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Author Topic: st. anne report june02/03, 2007  (Read 727 times)


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st. anne report june02/03, 2007
« on: Jun 04, 2007, 09:44 AM »
put some time in on lac st. anne this weekend...
arrived at my bro's cabin in the afternoon on saturday. fished from 4:00-7:30pm. the 'eyes were nuts!!! we landed 20-30 of 'em in those few hours. they were hitting EVERYTHING and we found them in all depths. 25-5ft!!!! only saw 4 wee skinny pike.
due to a BIG storm approaching, we left the water well before sundown  :( 
and that's when we met the world's most retarded boaters!!!!
these 3 BIG adults (obvious fast food enjoyers) and a really, really tiny BABY launched their 8' tiny boat with a 2 hp motor into the oncoming storm while there was a line of us getting OUT!!! the driver then proceeded to try filling his engine on the boat, spilling gas all over the place!!! meanwhile, they left all their doors on their vehicle wide open!!!
well, they never got the engine started, the white-caps blew them into the neighboring reed-bed, and they ended up draggin the boat thru the weeds and taking it out!!!! all with a weeks-old baby in tow!!! unbelievable!!!
the next day we were happy to see a hot sunny morning!!!
went out to one of our fav. spots and saw a COOL sight!!! as we started to fish, we saw dozens of fish breaching just deeper than us.
thinking they were whities, i started to toss wireworms at them. my buddy just whipped his jig into the frey. he instantly nailed a WALLEYE!!!
it was 28 deg. c. and high sun and there was a school of eyes on the surface!!!!! we pursued and hit a few more.
it was COOL!! they were beaking the water with their dorsals like sharks!!!! we saw that they were decimating a school of 1/2" perch minnows less than a ft. below surface!!! super-cool to witness!!!
the rest of the day, we got half a dozen 'eyes and 2 pike. much slower than the day before. took 1 67cm pike for dinner.
lots of fun. can't wait for NEXT weekend!!! 
cheers,  gw


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