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Author Topic: Patapsco Ponds Fishing Reports  (Read 6457 times)


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Patapsco Ponds Fishing Reports
« on: Jul 19, 2013, 08:04 AM »
Theres not a real good place to put these reports for the Patapsco Ponds so I figured I would start a thread.

Fished the Hollins Ferry pond the last 2 nights.  Yesterday was my best day there yet.  Around 10 bass landed from 13-20 inches.  Senko's around wood ruled the day.  A friend came with me and picked up a few channel cats on cut bait.  Water was like a bath tub and visibility was around 2 feet.  Landed the 20 incher and was just about to take a photo when he flopped off the hawg trough and back in the water :/ 

Went back this evening hoping to replicate last nights results.  No such luck.  One 15incher kept me from smelling the skunk.  Still a nice night on the water


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