, but, still nice to watch all the same.
The 2nd night was the best for fireworks around the lake.

Here are a few photos from the trip.


These 2 ravens watched us as we trolled past.


It was nice to be out on the lake for a few days again.
Hopefully the fishing and weather stays good.

Aug. 17th was the next off shore day at Fishing Lake.

The weather was cloudy for the most part with  +20 deg C / 68 deg F temps. The wind switched from the W, NW, N and finally SE with a bit of rain mixed in.

I fished from 11:17 am to 6:00pm.

Over the afternoon I had 3 light rain showers move through, but I kept fishing. Most of the pike I caught fairly close to shore, and, one bit as I was jigging, right in front of me. I caught 2 on swimbaits, but most of the pike went for a bright double tail grub. The walleye went for a clackin' rap.

One of the pike had a nasty looking bite on it's side. It looked like another bigger fish or possible a pelican wanted to make it lunch.

In the end I caught 6 pike & 1 walleye plus had 4 others that threw the hook and a couple that nipped and tasted, but did not take the bait. :)


It's Aug 23 and I am back off shore at my usual spot.

I started at 5:00pm and went to 7:00pm.

It was a sunny evening with the odd cloud and summer like temps at + 20 deg C / 68 deg F, with some wind from the NW that calmed right down at dark.

The lake is still a bit green with algae, but, better than before.

While fishing I could see no other anglers out and the only boat was joy riding. The only anglers about were a flock of pelicans flying past me going to settle in for the evening.

This walleye let me know that they were around 10 min into the fishing.

The next fish, a pike came 5 min after that.

After those 2 quick hits it slowed right down and I had to wait to almost the end before the hits started coming again.

The final results were 2 pike and 2 walleye. I also had 3 pike that shook free. :)

One of the pike that I landed was more aggressive then the rest. It first ripped both rubber leg off my double tail grub and still followed the tattered grub body back to shore. I saw it sitting watching my lure so I jigged the rubber body just under the surface and it took 4 more swipes at it before it was hooked. This fish also looked like it was hooked before, judging a fair sized slash mark that ran along the thin skin of it's lower jaw and a few holes were also in it's lower lip.  No wonder he was a little aggressive. :blink:

As usual all 4 fish went back.

The last trip of Aug. was on the 30th.  I'm back shore fishin' at my usual spot from 2:45pm - 7:00pm.

The weather was a mixed bag. It started off cloudy at first with 2 brief showers and then cleared at roughly 5:00pm.
The temp was +20 deg C / 68 deg F and when the sun was out was pleasant. The wind switched 3 times, first coming from the NW then W and finally S.

The lake still has a green tint with algae.

For most of the time it was just me, 2 pelicans and a grebe out fishing. At the end, I did see a group of 4 anglers fishing for a while down the shoreline.

I am not sure how they made out, but, I had some luck. It took a while to find what the fish wanted, but when I did, I had enough action to keep things interesting.
The first fish was as usual, a pike.

It hit on a double tail grub. The rest of the fish seemed to prefer the action of one particular swim bait, a Big Hammer swimbait, and, that's what caught the rest of them. These swimbaits really have a nice tail kick and roll. With braid you can actually feel it a bit on the tip, much like a small crankbait.

The final results were 4 pike & 2 walleye + 1 pike and 1 walleye that shook free, before I could net them.

By 7:00pm the mosquitoes again got really nasty and it was time to quit. :P

First fish of the day.

Here is the big walleye of the afternoon. :)
It was 20.5" and is now my largest so-far this season.  It inhaled the blue,black and yellow big hammer swimbait.

The biggest pike.
It went for the swimbait as well.

Overall it was a good summer of fishing, with action both on shore and from the boat. 8)

Here's hoping for equally good fall fishing. Maybe I can find a big one or two, "fingers crossed".

Good luck to all of you as well.  ;D


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Post by: ran7ger on Nov 09, 2015, 08:28 PM
 great work WW..  i'd been waiting to see a report from you!
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Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 17, 2015, 12:45 PM
Thanks ran7ger. :)

The next reports for Sept., Oct. and Nov. will be coming in a bit. ;)

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Post by: Water Wolf on Nov 22, 2015, 09:41 PM
Hi All,

Well it's Sept. and fall is upon us. This usually means that the fish are now starting to put on the feed bag hard before another winter of lean times set in.

I started my fall fishing on Sept. 4th at Fishing Lake.

I didn't fish that long this time as I was just passing by, but did get out from 6:30pm - 7:45pm.

All around I noticed that just a few trees are starting to show their fall colors, most are still quite green, hopefully it will also mean a longer fall.

The evening was cloudy with some wind from the NW and temps in the + 14 deg C  / 57.2 deg F mark.  It feels like fall, and, frost warnings have been predicted - burrr. :-\

Despite the short time I had, the fish were still fairly aggressive.  If I would have landed all the ones I caught, it would have been good, but, for some reason they were able to throw the hooks with ease.
In the end I caught 3 pike and lost 3 pike. :)

I forgot my camera at home that evening so no photos this time. :whistling:

Hopefully I can get them to stay on a bit better next time out.

The next 2 reports are for Sept. 13th, from the boat, and Sept. 14th, from shore.

My boating partner and I get to the lake and we are out on the water by 2:20pm, staying until 7:10pm.

It's a nice sunny day with some wind that switched from the NW to W and back to the NW near the end. The temp was a dandy + 26 deg C / 78.8 deg F and it felt like summer again.

The lake is still slightly green with algae, and it's a lot greener where it blows in along the shoreline.

