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First off its time to start open water fishing here in NY, but I can assume b/c of the dormancy of this site and ALASKA you are all still icefishing. I just wanted to stop in and gain some info on the fishing in Alaska. I will be flying out from Upstate NY to work out of Fairbanks for the summer (and potentially permanently). The first thing I will be buying is a fishing license and when the Kings start to run I will be buying a 3 day license. I was wondering what is your recommendations for someone who has never experienced the great state of Alaska.

well buy lots of bug dope...and when the fish are running you wont be able to not catch them.....

want some monster northerns head to the village of minto.....3 hrs frm fairbanks

I have heard about the mosquito's...I cant wait to get up there.

that will be one heck of trip


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