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Author Topic: Fin-nor mega lite MLS60 what is your thoughts of these reels?  (Read 1651 times)


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I just found a grear deal on the fin-nor mega lite MLS60 and was reading "Alan hawks" Web site he seem to speak highly of the fin nor leathel lt100..   but this is a different reel and is the mega lite reel worth keeping??  I bought 6 of them..for cheap they seem real well built with carbon fiber drags etc..  but a little cheaper made then photos of the lethal same drag but some differences .. this is comoared to the  lethal reels just cretin thing we're cheaper differences..  but at $30 a reel is it worth keeping them??  I could sell them to friends if I really need to.. but am liking them over my penn pursuit 2 size 8000 reels and a tad better then my fierce 2 8000 live liner ..  they seem better made then I though.. but looking at the expert opinions from the gurus.. was thinking a sargosa but to own 6 of them is a tad expensive.. and a tad pricey to have stolen. If it happens.. that's why I am digging these..

By the way these are still on sale at tackle direct threw a private sale.. add was sent via email and you have to click threw email sale ends April 5 at midnight.. I think bogo sale ..


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Fin-Nor MegaLites are my favorite reel. I have 3 of the 60s and 1 on backup not to mention $40 worth of spare parts. I stocked up because my 20 year Sigma 80 needed some new parts and well, you just cant find parts for it and if you can, its gonna be $10 for a bail spring.

I signed up to this forum specifically to answer this question.

I love surf fishing. Its my favorite! The amount of abuse surf fishing deals on a reel is insane. I paired the ML60s with 8 and 9 foot a Penn Prevails rods. If you havent tried this mix, you need to. Greatest combo ever (for salt).

So when the current isnt friendly and my lead wont anchor, i switch to lures and wade out balls-deep. My go-to is a 2oz diamond jig with a leading teaser like a neon grub or lefty deciever, etc. That form of fishing is a death sentence for most reels. My oldest ML60 paired with an 8' Prevail is my main gun on piers and surf casting heavies. Im talking sea water splashing up her skirt and just bad stuff for reels.. ive dunked that reel many times.

After a year and a half, i decided to service my first ML60. Stupid of me because nothing was wrong. It wasnt acting up, i just assumed... not a lick of corrosion. Im talking nothing. Granted i tighten drag disks down and rinse off every time o leave the beach.... still! I did a full breakdown and detail. Re-lubed and back together. Sure she felt a little smoother but not by much to warrant this as a needed.

For the price and durability of this reel, MegaLites are the bests for pier and surf. I dont go off-shore so i cant speak for that... i fish light tackle inshore mostly, medium 7' rods and 2500-4000 size reels. I dont have a ML40 yet.

So let me give my highlights. ---The ML60 has a beefy crank handle assembly. The knob is great for cranking in a long cast of 3oz pyramids. T

-Graphite construction is pretty sturdy. The mounding neck my have some flex under heavy load but no need to worry about the gears binding or skipping

-the gears are well-made. Its easy to disassemble. Dont forget there is a ring washer under the main drive gear... not listed on the breakdown. You'll end up with it left over. Not sure

-This reel is very lightweight. Its noticable hight much lighter it is than many size 60 reels. There are lighter ones on the market but not under $100. I can cast foot long bottle poopers on a 8' Penn Prevail for an hour straight. Its light and try jigging with a surf rod.

-the drag is stout. No need to worry about drag. Its enough to tire out monster stripers. Holds enough 20 or 30lb braid to let the dog run. I believe the drag disks are carbon fibre as well, too lazy to really go check. Does matter, they work and hold lube well. The drag knob is not fancy or pretty but there is a seal/o-ring around the knob assembly making it so water stays out. That is the main design that seperates saltwater reels and fresh. The main entry point for corrosion is down the shaft and into your rotary bearings and penion gear. The penion gears are probably brass anyways but it'll corrode regardless if water sits in there, and especially saltwater. My o-ring busted from over-tightring the drag for wash-downs but it was a 0.$10 part.

-parts are cheap. Cheap as dirt. Some cost a penny. Shimano sells parts for at the minimum, $0.99 making it impossible to stock parts for less than buying a new reel. Fin-Nor will ship you 200 parts all hand labeled and it'll include a return label in case you have extra parts you dont need. Cool but HAHA im a parts guy. Thats what i do for a living (at an equipment manufacturer) so im all about stocking parts for the future use. Very nice stuff.

-less is more. There is an auto-bail point on the retrieve which takes a few minutes to break-in smooth. Thats normal. I do with it was magnetic instead of spring (Lethal uses magnets on the bailer). Works good regardless and ifs not hard to disassemble. Theres not reverse feature, which i absolutely hate. The cutch system is a sealed roller bearing thats easy to swap out if need be. No springs that pop out for no reason like the older Shimanos. The simple design is functional. Ifs not that pretty of a reel compared to an Shimano Ultegra, Stradic, or Nasci. It does match a Penn Prevail to the point people thing it came in a combo.

-that knob. Its big. Is comfy. Its grippy. And i already covered it earlier.

-comes braid ready. Had an integrated rubber band. No mono backing needed. If you dont know what in talking about, you just dont need to be reading an indeptb review.

So before I close this. Lets get negative. The things i dont like. -I dont like the mounting foot. Id change the design to make it more contoured for thinner rods. It seats just fine and some sand paper could be used to mate it to a thin rod like the prevail. Its mainly on the 8'.

-the drag knob looks like it came out of a McDonalds happy meal. It works but it could be better. When wet and in the heat of battle, its not the easiest knob ive used.

-i dont like Red and Black. Even tho the Prevail is also red and black, i feel like the colors make it look like a Penn Fierce. People have made comments on the pier... quickly to get corrected.

-i wish the spool was taller with a wider foundation like a Daiwa Emcast. Not as much tho. Just a little bit. Youd get slight furthr casts and slightly faster retrieves.

-comes in a bubble pack. I hate bubble packs. Give us a box. Please.

-the cap for the other side of the crank handle entry way could be better. I dont recall it having a seal and its pretty thin. It'll probably be the first thing to break from sun damage. Mines still good but it doesnt attach with many threads and its plastic on graphite. I just dony like this part at all... at all....

Thanks for reading my ranting about this reel. Hope you decide to keep yours. Go get an 8' Penn Prevail. No regrets there.


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Thanks for the reply I got 6 of them and sold two of them to a buddy..  he's loving them too..


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