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I've caught Landlocked Salmon in the past by drifting a wobbler spoon and worm combo. This year I tried "Trolling" for them, with little luck.  With advice from an experienced Salmon Angler I tried running level winding, sinking fly line w/ 50-100ft of  6lb Flourocarbon line.  I've trailed all sorts (Size and Pattern) of Streamers.  The primary species I was targeting was the lake trout and I was running at speeds between 1.3 & 1.9 MPH.   I've tried lots of line behind the boat and keeping it as close as maybe 100ft. Not trolling in a straight line either; lots of "turns".  There is always Salmon surfacing where I am fishing!!   Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!  I'm thinking perhaps it's a speed issue?
We hit one first thing today. Stiff wind behind us, and I was adjusting the trolling motor. We never hit another, the rainbows were hot though. Ty had just got his pole in the water when the salmon hit. Nothing big but 13" or so. I think going down the lake with the wind we were going allot faster than coming back up. Friend of mine trolled by and he was using a nymph and getting rainbows trolling quite fast. He was changing to a streamer after we told him we caught one.
He said they seem to like 2-3mph? not sure but seems everyone I've caught we were going with the wind so maybe a little faster is better for them.
Was your son using a streamer?
I know a guy who gets them maybe 20 feet behind the boat he has even said right in the prop wash works sometimes.
I've taken em on Wobblers right behind the boat before;  Maybe I'll try shortening it up a little on the next trip...
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