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New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by icefisher47 on Today at 04:53 AM »
34* out this morning
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by Raquettedacker on Today at 04:51 AM »
30* clear and calm...
New Hampshire / Re: Some striper success, finally
« Last post by AquaAssassin on Today at 04:49 AM »
Nice work buddy, what’s the other guys first name in the second pic? Looks so familiar.
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by rgfixit on Today at 04:43 AM »
31 here now. First time below freezing this year.

New Hampshire / Some striper success, finally
« Last post by steve01987 on Today at 03:49 AM »
Went out last Saturday night for some shorefishing with my cousin and good friend. We get our poles set up, leader lines set. He gets a line or two in the water and before I can cast out theres something in the car I need. So i take the 3 or 4 min walk to the car and I hear him getting all excited saying he caught a 20 pound fish. Im doubting this obviously (and don't know the weight of the fish maybe 15? it wasn't weighed) but I starting to pick up my pace walking back to see whats up. Anyways it looks like a keeper to me but hes a bit of a novice and has learned everything about fishing from me (and im not an expert by ANY means) but he does not know how to revive a fish, had a scale and tape measurer in the tackle box but hes had it out of the water a good bit of time. he makes the decision to let it go so we forget about the measurements and I revive him for a cpl mins and he kicks off strong and was gone. I know theres much bigger ones out there but I was excited for him and happy to catch a few of my own which were not keepers. Getting the circle hook thing down a bit and learning to bait them better.
Edit: I have no comments one way or another on my cousins hat lol.

New Hampshire / Re: PB NH salmon
« Last post by steve01987 on Today at 03:39 AM »
New Hampshire / Re: The boy continues to amaze me
« Last post by steve01987 on Today at 03:38 AM »
Hes killin it!
Montana / Re: DEAD SITE
« Last post by Walleyewarrior on Sep 20, 2020, 09:02 PM »
Sorry for the really late reply.
The walleye fishing was awsome.
Caught 8 over 30", 15 between 16"-24"., several smaller ones, pike were a pest, a few smallies to.
Best trip in a long time.
Can't wait for ice,
Also getting thing reorganized for the kids  clinic, be here before you know it.
Thinking late January???.

New Hampshire / Re: The boy continues to amaze me
« Last post by Digs on Sep 20, 2020, 08:48 PM »
Thanks everyone! It's funny I'm not much of a spin fish guy anymore I mainly fly fish. He does too...... Better than me some days. But he's gotten into baitcasters from watching YouTube videos. I had one way back in the early 90s spent like $50 on a reel and whatever on a cheap rod. I was young. Hated the thing couldn't get the hang of it. He saved up bought his first combo. I told him good luck I'll help the best I can buy I don't know much about them at all so it's all on you..... He's had a birdnest or two at first practicing in the yard, which he dealt with and now he whips that thing around better than I ever could.
« Last post by zaphod4 on Sep 20, 2020, 08:04 PM »
Read Capt.Buffas report and he also said mid day with stick baits worked well for him trolling the other day.Trolled 35-38 row with fish taken on bottom and suspended.He was running a 4 rod presentation with 2 bottom bouncers and 2 mini Divers.His speed was 1.7 to 2.0.Faster then I usually run.
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