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Fined for overharvesting carp in Connecticut?

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NE part of the country is getting more entertaining than cali anymore.  i think the people need to pay more attention to whom they put in power.  when they start protecting INVASIVE species its out of hand.  unfortunately most people just move out of state instead of fixing the problem. 

  interesting letter reposted about the money.  personally i doubt income from carp anglers would have any effect on a states economy.  besides, where are the environmentalists that seem to infest that area of the country? lol   extended over population of carp is a death sentence to the rest of the lakes native fishes.  watched it happen around here.  it ended with a lake kill off.


Groups like CAG definitely swayed the CT DEEP to change the rules for Carp fishing. They began sponsoring the 3 day tournament on the CT river every year. This tournament brings people in from all over the world. 100% has an impact on economy for the state. Same reason the state switched from 2 poles to 3 poles. Direct pressure from carp anglers. The tourney guys wouldn't come if they could only use 2 poles.

no licenses  and  keeping that many  ....they would  have  been on a  buffet........they  couldn't  be  used  as Gefilte as they were  not  kosher.... but  stir fry  .....yup

i hope it doesn't look like the pymy spillway in a few years.


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