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Fined for overharvesting carp in Connecticut?

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As an avid carp fisherÖÖIím not sure how I feel. Local law is what it is and it was violated.

Iíve never thought of creel or size limits for carp. For me itís always been C&R. Many kill them for sport which, while legal, doesnít sit well with me. Theyíre part of the ecosystem, do no discernible damage ( that Iíve seen ) and are a super game fish to target. ( thereís a fresh tub of pack bait in my fridge as I type)

They just donít get no respect !

Although fun to catch as a by catch while fishing for other species, never would have thought that there'd be a limit on them, they clearly violated the law, I toss all mine back.

The state changed the law a few years back.  Lots of avid carp guys in CT. 

with carp tourneys bringing people from all over the world to the states to fish for them I would expect to see new regs on carp. Give something a $$$ value and regulation will follow. That's always the argument with elephant hunting- Big money to shoot one means protection. Without big money being spent to hunt they are just a huge nuisance animal open to extermination like our urban deer are turning into.

 We use to catch them to keep in practice for the king salmon run in the fall


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