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AI Sat. and Sun.
« on: Jun 07, 2011, 09:21 AM »
Water color: clear/clean
Wind: light out of the North then East-South East
Sky: mix of sun and then some clouds followed by some clouds then sun
Water temp: unknown but warm
Tide: incoming to incoming
Time: Sat.1p.m. - 8p.m./ Sun. 7a.m. - 6p.m.
Baits: clam/chunks/peeler/FBBW
Rigs:modified FF and spot/kingfish rigs

Fishingilrpa and I decided to hit AI at the last minute on Fri. night so we were out the door bright and early Sat morning. We hit John Henry's as soon as we got down there and grabbed a few clams and some bunker. The clams were fresh, but the bunker was starting to get a little soft. I talked with Sonny the night before and knew the bunker wasn't as fresh as I had hoped, but it was something to bait up with no matter. We were out on the beach sometime after 9 and set-up just north of the Bullpen.
Boy, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to reading the beach. Once the tide went out later in the day, I soon realized I had set us up right on top of flat. Not getting there until right before high tide doesn't help. It definitely pays to look at the beach during low tide!

There was a couple fishing just south of us at what looked to be a hole at the edge of the flat. At least I knew it was deeper water then where we were. We didn't see them catch anything throughout the day. When the tide had switched back to an incoming late in the day, they packed up their gear and left. I thought that finally I can get us off of this flat and into a little deeper water. We moved on down the beach about 75yds. and set-up again. We fished a good protion of the incoming without much luck other then a short flattie and a blowfish.

Sun. we headed out early and set-up on the same spot with high hopes. It looked fishy the whole morning but we still didn't connect with anything all day. I should have checked the gas gauge and maybe we would have went down past the Bullpen.
After another uneventful day on the beach we packed it in. We headed North Mon. morning....

All in all it was a great weekend at the beach, but our luck could have been much better. No matter, we will be back.
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