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mini-mite jigs in- a-tube
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does anyone know where i can get these mini-mite jigs...the one that come in the plastic tubes...cause im dying for some....and if anyone has any they want to sell for a good price let me know....i need these quickly
BayBridge on Sodus has them as does B-E on rt 104 in Ontario. Gander Mtn also sells them. Actually, all the bait and tackle stores I go to carry them.
dont know where you are located but PEMBROKE BAIT AND TACKLE has a ga-jillion of them!
oswego salmon shop has all you need. 357 west first street  oswego 315-342-2778 they will even tel you were the fish are. ;)
Im looking to by them in a bundle...not like 1 at a time.....cause ive run low...the crappies have been killing these....and it is costing me a fortune to pay 1 dollar for this little jig..
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