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Fly line for Landlocked Salmon
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Hey guys i figured i'de post over here rather than NY because it seems like you guys do more salmon fishing than most my way. I've been trolling with fly rods on the surface for landlock salmon in Lake George NY. Now, i don't have the fly line i used in the past and don't remember what it was (floating/sinking??) but back then i was catching many more salmon. The set up i am using now is identical other than now i am using different line that is floating line but im not getting a lot of action; only 1 or 2 fish to hit a day rather than 5 or so like before. What type of line do you guys prefer. I'm hoping it's just an issue like this rather than they don't hit like they used to or i can't fish like i used to  :'( :'( any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
full sink line for trolling
ya most use sinking or leadcore...I prefer the sinking fly line.......reminds me of fly fishing kind of  ;D
How far down does the sinking line go??
if you are trolling with flys and have 30 yards of sinking line and 30 feet or so of leader you will be at about 8 feet if your backing is just to the water.  if you are trolling slower with live bait with the same line and distance you will prob be around 12-13 feet
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