We slowly trolled with a crankbait covering different water depths looking for fish.  I recently picked up a couple of new crankbaits, and, was hoping to give each one a good try before ice up. The crankbait I wanted to try, this time, was a Berkley flicker minnow pro. As with all crankbaits I first drop it over the edge to see how it moves and at what speed it works the best. I did this and proceeded to troll. It didn't take long before the flicker minnow scored it's first fish a walleye.

This scene would repeat itself many times that afternoon in a variety of locations. Surprisingly, all the fish caught that day were walleye, no pike at all.
It is possible they may have been a bit shallower than where I was trolling, but I'm not sure. My final count was 15 walleye with several in the 20" - 20.5" range. ;D

By the time the day ended the flicker minnow was well broke in with a few scratches, chips and nicks from aggressive fish, always a good sign in any lure.

A few more photos from the day.




The next day was quite a bit more windy and cooler so I opted for the shore where I fished from 2:10 pm - 7:15 pm.

The weather was mostly cloudy with an odd sunny break. The wind was stronger from N to NW and the temp was +16 deg C / 60.8 deg F.

The fish were around, and still quite aggressive.  This time it was mainly the pike that showed interest. Maybe it was the new moon that day, but whatever, I will take it anytime.  I seemed to be the only angler out there for some reason.

My final tally was 15 pike and 1 walleye.  :)

The pike went for spoons, swimbaits and single tail grubs.
The one old spoon that was working, had most of it's paint scratched off of it, so, I repainted it in green,yellow and white, and they must have approved.

I also caught them on my home made 2 lure rig with a single tail grub and small minnow swimbait.

Overall it was a good 2 days of fishing and hopefully it continues into the fall.

P.S. -  The the trees are starting to get more color to them now around the lake.  Good flocks of Snow and Canada geese can be seen and heard.
The odd sand hill crane flock is also showing up and lazily go squawking over.

Sept 19th and I am back at Fishing Lake for some late afternoon / night shore fishin' from 3:35pm - 8:40pm.

The weather was a mix of sun and cloud with a fairly brisk wind from the SW and good temps at +20 deg C / 68 deg F.

The fish took a good while before I had my first nibble at around 4:50pm, just as the wind began to calm down a bit.
It turned out to be this walleye on my 2 lure rig.


The rest of the fish came in bursts of action after that. Once the sun set and the moon was already up the pike as usual shut right off, but there were still a few walleye lurking in the moonlight and I was able to find 2 night walleye.


My final results were 6 pike and 5 walleye. :)

The effective lures this time were again swimbaits and the double rig of a small swimbait and single tail grub. Large spoons and noisy lipless rattle baits worked on the night fish.

Hopefully the good fall fishing continues. :w00t:

The last 3 reports for Sept. were on 25th, 26th and 27th, where I try 3 different bodies of water.

The weather was quite sunny all 3 days, but quite windy with wind gusts 32 - 45 km/h / 19 - 27  miles/h. With these high winds I shore fished.
The temps were nice at + 23 deg C / 73.4 deg F, + 18 deg C / 64.4 deg F and + 16 deg C / 60.8 deg F.

The first trip was to Whitesand Lake, (locally known as Pelican Lake) from 4:10pm - 7:00pm.

I rigged up with a fire tiger storm wildeye swimbait and on my 3rd cast felt a strike close to shore. I set the hook and tussled a walleye into the net.

Four casts later and another walleye hits.
This one is bigger still, with a chunkier body. :)

Not too long, and, another strike, and, another walleye is netted.
I am happy with these quick results, but a bit surprised, as this spot usually only yields pike from my previous experiences here.

Twenty minutes into the fishing, and I am joined by a lady with her young grandson, who is just learning to fish. They move in beside me to fish and chat.
The young guy is full of questions regarding, fishing, wildlife, and the area in general. I answer them the best I can. While we are fishing, I pike up 3 more walleye and a pike for a total of 6 walleye and 1 pike. The lady lands 2 fish, 1 pike & 1 walleye. The folks leave just before dark and I stay a bit longer. I leave with the call of the loon echoing across the lake from the far side, and over head, calls of flocks of Snow geese, Canada geese and ducks as they wing their way in for the night.

The next day my traveling buddy and I are off to the mixed forest area to tour around, and also fish for a bit. We decide to go to Mc.Bride Lake and after a bit of sightseeing around the lake start fishing from 4:30pm - 6:30pm.

This area is a lot calmer than windy Fishing Lake, as it's a lot more sheltered with the tall spruce, pine, tamarack and poplar trees surrounding it.
This lake is known for it's good sized perch so I try a set bobber and drop-shot rig. I bait up, and within 10 minutes, I see my bobber twitch, bob, and then move to the side fairly quickly. I set the hook and feel the fish. This feels big for a perch, but maybe it's a dandy.  I bring it slowly in with anticipation, but somewhere between it biting and me landing it, my perch turned out to be a small pike,lol. :laugh:
That's OK, at least I am not skunked now.

After I get no other hits on the bobber I turn to casting a small swimbait in hopes I can find a dandy perch to go for it. I do get a hit, but feels like another pike, who gets off before I can get it in, just leaving a swimbait with no tail. :P

After a while, with no other hits, we drive to a spot down the lake, and try near some shoreline reeds. This time I try a small Len Thompson spoon. First cast and flutter to the bottom and I feel a pick up. I set the hook and once again Mr. pike is caught.
He would be the last fish caught that evening.

The third and final day is again windy, but this day it the worst of them all. Most lakes will be rough no matter where they are so I have to pick a spot that is small and hopefully sheltered.
The only area I can think of was a spot I know of along the Whitesand River. So my traveling companion and I are off again.

