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I am going down to visit the in laws in San Antonio over the fourth of July, and we will be heading to the coast for a few days while we are down there. I think we will be on Port Aransas Island just north of Corpus Christi. My father in law said we will do plenty of surf fishing while the girls sun themselves and the kids play on the beach. I have never surf casted before and I was wondering what to expect. What kind of gear is common and what can I expect to catch?

We may charter a boat and go after some big stuff too!

I am so exited! My in laws had to bait me to come down with fishing, but I am not complaining. We are going to drive down there, it is like 1700 miles one way. :'(

hey skipper, I posted something on here a while back about EL Paso area fishing in the remote area and no one responded,...  I don; t think Texans post on here much! :'(

I just got back.

We fished padre on the beach. It was a little slow, but we caught a couple ladyfish and whitings. My father in law had something big on, but we lost it. It is pretty cool how far out you can get on the sand bars. Now I know why surf reels have such a large spool. ;)

I will put some pics up when I get my domestic duties done. :D


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