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Heading to your great state the beginning of next sept.i will be staying near Denali .it's a land tour and cruise so I'll only be there for 2 days.looking for a short fishing trip near the princess lodge and what fish to expect.thanks in advance.

Mac Attack:

Donna and I are doing this in 4 years too.
It's our retirement celebration cruise.

PLEASE - post tons of pictures and write up a nice report here on MFF of your trip.

I also want to fish while I'm up there and want some first hand advice.
We will be going in July as both of our birthdays are in July.

Good luck and I look forward to see how this thread materializes and grows.


Thank Mac! I'm not sure how to post pics but I can probably figure it wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary! Can't wait!scratch that one off the bucket list!

Mac Attack:
you have a second thread created on the same thing
not sure how you did that.
might want to go over and delete that one to keep everything in the same place.

One is on the ny thread and the other is on the Alaska thread.


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