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Author Topic: Fishing this week-lefty since the broken arm-lots of pics (7ish?)  (Read 889 times)


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Cant cast with my right hand so ive been going lefty lately

August 13th
Just getting back into fishing after breaking the arm and getting the go ahead from the doc to cast (only lefty im right handed) It took some practice but with 200+casts today I was feeling pretty good.  Broke off a 4plus on the yum crawbug+booyahh jighead combo I was shown after getting skunked for 1.5hours on the spinnerbait bit- only had one sweep and a couple 10-12in perch. Got a couple 2's mostly low two's but one that went 2lb 10oz. 7bass landed 1 broke off on hookset 1 broke when I tryed to turn her back the other way.

August 14th
Started off with a new idea my 12 year old little brother gave me- take a booyahh 3/16-5/16oz baby boo jig on 6-8pound test with a Yum crawbug (niffken I WILL buy from you if you make a bait like these) Didnt get SH*t till we hit some boulders-litterally not a sniff besides a 16in 2lb 8oz my buddy got on a berkley smoke 4in grub and basspro jighead.  Starting to feel another skunking- WHack line goes taunt as I wait for my pitch to settle in 12FOW under a ledge, start cranking like crazy and slam the hook into her- takes off for the rocks 5 (yea 5!) times on 6pound test, at this point my buddy thinks its luck after loosing 2 small largies on his setup, as I pull her out get the tape on at 19in and wiegh her for 4 pounds 9oz, 4oz shy of the smallie I caught in the begining of the summer.  COuple happy photos for my best largie this year and shes back in (right in this spot I caught one on a senko after iceout that went 4pounds 7oz but had a bigger head and no meat)  tossing along some boulders again- WHAM took 10 feet tryed to set the hook better with a light set- couple more feet and shes in the rocks and gone. The bass bulldog right into um.  Casting along some more another hit set the hook and she's in the air another bass right around 3 plop off before I lip her, its hard with a busted hand.  At this point my buddy tosses on a bigger booyahh with the 3.25in crawbug gets nailed second cast- fish bulldogs the 10lb test he had and shes gone, with my last $1.98 booyahh, That fish pulled like a 6+ with the drag set high. Were havin alotta fun now, I latch into what I thought was a snag, all the sudden the rods ging crazy - fish is a high 2 almost 3-didnt tape her maybe 17in

I gotta learn how to hold these bass closer to the cam they look way big in my hands  ;D I can never ever find the bass here during ice- has me stumped

Il be headed back with more booyahh in no time

same fish but shows how distance makes her look tiny


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