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Openwater here we come........

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I know that ice fishing is coming to an end and making us all sad  but who's getting excited about open water fishing i know i cant wait to catch some spring trout and crappies and countless numbers of summertime bass

Am I getting excited...hmmm lets see, just bought a new trolling motor for the hitch and receiver for the VHF battery charger....shoveled out the snowbank infront of the boat...

Yup I am getting excited  ;D


Snowbank?  I have been wearing short-sleeves here in SE PA,  just need to get out of this gosh darn house!!!!!

I cant wait  to start open water fishing. I cant wait to go out and fish for crappie, pike and bass. 

I really hate to see the ice end. I guess I still could go ice fishen, but I lose interest when I see water on top. I'm going to start to put my boat back together soon. One of the first thing's I got to do is get another moter. I guess I'm going to a jet this year. I do spend most of my time on the river. The one change I'm maken is I'm going to spend more time on panfish this year.
  This is the worst time of the year for me, no ice, river is high & dirty, What ice there is you cant go on it. I hate March. I see the geese are moving north,I heard some gobblen going on,   Come on spring


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