We find a spot, still a bit windy, but it will do, along the river, and I shore fish from 3:30pm - 6:00pm

Fishing starts off quite slow with no action at all. At 5:20pm I finally have a strike and land the fish.
The 2nd and final fish hits at 5:30pm just as it's getting dark with clouds.

These two guys are no river monster,lol, but, are still better than nothing. ::) :)


We pack up at 6:00pm and make our way home where we watch that evening's rising and transformation of the Super Blood Moon.

Did any of you see the transformation as well? ???

All in all I am happy how Sept. went in terms of fishing, now hopefully in Oct., I can find a few of those big girls feeding up for winter. ;)

It's October 18th and I'm in the boat at Fishing Lake.

I started at 1:25pm and went to 4:32pm.

It was one of the nicest afternoons of the year, wind wise. It started out just a light breeze from the NW and then calmed right down half way through the fishing.
The temps were decent at +11 deg C / 51.8 deg F and the sky was a mix of sun and cloud changing to full cloud later on and then rain.

The lake appeared to be experiencing fall turn over as it was quite discolored, despite the calm conditions, and there were weed clumps floating about.

The fishing was decent though, and in the first few min of trolling, I had a strike, and netted the first fish of the day, this pike, on a pumpkin seed sunfish colored spoon.

Not long after that, another pike strikes, and is also hooked.

I then head for deeper water to see if I can tempt any walleye into striking. I get out deeper and mark a fair number of fish, but the fish,( possibly walleye) were not interested in what I had to offer. I spent a fair bit of time trying to get their attention before 2 fish finally fall for a Berkley flicker minnow (a pike and a walleye).


As the afternoon progresses, I see that what look like rain clouds gathering in the distance, so I move closer to shore again, and am back into the pike. 
I maneuver the trolling motor slowly along the shoreline, fan casting to promising looking areas with a swimbait. One particular area was good, and resulted in the rest of my fish. At one point I noticed my rod bending while I was releasing a previously caught fish. When I unhooked the fish I let the lure fall over the side of the boat and another pike hit. This pike was not well hooked and got off after a few jumps, but is was still exciting to have that kind of action.

A few other fish.


A 4:28pm small drops of rain began to softly fall around me. I got a little closer to the launch, but kept fishing. By 4:32pm the rain was a lot harder and it was time to call it a day.  By the time I was all packed up I was quite soaked.

My final results were 6 pike and the 1 walleye. :)

This might have been my last boat fishing for the year.
Hopefully I will be out again a few more times, but it will probably be off shore from here on in.

October 24th, and I am at Fishing Lake, at my usual spot off shore, where I fished from 3:35pm - 6:30pm.

The weather is a mix of sun and cloud with temps at + 9 deg C / 48.2 deg F and wind from the N.

The lake was still a bit discolored, due to the turnover that was occurring in addition to the wind action.

The fish were quite active that day and I had several pike follow my lure nipping at it right into the shallow water near the shoreline.
I even caught one of the followers when I stopped my lure and jigged it at arms length just off shore.
Spoons and swimbaits were the usual hot lures that afternoon.

In the end I caught 9 pike and lost 2 others.

As I was packing up I could hear swans somewhere out in the dark on the lake.

Here are a few photos from the afternoon / evening.



One of the pike had it's jaw damaged, not sure what happened to it, possibly someone removing a hook forcefully, but whatever happened, left the fish with a crooked jaw. :unsure:
The injury didn't stop it from feeding though, it really hammered my lure. :o

My last report for Oct. happened to be on the 31st, (Halloween).

I was out from 4:33pm - 6:00pm.

The afternoon / evening was cloudy with the wind from the NW and not bad temps for this time of year, at +7 deg C / 44.6 deg F.

Since it was a bit windy I decided to try a different spot on the lake that would be a bit more sheltered from the wind.
The water was also a bit more clear in that area.

The fish were a bit off that afternoon, and it took half an hour before I felt a strike, set the hook, and pulled in this pike. :)

There was a lull in the action after that. As I fished, I had diving ducks flying just over my head as they came in for the night. Swans again were seen as well as families of grebes.
As It got darker I also hear the howls of a pack of coyotes somewhere just a bit NW of my area and to further add to the spooky Halloween feel a horned owl hooted not far from me in the trees along the shoreline. :w00t:

I caught another pike 20 min before I quite for the night.

I packed it in for the night when I lost my 2nd lure of the evening to snags. :P

The first pike went for a Len Thompson spoon and the 2nd pike went for a Storm Wildeye swimbait.

In the end fishing on Halloween was a more of a treat than a trick.

The weather is expected to stay above the freezing mark for a few days yet in Nov., so, hopefully, I will have a couple more open water days yet, fingers crossed.

My one open water trip for Nov. was on the 15th where I shore fished in 2 different spots on Fishing Lake.

This trip was the latest I have been out in Nov. The temps were above normal for this time of year, making it a good way to end my open water season.

On the way to the lake I spot 2 moose out grazing in a field. One would go down on it's knees, eat for a bit, stand up, and then the other would eat. That way while one ate,the other was watching. 8)

I would spot 3 other moose later on.

Six bald eagles were also spotted, and when we got to the lake, there were still good numbers of Canada geese, various puddle and diving ducks, and even a few swans.  All possible eagle food.

The weather was mainly sunny for most of the afternoon but then got cloudy an hour before dark.
The temp was + 9 deg C / 48.2 deg F for a while and the wind was fairly brisk from the S.

