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Half boat, Half canoe? Pinoe?
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iceman cometh:
a couple years back I was surfing the web and a came across a unique fishing boat, (made in Canada, I believe), that was half canoe, half fishing boat. The front was shaped like a canoe and the back shaped like a bass boat.  It wasn't a flat back canoe, it looked like a professional bass boat when fully rigged  It was 11 foot long, I think. I can't remember the name of the type of boat. "Pinoe" perhaps. I love to get one of these. If anyone's seen this on the web, please post back with the site.
   Well there's the Coleman Scanoe, and more than a few duckboats that follow that type of design.

Interesting what some people will come up with ;)
sounds pretty cool!
Sounds perfect, I need a boat and don't have a lot of room for one. Anyone have pics or a link?
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