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Boat for Berrien Springs MI


I have been fishing Berrien Springs for years from the shore. I am planning on purchasing a boat to use up there and am looking for ANY advice on what style/type to get and how to best set it up. I really need advice on where to get an enclosure for it.  Also looking on suggestions for motor H.P etc.  Most times I will be fishing with three people.  The boat I have now is too small to take on the river.


I would get a heavy gauge aluminum with at least 25 hp. the current is realy fast there and the boulders are every where. Better yet talk a buddy into getting one and go with him. lol

That does sound like a good idea jigginstick.  No trailer license, boat registration, launching permits, and if he hits something, nothing out of my pocket.  I'm SOLD.  LOL


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