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does anybody fish here?

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just wondering were to fish in houston?

I hope this not to late to help out. I live fifty miles south of Houston on the gulf. For the latest fishing report and places check out I am a moderator as well as one of the original mebers. Now if some one can help me out, I am in Boca Raton, Fl for the nest 5 or 6 days and need a place to fish (salt water please). I sould be back after the first of the year and will be working on both sides of the state.

Thanks in advance,


welcome chongo11

not to late been over in iceshanty wishing i was back in mass just working alot so not much time to fish

Why would you want to be in Mass ??? I live there it sucks. I would much rather be in Texas bass fishing. I could buy 5 houses in Texas for what one would cost me in Mass >:(


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