My first spot would provide me with a bit of shelter from the main blast of wind. I set up and fished from 1:32pm - 3:40pm.

The lake must have finally finished it's turn over as the water was fairly clear again and cold.

It was not long (10 min or so) before I felt a strike and set my hook into a scrappy pike that had quite a few jumps in it despite the cold water.
He was so full of energy that after I took the hook out it leapt out of the net and back into the water before I could snap a photo of it. Must have been camera shy,lol. :laugh:

No too long after that and pike #2 shows up and is landed. This one poses for the camera before I send it on it's way.

Right near the end of the fishing in this area I get one more strike and land this pike.
It's another fish with a deformed face from what looks to be, again, hooks. It's maxillary has been cut and free hanging for a while, now it has adhered backwards to the side of it's lower jaw. :P
Despite the injury it didn't seem to affect its feeding and the fish could open it's mouth wide and appeared to be in good shape. :o

A 3:40pm I decided that I would finish off where I fished for most of the season, at my usual spot on Fishing Lake, so by 4:05 I was shore fishing there again. It never lets me down, and, as usual, it was not long before an active fish showed it presence and was landed.
This would be my last fish of the open water season. :azn:
I did have 2 more strikes near dark, but they were both jumpers and flung the barbless hook free.

The last sunset.

So as the sun sets on this open water, a new ice fishing season is just around the corner. :tipup:

All in all I am happy with the open water season this year.
I am thankful for the time I could spend with friends and family while fishing.

I would also like to thank all of you for coming along with me this season and for your kind and encouraging remarks. :thumbup_smilie:
I wish you all a safe and happy ice fishing season this year. ;D
Until then, be safe and have fun. ;)

Water Wolf out!!!
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Post by: Young Catcher on Apr 15, 2016, 10:03 AM
We are waiting the open water fishing day!
Hope we all have a good season!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Apr 19, 2016, 06:09 PM
For sure YC, can't wait to wet the lures again. ;D

Hopefully the fish will be cooperative for us as well. :w00t:

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Post by: Water Wolf on Jun 01, 2016, 12:44 AM

Hi All,
Well another open water season is upon us and it's time to get out there and wet a few lures. :w00t:

For me, my first day of the open water season was on May 8th. :)

Since it was Mother's Day my uncle and I took my mom and aunt out for a Mother"s Day dinner before we went fishing. ;D
Our friend also joined us as well.

After dinner we headed out to see where we could wet the line.

The first stop was at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.  The wind was really kicking up from the SW, creating large crashing waves and white caps everywhere. It was too hard to cast in that area so we moved to another spot. This spot was still windy, but, it was a bit easier to cast. :P

We were set up and fishing by 3:15pm and went until 6:00pm.

Despite the wind, it was a nice sunny day with temps at + 27 deg C / 81 deg F with a bit of smoke haze from the Northern Alberta wildfires.

When we got there, a couple that was just leaving, said that the fish were around, but, it had been slow.
They had 2 fish, not sure what species.

When they left, we set up, and, not too long into the fishing, my uncle calls out that he had a nibble and then a strike. He does indeed have a fish on and it turns out to be a chunky walleye.
It would also be the only walleye landed that afternoon. ;)

A while later, our friend has a fish strike and after a few runs, I net the pike for him. :)
He also lands another 2 more pike that afternoon.

I start off by having a walleye on.  It's ever so lightly hooked and throws the lure.  Finally at 4:00pm I hook into my first fish of the season, a pike. I was going have a photo taken with it, but, it gave a surge, jumped up out of the net and back into the water - humm, must not have wanted it's picture taken,lol. :whistling:

My next fish came at 5:58pm, just as we were going to call it a day, good timing. ;D
This one had a bit of black spot disease on it, yuck.
I have not seen many fish with this disease in this area, hopefully it will not spread.

At 6:00pm we pack up and go for Mother's Day supper.

On this day, all the fish went back.

The final results were 5 pike and 1 walleye.

On this trip they went for my hand painted black and white Len Thompson spoon, the rainbow trout colored Len Thompson spoon and a black and white double tail grub.

Overall, I was happy with how the first day of the new open water season went.
I am also glad to be able to take the ladies out for their well deserved meals. ;D

May 22nd, and I am out on my 2nd trip of the season.  This time I though I would try Last Mountain Lake (LML).

I decided I would start at Lewis Creek and see if I could even get in there with the van.

My mom tagged along for the trip and scenery.  
She is also the photographer when she is around.

It was a bit of a challenge as we navigated along the twisting trail across the farmer's field to the creek, but we got there without issue.
I fished from 3:35pm - 6:40pm.

The weather started off nicely, with a mostly sunny sky and temps at + 25 deg C / 77 deg F.  and a wind from the S to SE.  
As the day wore on, it started to get more cloudy, and, it became clear that a storm was brewing. :blink:

The creek itself was quite full, with slight current and fairly stained water.

It was also was quite a popular spot that afternoon, with anglers coming and going frequently. At one point I counted a total of 23 anglers, up and down both sides of the creek bank.

It was also apparent that angler from a few days ago had luck as they left quite a few fish skins and filleted bodies up and down the river bank, in the tall grass.
The ones closer to shore or in the water would be eaten quite quickly by the gulls and other scavengers.

