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Author Topic: Show where you work  (Read 14456 times)


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Re: Show where you work
« Reply #30 on: Jul 11, 2008, 10:20 AM »
Not an actual pic of where i work but the same thing. I work at an NB liquor store located on the biggest lake in the can get pretty busy, i spend 3 days a week stocking the cooler with beer, by the end of the weeknd its completly empty...i love workin there tho, especially when it 30C outside and im in the walk-in fridge ;D :thumbup_smilie:

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Re: Show where you work
« Reply #31 on: Jul 11, 2008, 10:51 AM »
I work for NORAD in an underground lair inside of a giant carved-out mountain...

Therefore I can't post photos due to the high security risk and potential threat to Homeland Security...

OK- that's a lie...

I am the Ecologist for Audubon International...  And my office looks like any other...  Although we do have a few hundred acres of gorgeous property and forests here at our HQ...  And a nice private section of a Class A trout stream (Onesquathaw Creek) about 50yrds from where I park my truck each morning...

Could be worse, I suppose...

Once I get the Top Secret security clearance (um, and bring my camera to work)I will post some photos... 

Of the stream- not my office!!!  Ha!!! 
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