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Aluminum Lund boat paint
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I am new to this forum, but I am a transfer over from  Anyways, I am looking into getting a used Lund aluminum fishing boat that could use a little fixing up.  I was thinking that if I am going to put all of the work into the boat I might as well throw on a fresh coat of paint on her too (outside of boat).  Does anyone have any good suggestions and/or ideas on what paint to use for an aluminum boat?  I know I have a lot of prep work to do before I put the paint on but I figure I had better start to figure out the paint and possibly have the paint in hand before I start to prep it for painting.  If I get it all figured out maybe I will post some before and after pics of my project boat too...
Painting aluminum is very difficult and costly if you do it right way.
From powder coating to etching to zinc oxide primering, etc...
You can do some research on Google. The paints and primers are very expensive and toxic and you need special permit just to buy them. And after all it is not always perfect result at the end.
But there is a "shortcut" depending of how demanding you are to result:
There is a primer for aluminum in Home Depot that I used for my boats and it still holds (more then 2 years).

Very important : if you have old paint that is holding strong do not clean it (it is like a good primer), but anything loose must come out and aluminum must be absolutely CLEAN (almost sterile).

Remember: "Shortcuts" are always shortcuts. They are never perfect.
That is great information that you passed on to me, thanks for your input.  :thumbup_smilie:  I believe that I will make a trip to home depot and check out what they have for primer.  I don't think I will really need a whole lot of it, cause like you said the old paint that is holding on strong makes for a real good primer and there are only just a couple of spots that would need cleaning up.

I personally don't like to take "shortcuts" either as they always show up and you will never be happy with it in the end...  just my opinion there. ;D
When we repainted out Lund, we bought everything we needed directly from Lund.  It worked out great and lasted for years.
Ice Dawg:
I bought paint remover and completely stripped a 14 foot aluminum boat. I went to a boat dealer and bought a can of Zink Chromate primer which can be used sparingly. Then I bought my paint (KRYLON))  in rattle cans from Menards, masked the boat off and sprayed it. It came out great.
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