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Post by: fishinjohn on Nov 09, 2018, 09:55 PM
I have been a member of MFF since 2015.. Nowhere near as long as many of you here...HOWEVER.. I have gained alot of knowledge (and hope I have been helpful to just as many).. Over the years i have developed friendships and bonds with guys like myself WHO LOVE TO FISH AND LOVE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US .. I have several guys in text often now through personal number exchanges.. Some when the ice gets here...Some when the soft water gets here the bite for eyes turns on.. some when Erie bite turns on...AND SOME..... ALL THE TIME...
Recently I developed a new bond with a gentleman on here.. After reading some posts on a passion we BOTH share p.m.'s became more often than not... The passion we both share is working in our meat shops and enjoy immensely making tasty treats.. This guys name is SHaRPS.. after some discussion over a couple months we decided to do some trading of what we consider our best things.. and some of the things the other doesnt have The luxury of getting...
Sharps sent me a care pkg of all kinds of goodies.. sausages he makes.. I havent tried them all yet bmhkwever the kolbassi he makes is really good and the philly cheesteak sausage is OUT OF THIS WORLD CRAZY GOOD!!!!!!!. Also had some sun dried tomatoes basil sausage which is killer also!!!!!
Dried shrooms(yuuummmmy) several different types of saltwater fish.. ect.. the list goes on.. In return I sent him the same amount of goodies back!!!
 We dont text every night but we are in contact often now talking about the goodies each of us sent the other and how much we enjoy tasting treats from different parts of our eastern region.. Tomorrow I am having some sausages for lunch and a pheasant soup for dinner.. cant wait to try the herbs and spices sent for the soup!!
SHaRPS and I have developed a friendship and bond that will continue on for years to come.. even if it's not sharing foods, itll be sharing stories with one another.. Its very neat the way technology can help create new friendships without ever meeting a person!!!
SHaRPS.... Thanks for the pheasant soup for tomorrow night!!!!!!!  And I hope you enjoyed some tasty NY walleye tonight!!!!!!!
Post by: SHaRPS on Nov 10, 2018, 05:01 AM
Hey John,

I really appreciate the kind words. Friendships are two way streets so half of this credit is yours buddy. I too have met a bunch of great guys from here and IS, some are now close friends and others are friends through chat. Either way, its nice to have a group of guys that you can reach out to for help or advice or to just plain BS and that have similar goals and hobbies. No one is perfect and everyone has their own struggles in life, but places like this, memories like this, and people like this make it easier.

Now, with that said you sir have just changed my mind on what the best freshwater fish is. I love white perch and crappie but that walleye is unreal. Kinda reminds me of black sea bass but still has its own uniqueness. Ill post a picture after but right now its time to walk into the woods for a few hours. The wife also loved the buffalo sausage so thank you. My old man and my little guy are all about the smoked salmon. I have a feeling we will be trading another 30lb batch of goodies sooner than  later. Enjoy the soup and pheasant. Hit me up if you need to.

Good.luck out in the woods today.
Post by: fishinjohn on Nov 12, 2018, 06:02 AM
The walleye is definitely hard to beat for table fare!!! They arent noted for their fight thats for sure.. but dang.. they taste superb
That soup by the way was off the hook man!!!! Some GREAT STUFF THERE!!!!!!!!! we ate it all weekend long
Post by: lowaccord66 on Nov 13, 2018, 02:16 PM
Mike is the man.  Mike I have a frozen block of tog filets from last Sunday for ya. 7lbs or so.
Post by: SHaRPS on Nov 14, 2018, 06:08 AM
Mike is the man.  Mike I have a frozen block of tog filets from last Sunday for ya. 7lbs or so.

Lol thanks Jon. Ill tell you what. Bring that block up to winni and the boys will have a feast. Ill make some fish and chips that saturday night and you will still get a care package.
Post by: Jethro on Nov 14, 2018, 01:46 PM
I'm pretty sure Sharps could have his own cooking show on the outdoor network.