Speaking of birds, there was a lot of bird life around that afternoon and the first thing I heard when I stepped out of the vehicle was the happy tune of a meadow lark.
This little bird use to be quite common in my area as well, but, much of their native prairie grass land areas are now gone and they are now only heard in a few areas like this one.
The other bird life, consisted of sea gulls, swan and horned grebes, various species of ducks, Canada geese, double crested cormorants and white pelicans.
There were some big old white pelicans that had a large crest jutting out of their upper bill - experienced anglers. ;)

As for the fish, well, they were around that day, but, not overly active. Maybe it had to do with the upcoming storm, or, the abundance of small fish that I saw swimming past, I'm not sure, but, they were picky.

Most folks along the bank that afternoon did get at least 1 fish, mostly pike, and some nice ones at that.
One angler just to the left of me landed a nice looking walleye that I would estimate, by what I could see, would be around the 26 - 27 inch mark.

Most anglers were using a slip bobber or set float to fish, but a few, including myself, opted to cast.

I also had similar luck as everyone else.  I had one nice tap, then, another fish bit the tale off my swimbait, and finally, I landed one half way through the afternoon. :)
The pike hit lite, but, put on the pressure with a few good runs, once it was hooked.
After a quick photo, it went back.

As it got closer to evening, the nice day changed, and, now dark ominous storm clouds looked to be moving my way, with streaks of rain coming out of them.
We decided that we better get out, before the rain starts, or we might not get out at all. :-\

Before leaving the lake, I did want to check out another spot so we moved down the lake and stopped at the mouth of Big Arm Bay, near what looked to be a boat launch area.
This area was not as sloping into the water, and was a lot clearer. It was only 4 min into my fishing and I felt a strike and hooked into a fish.

It was also a pike, but it was a long lean looking fish. After a photo it went back as well. :)

I tried this area for a few more min, but, we saw some wicked lighting not too far away, so I packed up quickly, and, we were off and out of there. :blink:
About half way to the highway it began to pour.  That was good timing, but, it also ended the fishing for the day.

As I reflect, maybe I should have gone to Big Arm Bay earlier in the afternoon.  The fish seemed to be more active there, oh well, those are questions to be answered for another time and another trip.

On the way home from fishing we spotted a cow moose at the N end of LML right out in the middle of the open prairie.
The moose are everywhere in SK. how, but, for me, it still seems odd to see them in the prairie areas.

All in all it was a nice Sunday afternoon.
I am always happy to be able to re-visit these areas of LML and to have avoided the skunk.  I am eager to see what my next trip out will bring. ;)

May 29th.
I am off for some late afternoon early evening shore fishing around the Fishing Lake area.
I am going to try the area I went to the first day, in early May.

Near the lake I spot a pair, of what looks to be, yearling cow moose. 8)

They are tucked up in small stand of white poplars, out of the wind.
They show no fear, and I watch them for 10 min or so, before they slowly wander deeper into the trees.

I get to my spot at 3:00pm and was just getting my gear out when close by, a large clap of thunder is heard. I quickly hop back in the vehicle. :o
A large ominous thunder cloud, with rain poring out of it is heading my way. So I move off to try another spot to the E at Whitesand / Pelican Lake.
This does not work either, and after just a few casts, the large thunder cloud catches up and rains on me again.  
I finally just decide to wait it out and fish afterwards for a while. This does take some time, but, eventually the storm passes and I am once again back at the spot I was going to try in the first place.

The weather was a lot more inviting now, with a mix of sun and cloud, temps at + 19 deg C / 66 deg F and wind from the W to NW.
At least the wind will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

There were no other anglers around so I set up and fished from 4:50pm - 7:45pm.

It was a nice late afternoon / early evening with a good amount of animal life around.
The cattails and reeds were a chatter with the songs and sound of red wing and yellow head black birds, coots, gulls and various duck and grebe species could also be heard. As the sun got a bit lower in the sky, small herds of white tail and mule deer came out to feed on the surrounding fields. :)

The water in that area had dropped a lot since the last time I was there in early May and it had cleared also.
I was now able to see the bottom, and possibly fish, if they were around.

I saw a few fish (pike) around, but it took a while to get them to bite. The first strike was around 6:00pm. I saw a pike swimming toward me and then stop to rest not too far from me. I cast past it and then brought my spoon past it twice more without it even moving.  On the third cast, I tried fluttering the spoon when I got close the the resting pike, again, the fish didn't move, but, another one that I had not seen did. All I saw was a dark flash moving in from the right hand side, inhale the spoon, and turn back the way it came. This one was a bit smaller than the intended fish, but, hey, it's action.

The next pike came at 7:08pm and the 3rd at 7:45pm. I packed up after that.

The results. ;D
Pike 1.

Pike 2.

Pike 3.

All 3 fish were quite acrobatic, leaping fair distances either straight up or off to the side multiple times before being netted. They all went back after the photos.
All the fish seemed to prefer the action of the Len Thompson spoons.

In conclusion what looked to be a nasty afternoon turned out not bad after all. ;D

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Sep 19, 2016, 03:40 PM
Hi all,
Here are my fishing reports for the months of June & July. ;D

My first trip out this June was on the 6th.
Did some shore fishing from 4:30pm to 9:00pm at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.

It was a great afternoon / evening out by the water.
There was a mix of sun and cloud. Temp. was a nice +24 deg C /75 deg F, with just a light breeze from the ENE.
The lake had only small ripples and occasional waves from passing boats that were out fishing or joy riding.

I chatted with one fisher said that the pike fishing had been not too bad so far this season, but, for the last few days, the fishing, in general, had been slow.
They said that the walleye were not really around there right now either, and, had only caught 1, in that area. :-\

The bird life was ever present with black headed gulls, herring gulls, purple martins, tree swallows, robins, house / Jenny wrens, song sparrows, various species of ducks and Canada Geese.
To top it all off, every once in a while, a call of a loon could be heard echoing across the lake.

