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What Color to Paint the Bottom of your Boat..?
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I made it to Oneida NY for a week of fishing (didn't do well) , but i noticed that the people who had white bottom boats ( me and others ) didn't do as well as the boats with color on the bottoms. We were drifting with a worm on a hook and a split shot in 9-14' of water just like everyone was and we caught a lot less fish. So i figured that it had to be the white bottom. Sounds kind of dumb, I know...
 If you guys could tell me what color your boats are, I might be able to decide which is best for me.

Thanks Folks for any input!

Fishin 4 em too
I have always fished out of aluminum boats with no paint, so its a greyish bottom, and do well.  Never really thought much about it, but I guess it would be no different than wearing bright clothing when fishing shallow and/or clear water.  A duller color that resembles an overcast or partly cloudy sky would be a good idea, perhaps a shade of blue that would work on overcast or clear days.
I dont know how much insight this will give you, but the natural color looking up from the fish's perspective would be blue and white. They sky and clouds. Nature has designed fish and frogs to have white or light bellies, so that predators looking at them from the bottom will see the white belly camouflaged with the sky and clouds. On the other hand most fish have a dark back so that predators looking from the air, and fish on top of fish look down onto dark backs that blend in with the water. Personally I have never noticed a difference in how many fish a white bottom boat catches compared to a colored bottome boat. I too use aluminum only (pontoon boat, 12' row boat, and pontoon paddleboat) all grey bottomed. I think the key is trying to be still in the boat and not sending loud noises and vibrations in the water. Sound travels faster through water than sound in air. Whenever I am in water that is clear and relatively shallow, I try to imitate the floating log, as to not scare the fish. This works extremely well and I have gotten pretty close to some real nice fish. I know carp probably dont matter to much, but as an example, when I am real still and move slow in my boat, ive actually had carp come up and investigate the boat.
Never gave it much thought, except that a friend of mine had his boat bottom painted white at the water line the rest was camo and had SOS written in florescent orange.  I asked him why one day and he said if his boat ever flipped and he was clinging to it, the rescuers would be able to see him better. Just a thought.
I have personally owned or do own, white, red, marsh grass, OD green, and just plain old oxidized aluminum, bottomed boats. While fishin' Bass TX's I've been in boats of just about every color and shade. I can say that I've really never noticed a difference.

This is not to say however that the presence of a boat will not spook fish especially in shallow or clear waters. That is why many walleye and early season salmon/trout fisherman use boards or outriggers to get their lures away from the boat while trolling.

If other boats in the area are catching fish and you are not it is probably a presentation issue, depth, speed, size, color etc. or a combination.
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