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San Antonio fishing???


Is there any fishing near San Antonio, Bass, Panfish or catfish??  I'm going to be there for two weeks the 1st of April.  DEERJOHN

Lakes Calaveras and Braunig, south 15 - 20 miles. Red drum,Hybrid strppers, cat ,LMD/ crappie, Sunfish. Several flowages I would not eat anything out of those, but bigger lakes should be fine. Born and raised in south Texas.

I am currently building a home on Canyon Lake just a half hour north of San Antonio.   The lake has some excellent fishing year round.  Of course different species are targeted at different times of the year but its always possible to fish.  I feel very lucky because there is a launch right in the sub division making it just minutes from the driveway.  The ice fishing really sucks though, I have to come back home for that.


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