The fish (all pike) were around, but, not overly aggressive.   
I landed 4 pike, had 2 get off, 3 taps and seen 7 fish follow.

The water was so clear ( with the help of my sunglasses) that I could see the pike following from a fair distance out. For the most part, they would stay close behind the lure and would turn just at the last second near my feet close to the shore. A few would move out a ways and settle themselves on the bottom, in ambush mode, but still they would not take what I offered them.

Here are my first 2 fish of the day. They are also the 2 biggest. :)
First fish.

The 2nd fish was short and stocky. It must have been eating well - had a bulging belly.

All 4 pike went back.

The fish went for Len Thompson spoons and Salmo Zipper lipless rattle bait.

Overall it was a good way to spend an afternoon.
It's not that often that I see Fishing Lake that calm. The fish were a bonus.

June 11th.
It's evening and I am passing by Fishing Lake. I have a bit of time so I stop to do some shore fishing.

The weather that evening looks questionable with dark cloudy skies that look threatening. :unsure:

The temp was not too bad at + 19 deg C / 66 deg F, and, there was some wind from the S.

The water was a bit stirred up, but not bad.

I set up at 8:30pm and fish until 9:00pm.

It was not too long ( 10 min or so) before the fish let me know they were around.
I felt a tap and the fish let go. I let lure sink and gave it a few flutters, BAM!, fish on again.
It was a pike and would be the only one that evening.

A while later I had another strike and wrestle in a walleye. First one of the season for me, nice.

A bit of time passes and I get another hit, set the hook, and land another walleye.

By now it's apparent that a thunder storm is indeed off in the distance.  I think the fish also feel the storm coming as the bite really turn on.  I get back to back casts, hooking and landing 3 more walleye. The storm gets closer.  Some good shots of fork lighting force me to take cover.
It's now 9:30pm so I call it a day and continue home, pleased with the action I had for such a short time fishing.

The final results - 1 pike and 5 walleye. :)

All the fish that evening went for an FX Pelican Lures spoon and they all went back.

June 13th.
I am back shore fishing at Fishing Lake and hoping for more time.

The weather looks promising with mainly sunny skies, + 25 deg C / 77 deg F temps, and, fair wind from the W to NW, churning the water into white caps and foam lines.

It was a bit tough to cast, but I made it a challenge to try and see what would work in these conditions.

I fished from 2:30pm - 7:00pm.

As the afternoon wore on the wind began to slowly diminish and by home time it was almost calm.

At around 5:00pm 3 other shore anglers came down the beach.
They fished for an hour or so, and, in that time, I did see them land 1 fish for sure.

Fishing had been OK, I caught 1 walleye and 7 pike during my time out.
Some of the fish hit hard while others just felt like an extra bit of weight on the line and no more.
Once I set the hook they let me know in a hurry, that they were there.

Here are the first pike and walleye that day.  :)


Most of the other fish were in this size range as well.

The fish went for a mixed group of lures this time. They didn't seem content on one type, style or color. I would catch 1 or 2 fish on a lure, and that was it until I changed up again.
What they went for this time was Len Thompson dimpled series spoon ( this one casts well on a windy day), the regular Len Thompson spoons a Northland swimbait and double tail grub.

Again all the fish went back.

All in all these were a productive 2 days for me and I hope the action continues.

June 18th - I am back shore fishin' at Fishing Lake.

I put in a good afternoon and go from 3:40pm - 9:00pm.

The weather looked a bit iffy as it was cloudy and looked like it could rain, but, thankfully, it held off until 9:00pm.
There was some wind for a while from the N - NW and then it calmed right down half way through the fishing. The temp was + 23 deg C / 73 deg F.

There were a few jet skiers and boaters out and about. Most were just joy riding or water skiing, but, a few were fishing as they passed by.

A group of shore anglers set up beside me for 2 hours or so, and they landed a few fish.

I had a good day as well landing 7 pike and 1 walleye.
I also had one walleye that got off just as I was about to net it. I just ever so slightly dipped my rod tip as I went net it and that's all it needed to shake the barbless hook free.

Here are a few photos of the days action.
First fish of the day.

The one walleye I did land was 19.5" with a stocky build. :)

This pike was the big fish of the day at 27.5" and my biggest so far this open water season. 8)
It must have been eating well - looks full.

My last fish of the day was a pike. It was close to the big one, at 27".

I chatted with an angler who was just coming down to fish as I was leaving.
They said that just that morning a shore angler fought a pike that looked to be in the 20 lb rage into shore, only to lose it as they went to net it.  :whistling:
Man, that was too bad, but, good to know that there are still a few big ones in the shallows.

I had luck on the new glow Len Thompsons spoon in green and white and a Pelican lures bait fx spoon.
The 2 big pike and walleye went for a Northland lures swimbait that looked like a perch.

In the end I was happy that I found my 2 biggest pike and tied with my biggest walleye this season, all in on afternoon.
I think the approaching storm must have had them fired up.

This was the last day for me in June. Here's hoping that July is as good or even better.

Here are my reports for July.

I went out from July 1st to the 3rd.

Day.1 July 1st. (Canada Day).
On July 1st I went to the lake a bit later in the day in hopes of catching a few fish off shore and, staying into the eveing, to enjoy the local fireworks displays.

I got to the lake where I fished from 4:30pm - 5:00pm. Weather forecasts predicted some rain off and on for the weekend and it did come to pass.
The temp was cool at 15 deg C / 59 deg F and the wind was from the S to SW.

