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This should be fun...

Each year I get a publication that ranks the most popular freshwater gamefish in America.  I have always wondered about their numbers and where they get them.  So, let's see how MFF members compare to the published report.

Please pick the category that lists the species that you fish for the MOST!!  I know that a lot of us like more than one and that the choice is difficult.  Please be as honest with your vote as you can.

If you choose "Other", please reply to this post with the specific fish species that you had in mind.

After this has gone for a few weeks, I will put up the numbers that I have from this year and we will see if they are right or not!!!  ;D

all panfish tks big dave

big walleye:
Walleye rules. However channel cat for the fight is always fun. 8) 8) 8)

In my former life (when I lived in MN) this is the order of time spent for the particular species.  Sometimes,  like in winter I would be targeting Gills and Pike/Bass.

Pike,  Bass,  Gills,  Crappies,    Walleye

Now that I live in PA,  I am going through an identity crisis.  I need to start catching fish and then I will get more serious about which type of fish I really want to get after.

Jumbo Perch are by far the best eating fish!! But a river smallie can't be beat for a great fight!!


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