The rain started around 4:40pm so I put on a rain jacket and kept fishin', but I had to quit when the winds got up.
My family and I then went for the first time to the newly reopened Fishing Lake Lodge to eat. It was great. ;D

At 8:40pm this rainbow let us know it was over and getting nicer again.

I did a bit more fishing off shore to 10:00pm. Then the fireworks started.(
The fireworks were were nice, but not quite as many around the lake this year as in the past.

The fishing was good for the time I had, and, I was able to land 8 pike and 2 walleye. :)


Day.2 July 2nd.
I was back again the next day.  The skies still looked stormy.  I was going to take the boat out, but, though I would fish off shore for a bit and see if conditions changed.
At 6:00pm the action had not been too exciting, so I decided to launch the boat.

It turned out to be a decent late afternoon / evening with temps +19 deg C / 66 deg F and some wind from the S - SE.

I fished from 6:15pm -  9:17pm and had good fishing. I would locate fish on the screen and then slowly troll through the area. The bites were fairly consistent and I was able to net 12 walleye and 1 pike.  :)





I was checked by 2 conservation officers. They looked at my license and checked to make sure I was using barbless hooks. They also asked if I was keeping any of the fish.
After the check, they wished me good fishing and were off.

As I came in for the night, I saw someone setting up fireworks not too far down the beach so I quickly unloaded the boat and stayed for the show.
They were nice fireworks that really put on a good show for all.
A good way to end the day, with a bang,lol. :w00t:

Day.3 July 3rd.
I returned to Fishing Lake and was out in the boat again for the late afternoon / evening bite. I would try the same strategy I used last time and see if it worked again.

The morning was a bit rainy, but the afternoon was better, with cloudy to partly cloudy skies, temps at +23 deg C / 73 deg F, and, a light wind from the W - SW.
The fish were biting!  I tries using that same trolling technique, but this time trying various depths.  In the end, I was able to net 13 walleye and 2 pike. :)



Smile for the camera!

Over the 3 days the other anglers out and about seemed to be having good luck as well, both off shore, and, from their boats.

When fishing off shore, the fish went for Storm wildeye swimbaits, Len Thompson spoons and Pelican lures spoons. In the boat, I used crankbaits like the Storm rattle tot and a Berkley flicker shad.

All in all despite the unsettled weather the fishing this long weekend was good and I was happy to find 11 pike and 27 walleye.:azn:
Here's hoping the bite continues on in July.

I hope all of you had a good Canada Day long weekend & 4th of July long weekend as well.

The next series of fishin' reports are for July 15th, 16th and 17th, all at Fishing Lake.

Day 1 July 15th.
I was at the lake and out in the boat by 6:30pm, fishing to 8:50pm.

It was a nice late afternoon /evening out on the water with the temps at +26 deg C / 79 deg F, sunny skies and just a light wind changing from N - NW.

There was alot more algae in the water this time - it looked like a green carpet.

Before long, I had fish action, and, the bite kept going the whole time I was out.

At the end of the day I netted 15 pike and 4 walleye, by trolling.

Day 2 July 16th.
I was eager to try the lake again after the luck I had before, so I was out on the water again from 12:30pm - 4:30pm, stopping for a bite to eat and then out again from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

It was a nice sunny day with temps at +24 deg C / 75 deg F and winds from the N - NW, picking up a bit near evening.

Thick algae growth made it really hard to see more than a few inches down into the water.

Despite this thick algae carpet, it turned out to be another good fishing day, and I picked up 7 pike and 10 walleye the first time out. The 2nd time out 5 more pike and 4 walleye were caught and netted. Both fish species were hitting hard and putting up decent fights.

After unloading the boat for the night I thought I would give a few more casts off shore, just for one more bite. I am glad I did.  On my 3rd cast I had a hard hit that I though must be a pike, but, this one felt funny, with no tell tail pike head shakes - it was a walleye, and, a decent one at that. Just as the light was fading I netted the fish. It was a nice chunky walleye at 23.1" long, my biggest not only this season, but, for a few seasons now. :w00t:
After a quick photo and measurement, it shot off from the shore, back to the depths.

I ended my day after that.

Day 3 July 17th.
I had to test my luck again for a 3rd day, but, with rain predicted, I decided that I would fish off shore.

I shore fished from 2:40pm - 5:50pm.

The afternoon was a mix of sun and cloud with a fairly light wind from the N and temps at +21 deg C / 70 deg F.

The fishing was decent from my usual spot and the fish bit with some regularity.
The final total for the afternoon was 9 pike and 4 walleye.

Over the 3 days I saw folks from shore and out in boats have good luck on both pike and walleye as well.

While boat fishing I trolled, drifted and cast rattling crankbaits from Berkley, Storm, Bomber and Matzuo.
When I was on shore I had luck on both Berkley and Yum swimbaits.

Here are a few fish photos from out of the boat. :azn:




In conclusion I had a fun and relaxing 3 days. I am happy that I could hook into and release 36 pike and 23 walleye.

I hope this hot bite continues.

July 22nd.
I am back at fishing Lake to fish from shore.

The temp was +24 deg C / 75 deg F with a fair N wind and a mainly sunny sky.

I fish from 5:15pm to 9:00pm.

It was slower off shore this time, but still was able to find 2 walleye before I left.
This walleye went for a dark Big Hammer swimbait.

July 25th.
The whole family and I get to the lake where we decided to do a bit of boating in the warmer part of the afternoon and fish for a bit later on.
It's a nice day on the water with the family  from 12:30pm  - 4:30pm.

The weather was sunny with the wind coming from the N, NW and finally switching to the NE. The temp was +24 deg C / 75 deg F, but with the humidx it felt warmer than that.

I fished for about an hour after our outing, and, in that time, caught 4 walleye and 2 pike.

Some photos from the time out on the water. :)



Even though it was a bit slower action, at least I still found a few and was able to give the family some fun on the water too.

July 30th.
The last report for July. I am out in the boat, testing my luck at Fishing Lake.

It's a hot one out on the water this time, with temps at +26 deg C / 79 deg F, and, with the humidx, it was in the mid +30 deg C / 86 deg F.
A light wind from the SW. switching to SE didn't help cool things down all that much. Thankfully there was a mix of sun and cloud.

The lake was very green now with algae bloom, reminding me of green felt. :blink:

Since it was the Aug. long weekend  (Saskatchewan Day), the lake was quite busy with good numbers of water skiers, jet skiers, tubers and pleasure boaters mixed with the anglers.

The bite had slowed alot since last time out.  Maybe it was due to warmer temps, moon phase or barometer, but, whatever the factor, they were not too interested.
I could see good schools of fish on the screen, but they were not biting. :unsure:
It took quite a few lure changes to find something that worked.
In the end I did find 2 walleye on a Storm rattle tot.

Here is a photo of 1 of the 2 walleye.
This one had both it's dorsal fins quite messed up. :blink:
Not sure what happened to this walleye, as there were no scars on it's back indicating it was attacked. ???

The few folks I talked to said they has similar luck or no luck at all.
One angler said that his surface temp sensor on his fish finder read 29 deg C  / 85 deg F.  That is really warm for this lake, too warm actually.  It's great for swimmers and water skiers and such, but, not so good for anglers or the fish. I hope this lake don't experience a summer kill. :P

Hopefully the fish start biting a bit better again, but, I have found in the past, that August can sometimes be a bit slower month on average.
I am very happy though with the action I have had so far this summer and am ready to see what comes next. ;D

Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: ran7ger on Nov 20, 2016, 04:25 PM
 nice work w.w.  i hardly got out this summer but had great luck when i did.  thanks for the pics!
Title: Re: Fishing fun.
Post by: Water Wolf on Apr 19, 2017, 07:15 PM
Thanks ran7ger, good to hear you had great luck when you went out. 8)

Hi all,
Here is a brief recap of my fishing from last Aug. (2016) to freeze up and the largest of each species I found. ;)

In Aug I went fishing 6 times, sometimes from the boat, and, sometimes from shore at Fishing Lake.
Good numbers of pike and walleye were caught and released.
I was even able to try Little Fishing Lake (a little lake off of the main lake). for an hour or so one afternoon.

In Sept. I got away twice to Fishing Lake.  Fishing was good for both species (pike and walleye).

In Oct. I got out 5 times. The pike were still biting, but, the walleye were more scarce, or, not hungry.

I went out one last time, in the boat, on the 6th of Nov. This was the latest I'd ever been boat fishing.  It was a good day with calm waters and hungry pike.
In just a few hours  I boated 18 pike, from the shallows to deeper water.

This is on of my larger walleyes for the 2016 open water season. :)

I tried carp fishing once this past open water season as well.
On Aug. 21st I hit the shores of Last Mountain Lake for the afternoon.

It was hot and sunny with a light wind.

I set up along the shore not to far from another angler who was also targeting carp. He had recently moved from the United Kingdom to SK.
We chatted about fishing off and on all afternoon. He was  fishing with a full style European / English carp setup.
It was interesting to watch him use all his gear, from the castable bait dispenser, (I think he called it a spod), that launched his ground bait way out into the lake, to the hair trigger detection of his bite alarm system. In the end he caught 2 carp, one of which was a double header with me.

I finally caught what I think is a decent carp.

On my previous attempts they were only a few lbs.

This one weighed 12.5lb and gave me one heck of a fight with several long line peeling runs and lots of short ones. It was tricky to net on my own.

The new pb carp. :w00t:

After a quick photo and weight measurement, it went back.
Once back in the water, it tore off with gusto for the depths.

To weigh the fish, I kept it in the net, and, hooked my scale into the top of the net. I then subtracted the net's weight from the total.
This seemed to be a good method for weighing bigger fish without hurting them.  The angler beside me used that method as well, except he had a sling to weigh the fish in.

I used a hair and bolt rig with corn as bait, and, I chummed the water with handfuls of corn, to attract them.

My largest pike of the season was caught on Oct. 23rd, while fishing in very thick fog. I have not fished in such dense fog before, so, this was a neat experience.

Fishing off shore I caught several pike before the big one hits.
On one of my casts I get a bit of weed on the lure,so, am dabbling it on the surface, trying to get the weeds off. That's when she lunges, and hits with only 4 feet or so of line from the rod tip.
That strike catches me off guard and she almost makes me lose my balance. I regain my footing and get ready for battle. She gives me battle with lots of good runs and even once she warped around the legs of the dock I was on. My buddy makes several attempts to net her, but she is able to avoid it or twists out of the net each time.  I need a bigger net,lol.
Finally she is netted and curls into it. I hold her in the water while my buddy goes for the scale and I weigh her in the net the same way I did for the carp - easier on the fish.
After deducting the weight of the net, she came in at 24 lbs.

She is now my new pb pike and largest fish in general that I have caught to date. ;D
After a few quick photos I lower her gently back into the water and gaze at her one last time before she shoots off like a torpedo towards shore and then back into the gloom.  WOW ! :o